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On Petro-Dollars, Politics and Beheadings


On Petro-Dollars, Politics and Beheadings

In another tragi-comic round of gross hypocrisy, the U.S. says it "welcomes" the new appointment of Saudi Arabia to lead the U.N.'s so-called Human Rights Council panel, never mind its famously abysmal record of human rights abuses, including this year's hundred-plus beheadings, floggings, executions of minors, killing of thousands of Yemeni civilians and repression of women, minorities and free speech. One more complicitous time, “Petro-dollars and politics have trumped human rights.”


This country was founded on hypocrisy. Ask anyone of Native Blood if that resonates.

And we continue to tread in those same footsteps greasy with blood.

"This nation is like all the others that have been spewed upon the earth--ready to shout for any cause that will tickle its vanity or fill its pocket. What a hell of a heaven it will be when they get all these hypocrites assembled there!"
Mark Twain in a letter to J. H. Twichell, 1/29/1901


Wow....Love it, thank you. So, again, this is a reason I do not believe we will do ANYTHING to fight climate change. I cannot trust that those in power, really are sane enough to do so.


Initiate, I look very hard for those in high places that walk their talk. There are a few.

But I hold few illusions about the past. I cling hard to the hope that humanity will choose to take the high road and save itself and the multitudes of beings that are being hammered heavily in our wake.


If these people didn't have oil / $$ we wouldn't waste our breath on them.


Thanks Abby, for calling this laughable (if it wasn't so damn infuriating) charade what it is in such no-nonesense terms - kudos.

Our great ME allies are all war criminals, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey, Egypt, post-Dubya Iraq....."know a person by the friends they keep", also applies to nations. Now the odious Israelis will use bullets against rock-throwing Palestinian children - harks back to the "break their bones" policy under Rabin when rock-throwers arms/legs were put against a curb or similar and stomped by IDF thugs - one stated reason was the Israeli prisons were full......

Why hasn't the Nobel Committee demanded their ill-concieved and vetted Peace Prize back from the "change we can believe-in" Prez yet - they must be catching a lot of well-deserved criticism and monday-morning questioning......


So many U S presidents since 1931 were sell-outs to Saudi Arabia: Herbert Hoover (31st president, 3/4/1929-3/4/1933), Franklin D Roosevelt (32nd president, 3/4/1933-4/12/1945), Harry Truman (4/12/1945-1/20/1953), Dwight Eisenhower (1/20/1953-1/20,1961), John F Kennedy (1/20/1961-11/21/1963*), Lyndon B Johnson (11/21/1963-1/20/1969), Richard Nixon (1/20/1969-8/9/1974), Gerald Ford (8/9/1974-1/20/1977), Jimmy Carter (1/20/1977-1/20/1981), Ronald Reagan (1/20/1981-1/20/1989),George H Bush 1/20/1989-1/20/1993), Bill Clinton (1/20/1993-1/20/2001), George W Bush (1/20/2001-1/20/2009) and Barack Obama (1/20/2009-).

Yup, even the best president on this list, FDR was beholding to the Saudis...needed the oil for WWII. Who cares about the Saudi's inhumane treatment of and atrocities against its own people and those pesky Persians in Iran and those Yemeni with all those oil resources (to name a few). The photo that accompanies this piece captures the sycophancy and condescension inherent in diplomatic relations with all manner of world "leaders"...even the most unsavory and tyrannical.

A deal was struck with the devil long ago (1931).


Nuckin Futs.

While we're at it, why not just posthumously award a Nobel peace prize to Adolf Hitler and Jack the Ripper?


Homo denious can't face problems beyond his local tribal level. He is slated for the certainty of Darwin's Natural Selection mechanism.

It's too late. All the conservation in the world at this point will not stop the 30 year heat-sink coming from insane Bush/OBomber administration energy and EPA policies. We are cooked.

With rare exception, not one voice will state the real problem driving our current Sixth Great Extinction: Overpopulation. Even most CD posters live in a fantasy world (like JJ) thinking that infinite human growth doesn't matter to the current runaway thermal catastrophe currently in progress.

They react in a most religious fashion, sneering at what they call "Malthusian" believers, when we are merely pointing out what all Climate Scientists know:

This planet cannot support ten billion people like we are currently headed for.


Tom, I must admit we chose not to have children for the very same reason. Seeing the writing on the wall.

I cannot make a claim to knowing how this will all turn out. And I believe the forces were set in motion even before the 30 years that you site. Perhaps a glitch in humanity's ability to rein itself in and think of those seven generations waiting in the wings.

It's been an interesting experiment.


Good post; I agree.

We just have one kid,

But that's negated by the 35 dependents we support since the rest of the huge third-world family is irresponsible. So I live with the hopeless Pandemonium on a daily basis.

The oceans suck in CO2 and heat from the atmosphere. It creates a delayed reaction which some scientists say is a 30 year Heat Sink effect. So if every engine on Earth, including every smoke stack, was shut off we could still expect 30 years of increasing planet temperature! This in fact, is what created the limestone cliffs all over the world; they were up-welled from ancient sedimentary layers on the bottom of the sea created by ocean absorption of CO2.

In my studies of Anthropology and Earth Science in college, two things stand out: Famine and Extinction have always been a certainty on a long enough timeline. In fact, many Biologists, Paleontologists, Physical Anthropologists, and some Geologists are fond of saying:

No species has ever ruled this Earth for more than a few million years and Homo sapiens is not going to be the first!

So I feel certain the Naked Ape will go extinct since the odds are not in his favor and he seems unable to learn anything in just his relatively short 150,000 years on the planet. So while this sad fate is likely unavoidable, it might be possible to delay this tragic event a generation or so.

It's worth a shot. Outlawing the private auto and crash-shutting down all coal plants and just letting most of the grid go dark is the only thing that could put a dent in the global thermal runaway. But that won't help if a global one-child policy is not adopted.