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On Stomping Into A Bone-Dry Forest With A Naked Flame


On Stomping Into A Bone-Dry Forest With A Naked Flame

It took only hours after Trump's heedless "act of diplomatic arson" against Palestinian rights and hopes for furious protests to break out in Gaza, the West Bank and around the world. Thousands took up marches, flag burnings, chants that "America is the mother of terror" and warnings that, "A storm is coming." Jerusalem, say Palestinians with fervor, "will always be the capital of Palestine." Barging into "this delicate thicket" of history and faith, Trump has no clue what he's unleashed.


floecek pus gut inciting more anger to stage yet another “conflict”


For too long the citizens of the US have allowed politicians to avoid working for us while they garner riches protecting corporate powers. Because our politicians have not been held accountable to serve the citizens our civil and moral rights are being destroyed. Militarism, racism and unbridled capitalism are making life intolerable.

The facts are clear that this president is defying the rule of law with impeachable offenses. Time is past due to hold our politicians accountable and stop them from ignoring the constitution. We must place our country, our people above politics and prove that no one is above the law. I want congress to impeach Mr. Trump.


It is so weird to watch our country being pulled apart and collapsing while it lights the world on fire. It isn’t the citizens choice but the actions of a crazy man and his troops of wacko’s. We are grave danger, somewhere there are people that won’t put up with this crap and seek an ugly answer to it. I fear for our safety, our security. Warning, stock up what supports your life as best you can.


Excellent news for the oligarchy/elites/corporate duopoly/MIC. It means a huge increase in the number of terrorist attacks on US/US interests around the world, a huge increase in the number of people globally who now despise the US even more, more unrest in the ME and globally, etc, etc. So more profits for the MIC, more $ into Congressional coffers by the MIC, more $$ for the “defense” budget, more troops and bombs and guns and planes and so forth deployed to even more foreign areas, more weapon sales to more authoritarian regimes in the ME, more excuses to ramp up “homeland security” to “protect us from the evildoers,” etc, etc, etc. Nothing but good things!!!

Gee, it’s almost as if this was planned this way from the start…


I have often wondered what it must have been like for the citizens of Germany in the time of Hitler and his Nazi mob’s rise to power . . . the incredible moral dilemmas they must have faced.

In retrospect it is so easy to fault them, those average citizens, for not speaking up and stopping the madness that would ultimately ignite Europe into mayhem.

Now we are them . . . those average citizens, witnesses to the new ‘Naked Flame’.


We The People, must stand to stop The Fourth Reich in it’s bloody, violent path of world wide destruction.:yin_yang:


Because violence begets violence begets violence begets violence begets violence…ad infinitum.


Trump is a traitor to the U.S., the world, and Creation. He is Putin’s stooge in the Oval Office. Laundering money for Russia, using hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate loans through Deutsche Bank, Trump is an outlaw on a scale most people will never grok.