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On Race and More, Donald Trump Is a Perfect Fit for the GOP


On Race and More, Donald Trump Is a Perfect Fit for the GOP

Paul Fanlund

“EMERGENCY,” screamed the subject line on the fundraising email. “Donald Trump is the Republican front-runner, and that’s TERRIFYING.” The League of Conservation Voters, like groups and candidates left and right, was using Trump to raise money.

But here’s the thing. I’m not terrified. I’m not even surprised at the Trump phenomenon, no matter how many hyperbolic all-caps words you throw my way.


"The Republican Party decided decades ago that if it was going to succeed in its primary mission — protecting the wealthy from interference in the form of taxes, labor unions, and regulations — it needed to distract Americans of more modest means from its preferential treatment of the rich."

Indeed. Although granted, the gravity (as in weight) of Big Money over the entire electoral process has caused a number of Democrats to also reach for the tainted fruit... abandoning the ideals of The People in order to fulfill the desires of the 1% donor caste.


All this screaming vitriol by the Republican establishment, like Mitt Romney and others, about Trump is only because Trump is what the Republican party has become, and they know it! But want it kept from the American people. Trump has showed what the Repugs are, by leading in the polls and that has just embarrassed the hell out of the Republican establishment.


Wow, super sharp article by Paul Fanlund, thanks CD for picking it up.


What sobriety conceals, Trumpiness reveals, though I suppose we may still wonder what people like Rubio and Ben Carson have been smoking.

I don't think I like it, though, still. I don't really care how big it is, though I am sure that many people around the world have felt that this has been what American electoral politics has been about for a long time.


"a number" of them? I would say "most".