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On Pricks and Politics: How to Measure Up This Election Season


On Pricks and Politics: How to Measure Up This Election Season

Stacy Keltner

A few weeks ago, several statues of a naked Donald Trump turned up in cities across the United States. Fat, orange, waxy, and a bit cartoonish looking, like the Republican nominee himself, the statues were part of a political art installation entitled “The Emperor Has No Balls.” The statue, suitably, depicted a naked Trump without testicles and with a tiny, shriveled penis.


Well done Stacy Keltner.
That Hillary has always been the biggest prick in the room is undisputable. Isn’t that right Bill?


Interesting analysis, Ms. Keltner.

The emphasis on the phallus is also seen in the design of weaponry ranging from bullets to bombs to missiles.

Men frequently use expressions like “banging” and “screwing” in lieu of terms that might better approximate what LOVEMAKING represents.

The muscular emphasis is just a raw expression of homage to the war god, Mars. Crossed with the stern father figure, it’s these 2 archetypes that define how “GOD” is perceived by most. And that’s no accident: It’s the product of 30+ centuries of Patriarchal indoctrination.

Jean Shinoda Bolen’s works, as a Jungian analyst, help to explain women like Mrs. Clinton.

In “Goddesses in Every Woman,” Ms. Bolen lays out the character of a number of feminine Goddess archetypes. Athena is the one who denies having been born of a mother. Instead, her identity is fused into that of her father, her origin from his head.

This is the female who identifies with patriarchy and thinks like a male, the great father.

All of the women that climb to the top of the junk heap that the world according to Mars rules and Mammon worship built are classic Athena types: Margaret Thatcher, Hillary Clinton, Condi Rice, Susan Rice, Madeleine Albright, Samatha Powers.

The tragedy is that men who really do not want to share power with women or see women equally represented at decision-making bodies use this small sampling to insist that women are just like men.

It’s a lie.

Those women who identify with patriarchy are the ones that patriarchy will allow in… as tokens.

They are no threat to the system and in many ways buoy it up.

Women like Jill Stein and Vandana Shiva represent the TRUE nurturing components of most women.

There are FAR more women who follow the nurturing (Demetra) path, or the (Hestia) healer path, or the sensual path of Aphrodite.

I’m glad that artists are mocking this whole syndrome (in naked, mocking tributes to Trump). It’s juvenile and like Mars Rules needs to be put on humanity’s back burner so that more life-affirming archetypes can come into dominion. THAT is the only way that the brutal reign of Mars-rules can come to an end.

One cannot destroy war or the mindset that keeps war front and central to patriarchal capitalist societies through fighting or war. That approach merely reinforces the existing paradigm.

The beauty of the study of archetypes (and there is no pattern so established in this regard as that of the Sacred 12: call them Jesus’ disciples, Abraham’s tribes, or the ancient Zodiac) is that it affirms there is more than one governing prototype.

And humanity has been imprisoned by the construct of Mars Rules for far too long.

The paradigm shift that is already in beginning stages will knock out the rule of Mars… so that OTHERS may replace it.

The prototype that is intended for this next era for mankind is Artemis–the Rebel Daughter. Jill Stein is a great example of this energy!

Add in the works of “Idle No more,” and “Say Her Name,” and Indigenous women leaders, and women all over the world beginning to challenge the rule of MEN who only know how to make war to apparently prove that their dicks are firm.

(I had no idea that Johnson was such a pig! No wonder why Lady Bird needed rehab!)


Very well said. It is clear to me that the Patriarchy is gasping it’s last breath, much to the relief of all life on planet earth.


With the corporations, media and duopoly making ever greater effort to distract voters from issues of consequence, phallic focus will continue to expand in this and future elections.

Not to mention huevos. The aircraft carrier “forum” this week provided the ideal platform for the selected participants to attempt to prove who will have the huevos to beat the terrorists during the next four years.


Thank you for the compliment.

The question is will Patriarchal Capitalism (as Vandana Shiva aptly defines it) go down with a big bang… or with a whimper?

When an armed and dangerous entity feels cornered, it often doubles down.

Notice that there’s too much support for macho types like Dutarte in the Philippines, and Trump in the U.S., and Le Pen in France.

Those who are Conservative (by nature or by filial programming) tend to look for a legendary past that guaranteed security; and they identify with the old rites and rituals of (armed) power. They also feel righteous in opposing any threat to this perceived order.

Consciousness-raising doesn’t occur in a homogeneous way, nor necessarily rapidly.

However, the changes to the earth which are busting out all over represent the clearest most unerring form of wake-up call. And that alarm is sounding all over the planet.


As if there’s any martial equivalent with “huevos” and the phallus.

Another male who prefers the canard that women are just like men… if given power?

Another male who cannot wrap his mind around the FACT that the constructs that hold up the existing paradigm are ALL based on masculine privileges and prejudices. It’s called Patriarchy and women who succeed within its chambers of power must forcibly identify with the existing culture. That culture is war-based and therefore comports with Mars Rules.

Huevos… of the child-producing sort are NOT part of this macho equation… in spite of your effort to set up a false equivalence.


You guys must have really had your fragile egos whipped by your mothers, girlfriends, wives, or x-wives.

Your understanding of the pervasive nature of sexism is pathetic.

And YOU, and I do mean you, are really intelligent in so many other areas of analysis: particularly when it comes to how global economics work and how the political system is gamed.


I’d rather argue with a lizard.

You are an imbecile.

The issue is not about a woman and a man.

It is about entire political/social/cultural/religious structures built into society. They favor males over females and whites over blacks. Oh, and those with money over those without it.

Many here ONLY focus on the economics.

A few give mention to racism.

Fewer still understand what structural misogyny IS.

And it’s not my job to educate you.

I believe you have posted under a variety of screen names.

No NEW poster jumps in to take over the way you do and spend their entire days in thread after thread.

That IS a protocol that is very familiar. And to make it not as obvious as it is, the assigned CAST must resort to an ever-changing stream of screen names.

YOUR comments, your attacks directed at me, and the way you post so many comments in threads is EXACTLY the pattern. Hence: same ole, same ole.

And it’s very typical for you clowns to pose the counter-narrative that I am doing what YOU are doing.

You repulse me.


A very interesting essay. I think that the authors gave Bill Clinton a very undeserved pass concerning his philandering. The authors most certainly did not mention Hillary’s role in using her virtual penis skills as an attack dog in a dress (see 1990s photos) to badger, humiliate, dehumanize, minimize and marginalize Bill’s victims in both the public and private realms. Hillary should not be given a pass for slapping the faces of Bill’s victims and/or paramours. Bill is not as crass as LBJ because he was the quintessential Song And Dance President belting out saxophone riffs like the “Snake Charmer” he is. Of course that is both a socially and politically correct way to LBJ his penis on the table for low information voters to adore. President Obama should also have been mentioned for his very skillful use of the myth of the Big Black Cock against his political opponents. He has capitalized upon the genetic insecurity of every man and the measuring up of mano a mano a.k.a. mine’s bigger I win!. Yes President Obama has encountered the ingrained racism of our society but it does not fully represent the entire reason his opponents have struggled against him on a personal basis both socially and politically. A prime example is good old boy Mitch McConnell. McConnell is from an Old South state and has enkindled his personal destruction to ingratiate his life in service to the “Economic Royalist” of our time. McConnell long ago hit the iron ceiling that represents the hard and fast rule that “this is as far as you go”. The entire concept of White Male Privilige not only excludes women but the vast majority of men as well. While I did not suffer from racism my own exclusion from White Male Privilege caused me to live on various welfare programs for almost three decades. As the son of a working class family I was “invited” to the Vietnam War and have been suffering its aftereffects for over 35 years with health problems that the government recognizes as related to my military years. The issues of rape and sexual harassment aside the military is the one place in our society where women are making progress towards inclusiveness and equality very quickly. I see the evidence of this everytime I visit my VA hospital. The Army of the 1960s and 70s I was in had very few women soldiers and the ones that were included were laboring under classic American Female Subservience. A very stark contrast to how and who comprises the American military today. Unfortunately the inclusion of women in the business of war has not slowed down the rate and frequency of The Wars of The American Empire and I suspect that under today’s circumstances it never will. However the military is the perfect place for Hillary and other women like her to take their out virtual penises and man slap everyone from the Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs down to the lowly and ubiquitous E1s.

From my experience an over endowed man is just as insecure as an under endowed man. “If it won’t fit you must not quit. Am I The Man?” verus “Plug it in Daddy! What do you mean it is plugged in!” And that encapsulates the fundamental and genetic role of Western males in our patriarchal capitalist pig economy and society. “A prick is a prick is a prick of course. Unless he is Mr. Ed!”


Siouxrose you have hit the proverbial nail on its head in identifying Climate Change as our only and unfortunately desperate “salvation” from the destruction of Patriarchal Big Daddy Pig Capitalism. Climate Change is already destroying real and potential assets of their foundation of Big Dirty Energy. Yes they are planning desperate and highly destructive attempts to pull more dirty energy to the surface to keep the world’s dying Capitalist Pig Economy chugging along until it at last sputters and dies. Unfortunately yet untold numbers of humans will die along with it. But I still believe that we will be able to overthrow their economic structure before the point of no return in the destruction of Mother Earth’s sustenance we have enjoyed as a species.


We have neutralized a lot of words since my youth when it comes to gender. I for one think it is past time to neutralize the word rape and do away its gender specific nature. One reason the majority of men who are raped do not report it is because of their fear of being feminized or thought of as being gay. Male on male rape is not just a “prison phenomena” it also occurs in the free world.

Perhaps if it were widely recognized that men can be and often are “raped” the crime of rape would be recognized as the horror it is for its victims and the Silly Rabbits of justifications would be driven back into their Lawyer’s Box.


You appear to be deliberately misunderstanding souixrose.


Err you actually had a President that would take his prick out and flop it on the table?

And people think painting a bulldozer blade is not “Presidential” ?

Good lords.


mmm… Are you really saying it won’t still be culturally alive and kicking in 10 or 20 years? What will all the feminists use as their whipping boy?


You mean we should stop with this schoolyard naughtiness and get back to some good old corruption, lies, deception, cheating and underhanded double-dealing? Politics has always been in one gutter or another.


When it comes to royally screwing us

They’re all prodigious pricks, aren’t they?


Recall the anti-Nixon parody when Nixon was seeking re-election in 1972 ?

“Why change ______s in the middle of a good screw”.


According to Gary Byrne a secret service agent working for Bill’s administration, he heard her scream and yell and throw things, frequently. One time he said Bill came out with a black eye. So ya she is a big hysterical prick.


Well said. Very funny and so true.
Hillary has cut her career away from men by being the biggest, baddist, bitch on the block. She seems to have always felt a need to control and her entitlement attitude arrives before her.
No doubt about it she can stand her own on the biggest prick issue.


Jill Stein is a feminine roll model, presidential in the ways we have always wanted a president to be. She is totally feminine yet can get in the streets or paint a bulldozer and be in her element.