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On Provocations Exacerbating Tensions


On Provocations Exacerbating Tensions

France's preposterous burkini ban - wherein The State has decided what Muslim women should/ shouldn't wear at the beach "to protect the population,” which evidently doesn't include them - stumbles on in legal limbo, with a high court ruling it constitutes "blatantly illegal infringements on fundamental freedoms" but many towns keeping it anyway. One inspired suggestion: Given who's perpetrated what crimes, wouldn't it make more sense to ban suits?


Once again they try to drive a wedge between us so we waste ALL our time fighting each other while the true criminals, the bankers, the corporations and the war profiteers go unnoticed. Its all smoke and mirrors and just like a magician, they get us to “look over here” and not at the real crimes against humanity they commit daily. Anybody who buys into this crap is an utter fool. They are laughing at you…all the way to the bank. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.


Anyone remember when the law was against topless swimsuits.
Then it was nude beaches were illegal.

Like plantain said, it’s a red herring.

Like the pickpocket who bumps into you while lifting your wallet.

Keeps you fighting over baloney while they steal our rights.

How about a Burqa day at the beach…


Sad, but last pic is too funny.


" since when are men, who can’t even get it together to flush, the arbiters of hygiene? "

All men? Really? Or just some men? But if you’d said that, it wouldn’t have had the same impact, would it? So you made a sexist stereotype & crossed your fingers that you’d get away with it. If you’re going to rail against people who lump others together to marginalize or demonize them, you kinda shoot yourself in the foot when you do the same thing yourself, Abby. BTW, in our household, all female except for me, we all flush ( and i sit to pee ).


That is your take on this whole thing

Man you need to read the thread again cause you missed it totally


My reply was to the article, not the thread, and no, that wasn’t my take on the whole thing, which i happened to get and agree with, except for her jab at men in general. I just pointed out that she gratuituosly made a sexist stereotype to bolster her argument, which diminished it.