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On Sweltering Planet, Hottest April Temperature Ever Recorded on Earth Hits Pakistan

On Sweltering Planet, Hottest April Temperature Ever Recorded on Earth Hits Pakistan

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

While climate scientists worldwide continue to issue urgent warnings that human-caused global warming will make heat waves "hotter, longer, and more frequent," a city in Pakistan on Monday may have set a record for the highest April temperature ever recorded on Earth.

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I am afraid this information will be lost on the Republican Party. They probably will contend that these temperature recordings were faked so scientist could get more grants to study the hoax called climate change. Fox and Friends will probably point to the below normal temperatures in the northeast during much of March and April and wonder whether we should actually be more concerned about global cooling and perhaps a nasty ice age on the way.


One has to wonder just how much worse climate devastation will have to become before credible climate scientists will be taken seriously.

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Whatever is done will be too little too late…we are way passed the tipping point. So long it’s been good to know ya.


Only when it is too late. And it already is… too late.

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Lrx, you’re either willfully blind or an out and out shill for the extreme right-wing party calling itself “Democratic.” (It beggars the imagination that you could be this interested in politics and yet so monumentally ignorant of virtually all political developments over the last ~30 years.)

Please consider the record of the party you’ve been championing:

At a time of unprecedented, civilization-threatening ecological peril, President Obama chose to preside over the biggest oil boom in American history (and that doesn’t begin to touch his administration’s global advocacy of fracking, his opening up of the Arctic for drilling, or his doubling down on deep-water drilling after the BP catastrophe befouled the Gulf of Mexico): http://money.cnn.com/2016/07/21/investing/trump-energy-plan-obama-oil-boom/index.html

Obama also deported more immigrants than ALL 20th century presidents combined, breaking up families and keeping even children in dismal for-profit detention camps.

And used the Espionage Act to persecute government whistleblowers and journalists more times than ALL previous presidents combined.

And resuscitated his abysmal predecessor’s morally grotesque and strategically bankrupt Middle East policy, the redirection (following the Iraq debacle) that saw the U.S. and Saudi Arabia flooding Syria with al Qaeda and mercenaries hell bent on regime-change – leading to the deaths of half a million Syrians and creating over 10 million refugees (a boon to European fascists and xenophobes alike).

And legalized government propaganda aimed at U.S. citizens at home, by doing away with the Smith-Mundt Act (2016 NDAA).

And did away with Posse Comitatus, enabling the U.S. military to be directed at Americans on domestic soil (2012 NDAA).

And normalized the use of drones for assassinating anyone, including American citizens/their children on American soil, without a hint of due process.

And allowed Wall Street to run its own bailout, illegally “robo-signing” millions out of their homes, disproportionately minorities (erasing the post-Civil Rights Era economic gains of African-American households).

And Obama normalized torture, retaining 17 of Rumsfeld’s 20 “enhanced interrogation” techniques, establishing new “black sites” on U.S. military facilities; fighting to keep GITMO open, where forced feedings and torture continue to this day.

And President Obama did nothing (or worse, participated) while the extreme-right wing element, aggressively pushing the neocons’ genocidal agenda, rigged the 2016 Primary of his party.

And… and… and… but you’re not listening, are you?

And you’re going to continue defending the Republicans’ best allies and most successful policy movers (the Democrats), aren’t you?

Because, like the last 30 years of Democratic politicians you support, you don’t actually have a liberal bone in your body, near as I can tell. Otherwise, you would never cast another vote for the other right-wing, institutionally racist, Wall Street party of endless war and ecological destruction… let alone defend them so vociferously and with such astonishing obscurantism.


I was kind of expecting a “what about the Democrats reply” but only one paragraph had to do with climate change. I actually didn’t vote for Obama in 2012 (I voted for Rocky Anderson) because for three years Obama did’t even mention climate change. But, let’s give him some credit for what he has done and not pretend the Republicans are at least ten times worse than the Democrats. He got much improved fuel efficiency standards for motor vehicles during his first time. That is a very big thing. During his second term he gave an executive order for the Clear Power Plan and most importantly of all he was instrumental in getting the Paris Climate Agreement which resulted in not only developed countries but developing countries as well pledging to reduce emissions. He also got rules for reducing methane emissions from oil and gas drilling which is not a small thing. If we don’t cast votes for Democrats we are going to get Republicans and fascism. I would urge everyone to vote for Democrats. Given the Koch brothers, Trump, white nationalism, etc on the Republican side it absolutely makes sense to vote for Democrats.

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Just keep having more children and go shopping. Everything is fine.


Is confusion what you’re going for with you’re post ? I say this because you’re 2 references in it, are at odds with each other. Hard to take you seriously when this is the case.

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And still republicans have their heads up their butts. Talking to a friend of mine, yes YOU Jeff H., today and yes, he’s aware we’re fucking up the planet for our kids. He says he feels maybe he shouldn’t have brought a kid into this world, instead of trying to do something to fix it. He then tried to blame our situation on the politicization of science, and then started going off on Al Gore! Had to put the kibash on that BS, just because he told ya doesn’t make it untrue!

God damned republicans, what is your problem? Why would you rather curse the darkness instead of turning on a light!

Your indictment of Obama is spot on.

I haven’t researched LRX’s past posts, but this one didn’t involve any past posts, or even refer to the Democrats, so letting loose with both barrels on them this time might be unfair?

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The Koch brothers and white nationalism are perfectly represented by the Democratic Party, no worries there:

For one thing, the Kochs were some of the Clintons’ biggest backers in the 1990s, very happy to see them crush unions, eviscerate welfare, privatize/deregulate radically, imprison minorities by the hundreds of thousand, and give Wall Street and the MIC (the far right, generally) unthinkable victories that no Republican president could have delivered.

(The Clintons took Reaganomics further than Reagan did. Only Obama exceeded their accomplishments, leaving us a secretly-policed, totally-surveilled America, of, by, and for the Kochs and their ilk – with very little remaining of our Constitution, laws, middle class, free press, and society.)

On the second count, I would refer you to:

Michelle Alexander: https://www.thenation.com/article/hillary-clinton-does-not-deserve-black-peoples-votes/

and James Rucker: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/james-rucker/can-black-people-trust-hillary_b_9312004.html

in addition to Black Agenda Report’s recent piece: https://blackagendareport.com/cruise-missile-left-complicit-american-escalation-toward-world-war-iii

The relevant excerpt from the last article: “The imperial war on Syria is legitimate to the cruise missile left because it allows them to express white supremacy as a civilizing crusade. It was no different during the US-NATO invasion of Libya. Gaddafi was painted by the cruise missile left as a barbaric and despotic dictator who armed his Black mercenary army with Viagra to rape women and children. Assad has faced the same treatment as Gaddafi.”

Returning to the main issue, when it comes to President Obama’s record on climate change, I’m flummoxed. Again, you’re either uninformed on the issues (beyond the misleading headlines) or just shilling for the sake of brand identification… when the difference is less than that between Pepsi and Coke, two nearly-identical flavors of poison.

What did President Obama do to meaningfully address the greatest crisis in human history – with 97% of the experts on his side, a rapidly heating world, the Sixth Mass Extinction event underway, and a Democratic supermajority in Congress?

Not a damn thing.

He did his phony-baloney Democrat job, getting the vast majority of the country to forget about climate change while he occasionally made it seem he was doing something meaningful to ameliorate the problem.

He wasn’t.

While Democrats have been in power for 16 of the last 24 years (pre-Trump), the U.S. has fallen dramatically behind the rest of the world in addressing and trying to avert the impending catastrophe. (As the Great Barrier Reef dies. As the glaciers and Greenland melt.)

So far as what happened in Paris, President Obama worked aggressively to protect the interests of the polluters (Kochs, too) and betray the rest of us.

When most nations were clamoring for LEGALLY BINDING CARBON LIMITS, Obama fought to have such limits struck from the agreement.

And when the rest of the world demanded LEGAL LIABILITY for polluters, the U.S. delegation fought to defeat that, too.

In short, Obama made certain that the Paris Climate Agreement was an utterly toothless farce, a placebo for the rubes, while dramatically doubling down on fossil fuels, effectively signing our species’ death warrant (and that of many other species, too).

Everything else Barack Obama did was window dressing for his BS library – 2nd term executive orders (easily reversible) and not likely to make a snowball’s* difference in hell, which is where our world is heading, now that Obama has given the .01% everything it ever dreamed of (after “Dubya” had discredited/crashed and burned the owners’ radical, right-wing agenda, Obama rescued the whole ungodly mess, pissing away and betraying THE GREATEST REFORM MANDATE IN A CENTURY, following two tidal wave “blue” election cycles).

In sum: President Obama needlessly cemented and expanded upon the civil-liberties crushing, warmongering neo-fascism of Bush/Cheney (which has killed millions of Muslims, a modern holocaust) while entrenching the stranglehold of the omnicidal investor class on our society; Obama preserved and exacerbated our country’s financialized (disinvested, infrastructure crumbling) casino economy – which remains unreformed, with TBTF worse than ever and a far more consequential crash inevitable after the weak tea of Dodd-Frank (check out Neil Barofsky’s “Bailout” sometime or Simon Johnson’s “13 Bankers”).

  • Cue some conservative ignoramus to chime in now with “How could there be a SNOWBALL if there’s global warming?”
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Thanks for the compliment, Don.

Now, I will encourage you to, yes, do a little research on Lrx’s previous posts. I’ve been a regular at CommonDreams for many, many years, and in my observation, Lrx is virtually always singling out Republicans while sparing – or worse, talking up – Democrats. (So, while I hope I haven’t overdone it, both barrels might have been merited, as Lrx is often confused for a DNC “bot” – of the Terminator variety, methinks, Wasserman-Schultz class.)

What are the only existing alternative to the Democrats doing about climate change? If Obama was so good for the fossil fuel industry, why do coal and oil billionaires, and the entire State of West Virginia, despise him so, and why did they so quickly reverse all of the new rules of his administration?

I suspect that you are a paid Republican troll.


“America’s Biggest Oil Boom Came Under Obama” – that is the title of the CNN article I cited in my first comment (and you think big oil “despised” their greatest benefactor? You are brainwashed.)

Coal was on its last legs when Obama came into office. And the right’s vilification of Obama for coal’s decline was simple opportunism and divide/conquer on the part of the corporate media.

And FYI, not many oil interests despised Obama, least of all BP.

Your insinuation that I’m a Republican troll is laughable, as my entire criticism of the Democratic Party is that they are the OTHER right-wing neo-fascist party.

Non-duopoly parties like the Green Party and DSA are at least promising to respond to catastrophic anthropomorphic climate change with specific remedies – not just vague, aspirational talk – which puts them light years ahead of the Democrats.

To reemphasize: I would no more vote for a Republican than I would vote for a Democrat. At this point, anyone who votes for either is the 21st-century equivalent of a “Good German” – or an utter fool.

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Actually the science tells those who will listen that the rise in temperature will continue to rise for a while if we stopped using combustion generated energy immediately. If we don’t at least make a serious effort temperatures will become deadly and many will die. A literal Hell of a way to address overpopulation.


I totally agree the earth is getting too hot.

But CD, your numbers are just wrong. Death Valley routinely gets hotter. And according to wiki, Pakistan has been getting this hot and much hotter for a decade. Africa and India also get higher temps than this.

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Lrx –

That’s true …

However, you have to have a captive audience devoid of any common sense in
order for the GOP claims to stick.

People are having to deal now with the very real effects of Global Warming and
we are only now feeling the effects of the damage we did up until about 1968.
From here on there will be very rapid acceleration of all of the damage which will
be fed back to us in increasing heat, storms, gales, floods/droughts, tornadoes,
cyclones – and earthquakes.

And, as scientists continue to point out, there is no way that anyone can predict
how all of this will compound.

Global Warming has the power to actually change weather systems.

Basically here in central NJ right now, we are having a string of 90 degree days.

And we seem very close now to seeing Spring and Autumn totally disappear into

I think the scientists, at least some of them, know quite a lot and some places are manipulating weather quite a bit… They just can’t get on MSM. And watch out on this site as well.

I’m not sure what the big secret is…maybe that it can be used in war? Maybe areas being melting for mining and drilling? But maybe just getting some places the rain they need. The problem with all of these may be the nature of the chemicals used.

This guy that does the site is a bit histrionic. I don’t think that adds to a person’s argument, unfortunately.