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On Social Security "Valentine's Day for Millionaires," an Extra Gift From Senate GOP


Well then raise the cap, and also have all municipal employees contribute to ss as well.


Frankly, I think the bigger question is why anyone, including some progressives here at CD, projected anything positive onto Trump. His life, the way he has lived it, and the way he's made his money, is literally the opposite of anything progressives, and most people for that matter, stand for.


I am on Social Security and will be homeless and without medication if is taken away. Without the medication I will be dead in 4 months (or less).


There will be a lot of politicians' heads on poles if they vote to F#€k with Social Security. Like others here have said, that money is ours.

The theft of others' money is a felony.

Hell, in the old west, stealing a man's horse would get you hung.


More immigration is not the answer. Less immigration would mean more Americans employed and at higher wages generally because of a tighter labor market. It is total wages and salaries earned that counts, not the total number of people earning that total amount of total wages.

There are already about 1.5 million more born every year of U.S. citizen parents than die each year and about 1.5 million more citizens turning working age every year than are retiring.


(Rant warning)

ALWAYS use the ideology and class-interests of a person to judge them rather than anything that come out of their fucking mouths. Trump has always been affiliated with the Republican Party and has also always identified himself as a "conservative". Remember that "conservative" in the USAn sense means the ideology of capitalist gangster oligarchy.

He is also, you recall, a billionaire.

I know; I know...there is this weird zeitgeist stalking about the idiotic internet that proclaims that "ideology" is obsolete and we should instead just listen to words and "ideas" that are somehow, mysteriously floating free of ideological roots and assumptions. But this is total bullshit. Apparently, rather than an age of no ideology, we live in an age where, thanks to a whole couple generations of poeple who don't read anything anymore except fucking Ayn-Randite (that's an ideology) tech-billionare capitalist engineered "tweets" and facebook shit, they are incapable of recognizing an ideology even when it is clubbing them over the fucking head!

(Rant warning over and out)


False. The $2.8 trillion surplus is invested in treasury securities in order to earn interest. If no changes are made, the entire amount will be paid out as benefits between now and about 2034.

Our national debt would still be $19.5 trillion if the surplus were not invested in treasury securities...........$2.8 trillion would be held by other investors.


Your initial response.


Labor markets have been tight in the USA for a while now outside a few pockets of the Rust Belt and Appalachia. DOL-BLS unemployment rates have been below 6 percent for a few years now and below 5 percent over the past year - that is pretty much as low as this figure can get.


Has that raised wages? No. why? Wages don't work like a (always somewhat bullshit) "free market". Labor prices are based on grossly unequal bargaining relationship at the micro level which always give the capitalist boss a huge advantage in the interview room. They can shift hiring and capital to another city or state - or just fold his arms a bide his time for a few weeks. The worker? He need a job in a week or he get's evicted...


And that gap (really about 1.4 million) is the lowest it's been in nearly four decades and way lower on a percentage basis, which is why we need more immigration to get back to the historic levels needed to support the long term health of Social Security and the economy generally.


Please lets not punish mental illness; for mental illness can be a very scary, painful illness, and sometimes a deadly illness to suffer from left not treated. I recommend visiting a mental health treatment center for more information on mental health issues; also visiting the Social Security Administration office near you for more information on SSI/SSD instead of relying on what someone in the community said for your information on a very serious issue.


That was awhile ago- please refresh me-

Old Dog


Respectfully, bullpucky sir. Ever since the Reagan Fix of the Social Security system the bonds for covering the Boomers were committed at Treasury.

The only reason for a new face on it is to strip those new monies from the millenials for other purposes.


Yep. The Duopoly turned me Green. Never going back even if i have to leave and form a governmentinexile which is looking more likely by the month.


Do your duty and turn them in if you suspect fraud.


Sad that as Greg Palast noted in Albuquerque just before the election that thebchoice had come down to between a psychopatic sociopath (pregnant pause), and Donald Trump. Ba da boom.


Of dear. The baby boomer myth. The "baby boomers" have paid their taxes and have created industries and have supported industries that have paid tax. So now "baby boomers" are to thrown on the scrap-heap to feed millionaires and a ridiculously greedy military?


A fully justifiable rant.


And some are not; drug abuse does not occur because people are evil/criminal/ second class citizens. It happens because people make a mistake for which sympathy and rehabilitation, not condemnation, is the better cure


People who have never worked you say? Hell; we pay politicians big fat salaries and and and.....................