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On Same Day as Trump State Department's Pipeline Hearing, Keystone Springs Crude Oil Leak in North Dakota

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/31/same-day-trump-state-departments-pipeline-hearing-keystone-springs-crude-oil-leak


The irony is delicious, but it won’t stop anybody.
Like any unrepentant junkie, we are hooked on cheap oil. And until we get our asses to rehab and drive out in electric cars or public transportation, we will continue to live our lives from fix to fix.


The XL pipe is sitting in Mississippi mud.
Origin is India.
Questions are metalurgy, tensile, welding, stress relief of weld effected zone.


Trans Canada Pipe Line Company (now called TC Pipeline Company) said there would be a minor leak every 7-11 years of 50 gallons or less. They farther stated in their permit application to expect a major leak of more than a 1000 gallons once in 100 years … liar, liar your pipeline is leaking like a shifter. A major leak twice in 2019.

Oldie commenting above gives some clues of the daily leaks to come. Rusty, thin wall pipe of questionable quality, poorly installed in a battle with nature:

Oxidation, Outer Covering Corrosion from Long Term UV Exposure, Electrolysis, Thermal Expansion and Contraction, High Abrasive Oil Tar Sand in a Thin Pipe, Water Hydraulics*

  • Water Hydraulics was in play during construction of some sections. The trenches were full of water. When the pipe was lowered into the trench it floated to the top of the trench. The pipe laying contractor forced the pipe down by running heavy machine such as Dozers on to it. Concrete ballast blocks were then poured around the pipe to hold it down. Who knows the damage to the outer protective coating that not only protects against oxidation but prevents electrolysis. Yeah, its gonna leak a lot.j

The ghost of Edward Abbey and his friend Hayduke have plans for these pipelines and those who own them and who push them into our landscape against our will to destroy our biosphere.
Ed’s ghost recommends the following manual, but cautions that since it was written, the rise of video/drone surveillance has made environmental justice a little trickier, but not impossible.
“Evil only triumphs when good people do nothing.”


Let’s not forget, actual mercenaries were hired to shoot at people trying to prevent this very thing from happening. I hope the money was worth it…


An engineer that had worked for some of these pipeline was fired after detailing as to how Trans Canada was ignoring his advice in the construction of these things in order to get them built as cheaply and as quickly as possible. He claimed the welds were substandard and that the pipes would suffer premature failures.

I doubt this limited to Trans Canada either. Like Boeing and PG and E it all about cutting corners to maximize profits and shareholder value.

This not limited to Trans Canada either.

I wait on the “Free Market” advocates to claim these substandard welds are due to there being too many Government regulations.


This pipeline exists because Obama continued all of the energy policies of Bush and Cheney. I seem to remember that Obama pushed an “all of the above” strategy of coal, fracking ,refining of filthy tar sands etc. I once again point out that Trump has his foot on the accelerator pedal of a car that the Obama administration and Democrats such as Joe Manchin gave him the keys to drive. I doubt Biden will be asked any questions about that pipeline at the next debate. The horrific orange monster didn’t start the fire but he will sure let it burn.

The only Candidate with a REAL GREEN new Deal.


I’d wondered, which were from Welspun (Indian-owned, had issues like crazy, including expansion, HAZ & weld issues) or from Regina (Russian owned, worse if anything?) Nobody seems to be blowing whistles on lefty blog-aggregators, since David Brock’s Correct the Record, pretty much fired, banned, blacklisted nascent journalism (after Hillary’s ickky TD Bank speech, basically cut&paste from Rick Berman’s: “dissent is Russian funded” trope obfuscates obvious, ever worsening quality issues in energy infrastructure, invariably made by scary, foreign oligarch owned plants, full of part-time, 1099, transient or undocumented trainees, disinterested 1099 3rd party temps, and basically ignored by DOT/PHMSA* is spooky. *PHMSA seemd to be attributing last year’s multiple catastrophic failures in brand new methane & ethane lines, “subsidence,” in the 19 Marcellus mainlines & gathering systems (dont live in a valley?)

The steel pipe itself contracts and expands at 6.8 x 10 to the minus 6 exponent per degree F. Burying the pipe does help maintain a closer range of temperatures the pipe has through the year. The longitudinal compressive stresses from a temperature increase should be OK.

The new replacement pipe by Enbridge from Griffith, Indiana to Sarnia Ontario replace the one that ruptured at Battle Creek, MI six years ago at the river. Still not cleaned up.

The circumferential welds were stress relieved which restores the steel grains and this also helps avoid hydrogen enbrittlement. Tar sands oil serves Whiting, Indiana for british petroleum and 8 michigan refineries before crossing over to Sarnia.

I do not know if this lousy crude goes to Toledo, Lima and Cleveland. The Dakota oil goes to Houston, Texas area. We are selling crude oil as well as refined products. The tar sands crude is el cheapo.


We’d begun noticing the low yield strength skelp (on SAWH: Welspun, AR, PSL/BSL, Evraz, OR. and SAWL plate at Jindal, TX. as the 80% SMYS lines started (right around the 2006 commencement of the slick-water fracking pyramid scheme. Ukrainian slabs, mostly (Chernobyl & Pripiat scrap?). One MS mill, cutting multiple, bogus coupons, from a couple decent joints, from Berg or someone, they’d known would pass.

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Someone mentioned the tar sands crude is cheap to get to the end user. Please explain this.
It is only cheap to take out of the ground, perhaps? The real cost factors are buried just like a pipeline, mostly?
The stranded costs pushed away by TC Energy and onto the rest of the planet is hardly cheap. It doesn’t merely go away, either.
Fuel prices are up .40 cents a gallon in about 8-9 weeks. That’s not called cheap, that’s called inexplicable. What gives, here?


Why is this still being allowed to happen?! Oh, yeah…oil greed is more important than clean water!


I’m still awaiting the SOLAR CARS! There MUST be a way!
(Probably already figured out and held under a corporate cloak of secrecy.)

The oil trader price that you see on CNBC is not the value that the refinery pays. They have long term contracts. 2.5 years ago, a Canadian oil business magazine wrote that tar sands crude was at $13.00 per barrel. And some was flowing out at $8.00 per barrel. This is due to quality.

The whiting Indiana refinery produces aircraft fuel and diesel. There are two refineries just west of Joliet, IL that are processing tar sands crude oil.

I cannot comment on local retail gasoline prices. Too many daily variables, lots of greed. But, please notice that europe is subsidizing our low prices.

Elect re ice cars??? Electric cars?? How…are you going to mine the iron or to make the steel?? How are you going to transport that iron ore? How are you going to orocess/ manufacture that steel?? How are you going to transport that steel to the MULTIOLE factories … that will make all the various parts. Then. Transport those parts to the one factory where the car will be put together. ??? Then…you still need ff to get the petroleum to make tires. ND TRANSPORT the tires … and …then. FF for road repair./ contruction?? Really??? And . You ha e to ha e functioning economic system in which enough people have credit to purchase thise EXPENSIVE CARS. FAST ENOUGH . to make a difference.

yeah… i was going to post something about a need for lawyers who’d passionately work such suits because of being independently wealthy or altruistic to the max. there probably are some, in addition to the conservation and ecology organizations… but so much more needs to be done. i don’t know the answers. lebanon and chile seem to have some good notions…


Remember the movies about lawyers suing major companies for doing this kind of crap? Where did those movies go and where is an “Esquire Hero” to step up?


Yeah — no.

Just pumping it up to pressure takes much more energy due to it’s viscosity. Imagine pumping molasses vs vegetable oil.

That alone is a prime risk factor for weld bursts and leaks.


We must be watching too much TV; written by, for and about the wealthiest lawyers… many, DNC superdelegates, itching to sell us geo-engineering & GE monoculture scams; as we the peons end up redlined amidst tens-of-thousands of well-pads, dilbit and wet-gas pipelines, LNG ports and ethane crackers?