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On September 1, Struggling Families Face Evictions Both Online and Off

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/01/september-1-struggling-families-face-evictions-both-online-and

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The internet, at a basic level, has become a utility–a basic human right in Progressive terms. It needs to be accessible with that in mind. As a society it is also cost effective so poo-poo on those who like to punch down on the already downtrodden. Those of us with empathy and societal vision know these things to be true. “Obama cell phones” were a damn good idea as they help to facilitate many seeking employment find it in an ever-changing landscape. It is time for the visionaries to take over. Yes, we have problems with Joe, but it is time to have his back and move him forward into such things as universal internet and maybe even universal basic income.

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Don’t fret people, our *president yesterday signed an order extending the eviction moratorium, until after Election Day of course. Also, it’s just a moratorium on paying your rent, not on owing it. Come December every one who got an extension will still owe their landlord ALL of the back rent that was accumulated during the moratorium, in some cases 6 months back rent. This, in a nation of tens of millions of unemployed, and tens of millions more working for less than they did last year.
The next administration is going to have a mess not seen ever in American history. I fear that neither party, or either candidate, is capable of handling it.


I’d like to see our fake political class get evicted from their incumbency.

“We the Corporations”

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Done like a true real estate speculator.

He’s looking forward to snapping up lots of bargains, buying up tons of property if he loses, with the money he stole from we the taxpayers, I bet. What a sweetie.

I am sure Catholic Biden understands the ritual. America the Sacrifice too. Many families must be sacrificed to preserve the capitalist system in its purest brutality here, like a special reserve for greed and its worst insanities.

“On Principle”.

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A side note, related to access to the internet. The massively over-coded sites, especially anything created and maintained on a CMS (content management system).
The coding is offensive to me as an “old coder” (started in 1966, database work in the 80’s on and an early web adapter and coder).
Almost all sites, usually designed by what I at 72 call kids, are viciously inefficient. It is normal for me to see a site with a load of several megabytes where in the “old days” you might want 30k or so.
They’ve been able to ignore good coding standards because there is enough broadband, at fast enough speeds, that their god-awful clumsy code isn’t that noticeable to the usual consumer. But this costs in terms of data loads and in terms of C02 consumption (yeah, every bit represents energy expenditure which comes from the grid, ultimately, whether coal, oil, nuke, wind, water, solar.
Simple example: I can always take the page contents, strip the not-needed internal code and reduce actual page size by 50-100 times. Normally the amount from CMS-produced pages is a little under 2% of the code is utilized to produce what you see and read, the content. (2% means that only 1/50th of the code is being actively used to produce the information presented to the visitor) The rest is just-in-case library code used for changes in various bells and whistles (an addiction).
Try adding (on Chrome) Page Size Inspector for a quick way to see how much file size a page requires on loading and then look at just the size of HTML in bytes. You’ll see even larger disparities.
So, for someone on a phone connection only this is a huge data load which is not needed. It also clogs the heck out of the “information super highway” down to a “crowded single-lane bike path.” Just like real highways which when expanded tend to fill up right away and set travel times back to what they were.
That said, the costs of internet along with phone and other subscriptions are killing us, and not just for connectivity. This is basically charging us to live in our own lives. Sharecropping our own lives. This has been going on for years and I’ve been warning of the practice for years. Instead of selling us tools (previously just software, now seeing hardware also) they only sell subscriptions.
Addendum: I should also have noted that video is currently the largest single occupier of internet bandwidth. Between Facebook TikTok, Instagram, and other platforms with video sharing, causing a lot of data load (you pay for it) and traffic jams. These are easy to use, addictive, and the users, unlike us old coders, are almost never aware (most never were) of the load they are putting on communications lines. Distant education needs and Zoom (etc) meetings may be needed (and are) but this too puts a huge load on the system.


This country is a privacy nightmare. We’re also obsessed with people paying for things, even during the middle of a pandemic, we want people all around the world to have to pay for clean water to wash hands, we’re pushing for privatization, not affordable water.


We’re basically fighting a global proxy war for corporations against the planets people.

Why are they SO afraid of the poor?

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What they are afraid of is the poor being released from the shackles of their poverty, because that is the control mechanism that keeps them safe in their minds.

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the corporations are stealing the planets people’s “Social Capital” in order so they can cut people off - and delete history they dont want people to know, also with politics already so fake, they can eliminate the true history and replace it with their fake “concern”. Also they produce software thats filled with back doors and basically a security nightmare, soon there will be no other options.

They control internet governance organizations.

Also, people are being pushed to make videsos and upload everything they know - to the censor mad online sites (8888 i.e. ******* is particularly bad for this) But they censor large and important things, trusting corrupt political parties and its not unlikely, giving them insider access to deliete whatever they please.

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I hope they mailed their rent by registered mail > two weeks ago.

Trump is like the landlord from hell who wants to throw the whole country out of their homes. the problem is Biden is too.

its not personsl, they just dont need us any more, (the whole country)

I’m not kidding.

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You were correct until you tried to shoehorn this contradictory fallacy in:

Joe has never ever been moved to do the right thing by others. He has always done what his corporate owners told him to do and they sure as hell won’t be pushing him to do anything that actually benefits poorer, or even most Americans. Though, to be fair, this is somewhat academic as now Biden has lost any chance of even winning the election.