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On Social Security "Valentine's Day for Millionaires," an Extra Gift From Senate GOP


On Social Security "Valentine's Day for Millionaires," an Extra Gift From Senate GOP

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

On the same day that U.S. millionaires stop paying into Social Security for the rest of the year, President Donald Trump's pick to head the Office of Management and Budget (OMB)—who wants to slash the safety net program—was confirmed to that post by the U.S. Senate.


I had to stop reading this article when I read that millions of seniors will be living in poverty. HELLO we are already living in poverty. If Social Security and Medicare are cut millions of seniors will be homeless. No joke. That's how close to the bone many of us are already living. The only seniors who are living high on the hog are the wealthy ones who had a good retirement plan and don't need to depend on Social Security.


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by Michael Hudson - toward busting through the faux lexicon of junk economics propagated by the likes of "its the economy stupid Clinton" and the Chicago boys.

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There's going to be a mutiny in this country when that happens. That is OUR money and stealing it is a crime. When we have nothing -- we have nothing to lose.


Yep when you start seeing large numbers of elderly women and men sitting in their wheelchairs and leaning on their walkers on streets and in parks with no where to go that will definitely have an effect. That would make a good protest now don't you think? Bring out all these seniors who are living in assisted living facilities and nursing homes where they are invisible and put them on the front lawns.


A key problem with the economics of Social Security is that the Baby Boomer generation is so large that we need a larger group of working age people to compensate for that temporary population bubble. The irony, of course, is that the two ways to make up for that are to increase the taxes on the wealthy and to allow for more immigration so we have more working age people. By shutting off the immigration spigot Republicans are making the higher taxes more necessary.

Reminds me of their policy to shut off funding for family planning which in turn creates the need for more abortions.

Do they even think these things through for 5 minutes?


Quoted in this article, various people, including Sanders, talk of "campaign promises" by Trump to preserve and strengthen Social Security and Medicare. Can someone provide an actual quotation of such concrete promises? I believe that he promised to "do something" about SS and Medicare. He's keeping that promise - he is doing something about it - even "saving" it from his perspective and that of his rich friends.

From what kind of self-delusional perspective could ANY worker or retired worker with a speck of class-consciousness think that the billionaire Trump's promise to "do something" meant preserving or improving its benefits to the workers?


Except their protests would be ignored or in some way be demonized. Instead of the saying " let them eat cake" probably be a new quote" let them eat dog food" !


It is really strange that when comes to polling, people vote for completely non-essential issues. The important ones like Social security and Medicare are left in the backbench. Every citizen pays throughout the life and afterward earns a meagre amount in return which they want to slash also instead of increasing. Anywhere in the world, politicians despite the differences attempt to raise the economic level and life style of the citizens except here. The politicians in US want to force the public to be destitute. Really, I do not understand what is their problem and why they want do it. They already have enough. It is also our money. We are not asking any charity.


I think one must possess a brain in order to think, and it seems to me (based on their words and actions) that they don't have the 'gray matter' it takes to think things through to a logical conclusion. :smirk: *They need an emoji that has a hole where the brain should be ...


Disagree with your resolution of the economic solution to the challenge.
There are many ways to resolve the issue, not one.
Bringing the MIC into full accountability should free up the many billions/trillions required.
Budget economics is a creative process beyond just moving some adding and subtracting around under the current regime's dubious, unaccountable claims.


Yes, I am one of those seniors and just got off the phone with the GOP (202) 863-8500 to let them know that if they do this they are finished. Their email is ecampaign@gop.com. Crash their phone lines and internet.


How about REMOVING the cap on social security taxes??


Live now:


To contact this soul less Mick Mulvaney contact him at (202) 225-5501 and ask him (even if you know the obvious answer) "Sir, have you no decency?" Update: Just called and was told he just resigned an hour ago!


Absolutely: Remove the cap!!


Exactly! We hear them constantly talking about what they're going to do (to us). We don't hear about what we will do if they touch Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid. There will be millions in the streets and at their doors. This won't end well and some older Republicans in congress know it.
This is the final straw.


And how do you propose we fight back? Better get those pitchforks and torches ready 'cause the rotten bastards who are out to enslave us understand nothing short of that. And our elected representatives? Forgot them. Since they're set for life, why should they care? With few exceptions they don't, although they'll say they do.


Indeed but let's not wait. Crash the phone lines and internet service of the GOP! GOP (202) 863-8500 to let them know that if they do this they are finished. Their email is ecampaign@gop.com I called Mick Mulvaney in South Carolina and was treated to 'Southern Hospitality'--told he resigned and they hung up on me. Best call and email the GOP and harass them.


Total, rolling, non cooperation--seriously.