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On Prison's 6,000th Day, Groups Demand Trump "Choose Justice Over Inhumanity" and #CloseGitmo

On Prison's 6,000th Day, Groups Demand Trump "Choose Justice Over Inhumanity" and #CloseGitmo

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Marking the 6,000 days that the offshore prison has been open—"the latest horrible milestone" in its history—a group of human rights campaigners on Friday is urging President Donald Trump to stand on the side of justice and close Guantánamo's doors forever.

Gitmo… showing even the slow and mentally defective that true psychopathic traitor scum run the shitshow.

Being that Odumba the traitor clownscum was just like the loser traitorscum before him. Nothing but traitor slime in the whitehouse for over 50 years.

When the government again tries to cut health care, medicare, food for children , social security, veterans benefits------------ ask them to tell WE the PEOPLE, just how it costs to keep Gitmo prison open. Then let those people go and close down this insanity.

People who have never been charged with a crime, or people who are continually tortured are a blot on this country which is supposed to be a world leader. And Obama, saying"We tortured some folks," doesn’t even come close to an apology or any sane reason for Guantanomo’s existence. America has become “… a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury and signifying NOTHING!”.


Gitmo served many purposes, but primarily propaganda (some of it gained through torture) to buttress the grand con-spiracy official story.

Questions schmestions.

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No buddy corporate profit in that, will not happen.

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I’m not impressed with this demonstration because it ignores—no, ignore is not strong enough–it hides by omission the many other prisons around the world where the US is doing the same D thing.

I get disconnected every time I try to get the
links. So I will stop trying. One article says there are fifteen prisons like G. Another article, “Why Does Camp Bondsteel Still Exist?”
No matter how you count, American prisons, jails, military prisons overseas, CIA secret prisons like G, incarceration is big big big business. Untouchable? Notice that when MJ gets legalized in a state, the people in jail for MJ handling stay in jail.