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On Shame and Rot


On Shame and Rot

At the end of a freakish day in D.C., Democratic lawmakers got and savaged the most freakish indignity of so many: Finally, a copy of the multi-billion-dollar GOP tax scam for the rich, all 479 pages, complete with scribbled, last-minute, hand-written goofs and adds and changes - this, a coupla hours before the vote on it. See a livid Elizabeth Warren try to decipher the demented chicken-scratch muddle before fuming, "This is how the Republicans make tax policy."


Livid is a complete understatement of the way I truly feel.


It isn’t just the tax/money theft, it is also the social engineering taking place that is scary. Once the final product is digested and exposed America will see how altered we have become. All of the wacko dreams of the right since the death of FDR rolled into one neat little package just right to fit under anyone’s X-mas tree. Happy Holidaze Everyone. Welcome to MORDOR.


This is governance by a 21st century version of Plao’s Demiurge /demonics. The fact of physical existence being mistaken for a delusional assumption that one is ‘god’ and can rationalize anything to be all powerful. The fall from that is nasty. And nasty is as nasty sees.


Bernie’s pipe dream, needs to become, We the People’s reality.
A full out peaceful, non-violent REVOLUTION is the only hope for a grassroots direct Democracy.
Enough has been more than enough.
Take it to the streets…drive these assholes from power. New effective strategies are desperately needed.
Stop The Fourth Reich’s reach.
Teach your children well.


The culmination of decades of voting the “lesser evil” and/or sitting on our hands cheering while both parties moved steadily to the right. If FDR was here today proposing Social Security or LBJ was pushing for Medicare, they would be treated as pariahs and run out of town. Fascism is not only acceptable today to a plurality, it is sought after and embraced, as millions believe that when there is a single dictator running everything, it will lift us all. “Give all the money to the Kochs, and the power to Trump, and watch us prosper.”

I fully expect a 2018 Congress that looks very much like the current one, but without Al Franken, and with Roy Moore in charge of a prominent committee. Republicans will consolidate power on the basis of their “historic tax reform” gaining house seats as millions of working class people rush to vote for those who raised their taxes and cut their Medicare, because it made our country stronger in the eyes of those who are blinded by their racism and Christian righteous rage.


Time for all boomers,Xers and Millennials who care about the future of our nation to rise up, together, united in full force to rid America of this scourge called “Republicans”. Are Dems much better? Yes ! Do they need a massive injection of courage and truth telling? Yes.
And, if WE, Americans with brains, soul and votes do not rise up in such force as to utterly defeat and demolish these dogs on the Repub side, shame on us. get the f**k out there and vote as if your life and your’ children’s lives depend upon your vote, because their lives to matter and your vote is now more vital than ever. If you don’t vote for the Dems in 2018 then you deserve screwing the Repubs just gave you, with a big shit eating grin.


Tax boycott.


Very true. Total non cooperation. Now! We turn, “Fuck You poor people” on its head.


And a lot more.


What? Really? It’s the Christmas season, for God sakes. And college bowl games and the NFL playoffs are right around the corner And then the Academy Awards and March Madness. Not to mention the need to work three jobs just to secure a roof over our heads and food on the table.

I like my toast with some good organically-grown, grass-fed butter.



Nice thought, but this is the United States.