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On Social Security "Valentine's Day for Millionaires," an Extra Gift From Senate GOP


It's a fine distinction - but now at least I understand your point.


I think these jerks should just cut to the chase and say eligibility for benefits begins/ends once a certificate of death is produced.





That's a really important point Giovanna. Back in the 1980's when social security was revamped to be fiscally sound into the future at the current level of benefits, we already knew all of the demographics. The baby boom was already born and the life expectancy assumptions made were already pretty accurate. Thus, all of the stuff that conservatives are talking about as the "cause" of the "problem" were already baked in. It is precisely the assumptions made then about the growth of wage levels that have proven to be wrong as the Reagan policies have stagnated wages ever since.


Social security hasn't had a decent increase in years.


Or to put it more simply. Asking Trump to keep his word is a form of trying to reason with him - but reasoning with a psychopath such as Trump is like reasoning with a shark or rabid grizzly bear. You don't reason with them, you stop them.


The environment is irrelevant? What's relevant to you?


Now this is the story CD should writing about and stop being part of the noise machine. Good for you and I see other stories on the front as important.


Well thank you, and I was thinking about collecting my full benefit this year!


Well, thank you . I met someone in the community who said that his neighbor was collecting disability for depression yet he played baseball and partied every day while this man worked two jobs.


I also heard about younger people ( who did not have an intellectual disability ) who had never worked collect SSDI!


Remember some people are jobless and homeless because they are criminals, and/or substance abusers.


I heard that. Remember, when the original ss was created, I believe I heard that on average a person collected for about two years or less. It was originally created I think to benefit disabled vets and /or their families. The fact that the country was in the midst of a depression pushed it over the edge although the other side always hated it and considered it to be a hand out.


That's an idea.


The scary part is that they have been thinking about this for years.


I would like to add something and the theocrats will go wild with this one. The nursing home industry is exactly that. It basically gained popularity after WW2 and on into the fifties until the traction is has today. Some nursing homes have rehab units, but others have the long term care which can go on for years. Do we honestly think that seniors in general are happy there, or that having dementia is a good quality of life? Yet, many are kept alive or at least a little more "alert" by the pharmaceutical industry.


Sounds like you are hearing lots of the lies coming from reactionary sources.


They saw that coming in the 80's when they raised the SS tax. Problem is the government spent the 3 trillion in surpluses on the budget for other purposes, meaning the government has to borrow to pay SS what it owes as annual expenditures exceed receipts , with more baby boomers retiring.

Congress simply needs to issue a 3 trillion dollar coin /greenback to restore the stolen SS funds


He did promise that and congress has promised the opposite. Which is going to happen since congress already is working on cutting the 2 programs and will send that bill to Trump. And I would bet that trump will sign it.