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On President's Day, Thousands Say of Donald Trump: 'Not My President'


On President's Day, Thousands Say of Donald Trump: 'Not My President'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

From coast to coast and many places in between, thousands of people are marking the occasion of President's Day by voicing their opposition to the policies of their current president, Donald Trump.


It's Presidents' Day not President's Day. In any case, Trump is acting like he has has a mandate to create a dictatorship when in fact he lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes to Hillary Clinton who campaigned on the theme stronger together. Trump's theme seems to be I'm stronger the more you are divided. While he may be totally incompetent as a president and ignorant of most of what he needs to know about domestic and foreign policy he is good at dividing people. He is governing only for his supporters and trying to suppress everyone else. If he manages to suppress the Congress, the courts, the press, and grassroots movements then American democracy will have come to an end and a new era of right wing fascism will have begun. That is why so many people are out in the streets.


Too bad the Democrats pushed the 'weakest' candidate down our throats.

Bernie and Jane would have been in the White House and reinstalling the solar panels removed by the non-believers.


Any candidate would have divided the Democrats because the Democrats were divided going into the primary. Perhaps Biden would have won if he ran. He probably was the strongest candidate (although he has never done well in the primaries). O'Malley may have been able to unite the party better than anyone but his candidacy never took off. Temporarily at least Trump should be able to unite the Democrats. All Democrats should be against fascism. At present the Democrats just seem to be a coalition with no real agenda that everyone agrees on.


"He ( Trump) is good at dividing people."

Boy! Is that ever true!


"The Election Was Stolen-Here's how." Greg Palast.com



Well gee Lrx I am so sorry that your candidate did not win in this election. I am sure you will be working with others to push your agenda in the next election. In the meantime, you might read your constitution where in claims ( this could be false news better read it yourself) that presidents are elected by electoral vote not popular vote. I guess it has been known for 250 years that voters have little between the ears so we will appoint people to be electors and they will vote for president.

In the meantime, when your favorite candidate gets elected ( its going to be awhile if its a democrat) do you want them to be given respect or constantly harangued? I take it its the later. Its just politics.


Not sure what is more disturbing, Trump Fascism or Liberal /Deep State /MSM/MIC McCarthyism. The synthesis of the two extremes may be far worse than either alone.

The powers that be have this country so divided that resistance or protest by any one group is a joke to them. Divide and Rule. Its not enough to be against something. You have to have to want something that resonates across the divisions of party, religion, class, race, gender, ethnic lines.

Very little effort here to promote this concept. Everyone was fine with Obama continuing the same damaging policies of Bush. HRC was going to be more of the same. The main difference between the 2 parties is one of tone. One is more in your face, the other makes you feel better about bring taken to the cleaners. Trump is a new wrinkle but is part of a plan by the powers that be. Shocks always result in changes that serve those causing them

Until people understand the problem is not to the left or right but is those pulling the strings from above, and unite against the real problem, nothing will happen. Divide and Rule has been practiced for centuries by the elite puppet masters . In addition, they have pretty much everyone believing that which is not true with a psyops and propaganda campaign over the last 60 years that would make Edward Bernays proud.

Democracy and the 2 party system are great tools of any authoritarian regime. Back in the day, the king or emperor was accountable. If things went wrong, they got toppled, so they had to get results. Now we just change parties and transient elected /appointed officials while the Deep State maintains power in government, Wall Street, MSM, and MIC holding their semi-secret meetings to plan the next assault on freedoms and looting the public in their quest for global control


Trump is up to his ass in alligators. He will be exposed as being deeply beholden to organized international crime syndicates. ( This is where he gets his cash advances and why he's been a bad credit risk for decades. He's really a funny " paper tiger "with emphasis on the funny paper. ) It's then going to be a coin flip about what happens. He may be indicted on any number of charges. He may resign or he may be impeached. Ultimately, he and his posse may be in the calaboose for tax scams and evasions, under law. He's a crooked jerk, that much will be proven no doubt. Treasonous, not so much.
At some point before the end of this year, imo, Republicans will throw him overboard because he'll be of no use to them in the 2018 mid-terms. And, an anchor, sinking them, in 2020. They won't allow that to happen.
When the RESISTANCE starts to put this all together, and how this man was not vetted by the MSM or the Republicans, instead being propped up, the shit hits the fan. It's possible it hits The UniParty like a two-ton sledgehammer and blows up the Congress. Which is what these protesters really want and needs to happen. All progressives should hope Trump and his Republican allies are shrunk to where they can be drowned in a cesspool. It's where they came from and where they should bloat and rot.


Why does Commondreams have no stories on the mass firings today of general-strikers on Thursday and Friday?


This notion that we live in some kind of post-ideological era where left and right do not matter is utter nonsense.

Are you saying that Trump supporters believe in the working class organizing to take over the means of production from the capitalists and to adopt emergency measures toward a sustainable political economy to prevent climate catastrophe?

Becasue, I work with Trump-lovers every day, and I see no evidence that they support what is necessary for human survival.

You are a whacked out conspiracy kook - out of touch with social and physical reality.


As I recall Hillary got almost 3 million votes more votes than Trump and that was after James Comey probably cost her several million votes by falsely raising suspicions about her e-mails. We are the majority and we accept the results of the election, but it was won by a candidate who lost in the popular vote by far more than any previous president who won without getting the most votes. So thanks to Comey and also probably to Putin the US got the candidate it didn't really want and still doesn't want based on the polls of approval rating. It was a fluke result but we will have to live with it. The problem now is Trump is acting as though he got a mandate but that could not be further from the truth. So the majority will resist. The change Trump is trying to bring about is unacceptable to the majority.


Not my President, not my Petulant Child either.


The worst part is they had to have known damn good and well that that weaker candidate could not win the Electoral College. People paying attention to the American electorate certainly did.


The fact that Comey found no new e-mails is not the point. The point is that he raised suspicions that there might be additional e-mails showing that Clinton mishandled classified information. He had no business doing that and was advised by everyone not to and he did it without knowing anything about additional e-mails. He simply reported it was being investigated. This caused Clinton to lose the momentum toward victory that he had on her side. The Russian hacking theory has not been debunked at all. The last we heard is that the FBI and CIA were quite certain that Russia tried to help Trump win the election. Clinton won the primary by quite a bit, about 400 pledged delegates and several million votes. She didn't win because the primary was rigged, she won because the voters chose her. Bernie had almost no support in the African American community and not that much among Hispanics. He also didn't have that much support form white professionals. The bulk of his support came from younger voters but that wasn't enough to win.


They just can't accept not everyone was as into Bernie as they were. It's like they've never seen a primary before. They also are so dedicated to the sellout schtick that they look at history through that prism way too much. I've posted several times about a much closer primary, the one in 1984, where the neoliberal candidate, running on what was then seen as a fresh new platform, pulled off the youth vote and nearly knocked off the old school liberal labor-backed candidate. He got more delegates in a 3-way race than Sanders did in a two-way race! I always offer it as a counter to the idea that Dems just sold out in the 80s and 90s, when in reality the electorate had changed. Of course, it's always crickets.

I've been told recently that I'm basically wasting my time to work for a Democratic candidate in my House district too. Doesn't matter how red my district is, that the chance of a Sanders clone getting elected, while not impossible, isn't probable. It's full-on Sanders or keeping my tea party Congressman in the House. Never mind the fact that right now, progressives and Democrats are an opposition party. It's about putting a check on the President and shutting down the Ryan budget. Single payer is dead at the moment, even more so publicly funded elections--that reality doesn't matter. It's all or nothing with this crew.


Excellent comment.

I liked it so much I just signed up to join the Common Dreams community after visiting the site for many years.

The one silver lining with Trump's win is that many people are waking up after sleeping through the Obama years. One reason HRC lost is that for lots of folks he was a major disappointment, essentially governing as a moderate Republican. He preferred drone assassinations to full fledged invasions and RomneyCare to single payer. It's well known that he assured his Wall Street backers that he would protect them from the wrath of the people in 2009. When the 2010 elections came around a large number of his supporters decided to stay home and the Congress was lost to the Republicans. The Dems have been dying a slow death ever since.

When I see liberals and their organizations attack Trump using language from the McCarthy era it chills me. The security state elites are not allies of the Left. Yes, the DNC was hacked. Did the Russians do it? Perhaps. Trump, to his credit, has stated repeatedly that he wants a solid working relationship with Putin and the Russians. That's entirely a good thing. William Perry, Clinton's Sec. of Defense, has been warning anyone who will listen that we live in a very dangerous moment.

I completely agree with your take on the two party system. It's been a dead end for progressives for my entire lifetime. It's a dead end for Bernie who I voted for in the primaries. When it came down to an erratic quasi-populist billionaire or a Wall Street war hawk I felt I had no choice but to vote Green knowing it was futile, especially since I live in the Deep South. Yes, another dead end.

I was much less impressed with Yunzer and his/her statement that you are a whacked out conspiracy kook and out of touch with reality.

That's the kind of comment I see so often on far right sites that I occasionally visit to hear from the other side. Insults on thoughtful comments are always disappointing. Maybe he/she was just having a bad day.


You can not definitively prove an alternate history. You can take that belief to your grave, but never prove it. What is proven is that Clinton got nearly 3 million more votes than Trump in the general, and Sanders got millions fewer than either Clinton or Trump in the primaries. That is not a criticism of Sanders. He ran a great campaign. Those who chose not to continue his fight into the general will always have their alternate facts and alternate history.


Theodore, still waiting for you to name the state that has 15 third party/independent legislators. The only one that comes to mind as a possibility is New Hampshire which has about 400 members in its legislature, or one legislator for every few thousand residents. If California had a similar ratio it would need a state legislature of around 5,000. In that case some of them would undoubtedly be third party. NH is unique.