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On Patriot Act Renewal and USA Freedom Act


On Patriot Act Renewal and USA Freedom Act

Glenn Greenwald, Jameel Jaffer

Even in the security-über alles climate that followed 9/11, the Patriot Act was recognized as an extreme and radical expansion of government surveillance powers. That’s why “sunset provisions” were attached to several of its key provisions: meaning they would expire automatically unless Congress renewed them every five years. But in 2005 and then again in 2010, the Bush and Obama administrations demanded their renewal, and Congress overwhelmingly complied with only token opposition from civil libertarians.


I’m reminded of $400 hammers; revelations toward attempting to enlighten the public regarding budget planning, which in order to rationalize a budget proposal must establish cost records and anticipated ‘needs’ via policy. The $400 hammer was generally treated in the press at the time as a sort of venal ‘few bad apples’ that were also greedy. Not so fast.

We’re now in the whoopdiedo era of corporate mandates based on a corrupted economic theory (Freedman and Greenspan, you little devils, you) and methodology now being laid bare that calls for constant expansion in size AND that means methodology (what way to war). Boulders have been heaped on the gas pedal to keep the pedal to the metal and the pile now has taken up the space for human input in the driver’s seat. The scenery is flying past ever faster

I would submit that the corollary to the economic theory is, by nature, the ‘theory’ translated into the military might scenario currently unfolding and is, inevitably, dumber than a whole sack of hammers.

Sunsets, especially when there is a dust-up in the air from these machinations, can be VERY colorful.

Yes, I have a deeep abiding hankering for this sunset.


The only viable, legitimate, moral imperative in addressing this NSA Government spying on Americans is the total eradication of the source of the problem in the first place-the 100% corrupt, Inverted-Totalitarian, Police-State that’s presently calling itself the U.S. Government. It’s that simple. Any other action is inaction and thus, an exercise in futility, and the putting off of the inevitable.