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On Possible AT&T, Time Warner Media Behemoth, 'Regulators Must Say No'


On Possible AT&T, Time Warner Media Behemoth, 'Regulators Must Say No'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

AT&T Inc.'s bid to buy Time Warner Inc. for $85.4 billion continues to garner criticism from lawmakers and watchdog groups alike who say the behemoth-joining deal poses significant risks to consumers and sets the stage for further entrenching media consolidation.


AT&T claims that this merger will have no impact whatsoever on net neutrality.
They claim that the deal will only impact content.
AT&T also says that they will not interfere with how CNN is operated or interfere with it's programming.
Anyone with a bit of common sense knows that corporations live and die on their profitability.
So for AT&T to claim that it will be a neutral bystander concerning content regardless of profitability is nonsense.


We have corporate governance, so of course this merger will happen. I'll bet three chicken scratches (I'm into embroidery) and one cluck that I'm right.


"White House hopefuls Trump and Clinton also expressed concern about the merger."

Actually, Trump expressed the need to kill the merger as unequivocally as Sanders did while Clinton's expression of "concern" includes her usual weasel words (like "scrutinize" and "closer look") that she uses when her public persona is not in sync with her corporate persona.


The AT&T chief :"which he characterized as "vertical integration." Nice, shinny,
new phrase for, grab more power to squeeze more dimes out of the unwashed masses. When you hear phrases like this you know you're about to lose something.
Disgusting in the extreme that Clinton did her "I don't think so but maybe" comment. You know damn well she would put a bow on it and shove up our you know what's.
If it doesn't pass I'll be shocked. They don't realize if they mess with the masses' T.V. stories and reality T.V. they will come unglued. That may be what it takes to get them off the couch and aware they're being screwed over again.


If you want to see media consolidation in practice, look at Mexico with two TV channels, Televisa and Azteca, both supporting the same political party. And it isn't as if AT&T had nothing to do already. The distribution of internet access and speed is similar to some of the third world countries. It's about time that they and Verizon got off their butts and did something to get more people connected on high speed connections at prices that make sense.


Thanks, this stuff is on my last nerve. lol


Wasn't it Nancy Ray-gun who quipped "Just Say No...to Drugs?" Somehow I cannot envision the "regulators" (mostly former communications industry execs and/or major shareholders) "saying no" to this mega-merger. St. Ray-gun's admin started the merger mania with the attending rancid rhetoric that such mergers would "create new jobs" and the rest, as they say, "is history."