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On Surviving the Trump Years with Our Spirits Intact


On Surviving the Trump Years with Our Spirits Intact

Cynthia Kaufman

The day after the election most people I knew were exhibiting physical signs of stress. I felt it mostly in my stomach.


Just as Kaufman compared Trump to "Berlusconi" (who was on Clinton's list of endorsers through the primary and general election), my initial reaction when Trump passed 270 was that progressives need to win back Congress in 727 days, we DON''T have "1457 days until the next election".


Looking down the list of articles this morning, I have to wonder if any of them would have appeared after a HRC victory, e.g., "On Surviving the Clinton Years with Our Spirits Intact". Dems shared Hillary's sense of entitlement and are trumpeting their disappointment and dismay to the world. We really need to get beyond our various reactions of surprise, shock, dismay, etc. and focus not on our emotions, not on the failed and successful candidates, but on what we can and must do now. It's still our country if we make it so.


I agree. It's as much about what progressives do with the next four years as it is about Trump. As horrible as Trump certainly is, I am equally disgusted with the hardcore Democrats who have been bemoaning the loss of moral leadership under Obama, now that Trump is replacing him.

Moral leadership under Obama? Give me a break. Extrajudicial killings, incessant bombing of civilians, punishing whistle blowers, record deportations and so much more is moral leadership? Unless loyalist Democrats abandon the notion that Trump is some abnormal, erratic departure form what the perceive as the straight and narrow under Obama, there will always be another Trump. Unless these Democrats awaken from their coma of self-righteousness and elitism, there will always be another Trump. Unless these centrist Democrats understand that they are nothing more than a more socially and politically palatable version of Trump, there will always be another Trump. After all, Donald Trump didn't mysteriously land from another planet.

I still retain a glimmer of hope that these party loyalists have learned something with Trump, but I'm more inclined to think that they will replace the current array of party hacks with another array of party hacks made to appear more progressive. The next two years will be all revealing.


This is precisely where the "Vote the lessor of two evils" strategy as foisted on the American Public for decades has lead. It resulted in two terrible candidates and when the known evil of the one compared to the potential evil of the other, a whole lot of people could not stomach voting for the former.

Now as I see it in the USA that progressive movement can do one of three things in the USA over the next four years.

They can wait until election next hoping Trump fails so that they can again elect a Democrat that is "less evil" than Trump.

They can work inside of the Democratic party to ensure come next election their chosen Candidate is the only good choice as s/he articulates policy and has a record of supporting policy that supports the greater good.

They can work to form a third party.

I am going to suggest in elections past they counted on the first strategy. I am going to suggest had they focused on the second or third 20 years ago, there would be no Donald trump.


Fox TV already predicted the Trump win as long ago as the year 2000 on the Simpsons.
If their predictions continue with their perfect batting average, then in either
2020 or 2024 we will have our first woman President, Lisa Simpson, whose first order of business will be to address the Trump deficit.
Who says that Art does not imitate Life?

[Yes, and I do live in a fantasy world.]


Our humanity must grow in direct proportion to the inhumanity we seek to diminish


People have been pointing out for over 20 years now that we've been split apart by class and race, pitted against each other. The past eight years only divided us more deeply. Liberals, true believers in our deregulated capitalism, focused on nudging up wages, turning their backs on our jobless poor. (Of course they know that not everyone can work and there aren't jobs for all.) Add this to the years of anti-white rhetoric, and consider that the majority of poor are white -- doubly written off as something below human status. Divide, subdivide, conquer.

Good luck on keeping your spirits intact.


And they are known for their sober wisdom and the depth of their insight?

  1. Opposing Killery, leader of the Clinton Mafia, is not the same as supporting T. rump. Ask yourself who is more dangerous to America: A "wolf in sheep's clothing"? Or a "wolf?"

  2. Tyrannysaurus r. is still under indictment for "impeachable offenses" related to his criminally dishonest business "university." America needs to focus on supporting the effort to prosecute the living-shit out of him.

  3. Since, thanks to Wikileaks, the DNC has been conclusively revealed as having sabotaged the democratic process, in rigging the Democratic Primary, the entire "presidential erection" is legally contestable, therefore null & void.

  4. What remains to be done, by the American people, is to exert unprecedented, uncompromising support and pressure on the American judiciary, to launch a legal challenge to the validity of the entire presidential "erection."

When Dubya was erected over Gore, through vote tampering, the American Sheople just went along with it, led by the acquiescent Gore himself, who just rolled-over.

With everyone's favorite planet at stake, and T.rump's maniacal first moves demonstrating an obvious intention to sabotage the Natural Order, there are plenty of reasons for the American people and the rest of the world, to refuse to accept the validity of, and legally contest, the erection of T. rump, before this mockery of the American democratic system goes any further.

Here's hoping Justice prevails over political corruption…

"While sitting presidents are shielded from litigation over acts made in an official capacity, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that presidents can still be sued for events that happened before they took office or are unrelated to their presidential duties.

"Taking the office would not protect Mr. Trump from lawsuits that have been filed against him already or lawsuits that could be filed against him for civil matters that arose before he became President," Kaufman said, before acknowledging that "there would be a mountain of logistical issues in trying to pursue" such claims.

Still, should the Trump University case not turn in the president-elect's favor—and as the San Diego Union-Tribune points out, jury composition will be an important factor—the implications could be serious.

As University of Utah law professor Christopher L. Peterson argued in a recent analysis (pdf): "In the United States, it is illegal for businesses to use false statements to convince consumers to purchase their services. The evidence indicates that Trump University used a systemic pattern of fraudulent representations to trick thousands of families into investing in a program that can be argued was a sham."

And, Peterson continued: "Fraud and racketeering are serious crimes that legally rise to the level of impeachable acts."


Survivng the Trump years? We will not survive the Trump years because this country will not survive the republican fascists who have taken power. We have no way to fight back. Nothing we can do will amount to anything but spitting into the wind.


The issue isn't just Trump. The issue is the entire government in the hands of the evil repubiCONs. That is what we have no power to fight. That is what will destroy this country, At least hillary would have been able to veto the evisceration of social security, medicare, civil rights, etc.


No. They will end from Trumps use of nuclear weapons on behalf of Putin. Voters are idiots.


I agree. There are many articles on most websites bemoaning the Trump victory as if it were a choice between good and evil. Most pundits talked about racism, sexism, etc., but failed in many instances to talk about factory workers in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania who had lost good paying jobs due to policies by every President since Reagan. These workers felt, correctly I believe, that the Democratic Party had abandoned them and that they had allies in Sanders and Trump who stated that they would oppose these trade deals.
Establishment Democrats, to a great extent, still refuse to believe that they were the cause of the Clinton defeat, and they continue to blame the victims. The selection of the next chair for the DNC will tell us much about the future of the Democratic Party


Excellent article, Ms. Kaufman,

"Organize" as you say is definitely the operative word.

"Prepare" is another excellent word.

As an educator your words touched my heart for students as well as many others who will get hit hard.

Working way ahead of the curve, Bernie Sanders says he has a "willingness to work with Donald Trump
to the degree that Mr. Trump is serious about pursuing policies that improve the lives of working families."



Here's a very good solution, possibly, and that is we need power on our side ..progressive power.

There is a gentleman named Keith Ellison, who is a self-described progressive, hoping to be
the next Chair of the Democratic Party. I have just signed a Petition for him, being a
Progressive person who definitely sees a change needed in the Dem. Party.

Let's face it folks, the Progressives do not have a party that will support us, and we immediately
need a Progressive in a substantial position of power.

We must look to the Democrats to vote against the Republican 'trifecta" of President, House, and
Senate ownership. It is a God-send break if he gets in as the Progressive that he is, and could
make a difference. So far, our friend, Bernie Sanders, another Progressive, has been working
for us and has collected over 250,000 signatures for Progressive Keith Ellison. As the author of
this piece just wrote, we need to organize; if we organize there is nothing that we can't accomplish!


It's refreshing that you are looking for answers.

If I had to choose of those three, I would rule out waiting for an election and hoping that something good happens.

Your second choice of working inside the Democratic Party has already happened this past election and a man who
should be our President actually won the Primary, legally, and was pushed out by the Dem. Party as they favored
their candidate. Therefore, I rule that out.

YOUR THIRD IDEA I LOVE. It would take a lot of work, time and legislation, but perhaps in ten years, if we are lucky
it could happen, maybe less time depending on circumstances and an excellent leader of the electorate of that party.
It would have to be started anew, not using any third parties in existence, for a clean slate. An excellent idea.

It is my belief that Donald Trump will last possibly two years in office. He gets bored very easily, has this lawsuit on
the horizon in late November, and recently in White House meeting, I could see him wiggling in the chair sitting next
to President Obama like a little boy who was playing with a race car; got bored, and is already saying, well I won,
so now what else can I try to play with.

If The Donald quits from pure boredom (he says he won't live in the White House because it's crumbling and drafty, I
do believe were close to his words) then we get Pence who, if possible I believe to be worse than Donald. Pence
knows what he wants and is already wringing his hands ready to get it.

I encourage you to start the third party and I would certainly review your platform and give it a try.


Well I am Canadian and I support our own Green Party and encourage other Canadians to break their own lesser of two evils mode and do so as well. I would also like to see a more environmentally friendly party take hold in the USA.

Just as the 1 percent at the top collude together without regard for a Countries boundaries, promoting trade deals or wars abroad for resources, peoples of the working class that see Climate change and environmental destruction , should recognize that their own concerns do not end at their Countries borders.

A srong Green party in Canada is in fact good for people in the USA and in China and in Nigeria. A strong Green Party in the USA is good for people in Canada and In Russia and in Germany. The one percent is "all in together" and I think it time those that are against wars and against the mindless destruction of the Globes ecosystems for profits sake were in it together as well.


The Simpsons offer consistently cutting edge Insight and Revelation.


I think Trump remains the unknown, potential evil, whereas Hillary is the known, proven one.