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On Syria Policy, Critics Warn, Both Trump and Clinton Get It Very Wrong

On Syria Policy, Critics Warn, Both Trump and Clinton Get It Very Wrong

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Amid the tawdry spectacle of the second presidential debate on Sunday, the brief discussion on the humanitarian crisis in Aleppo highlighted for many observers the fact that the future of U.S.

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Neoliberals have sat on their hands in silence, but the Left has not.


I hope like hell that I am wrong, but the next POTUS by using no fly zones, in Syria, could very well start a third world war with Russia. What happens when Russian MIG’s violate this no fly zone in Syria?


On Syria Policy, Critics Warn, Both Trump and Clinton Get It Very Wrong.

The headline posits a false equivalency. The article clearly shows why Clinton’s policy will likely bring us into direct conflict with Russia, but beyond saying Trump “failed to clearly articulate his plan” doesn’t show what’s wrong with supporting Assad and Russia against ISIS.

Because, of course, CD couldn’t come out and say Trump is better than Clinton on anything.

CD sez: “Why if Clinton’s policy might bring us to the brink of nuclear war, imagine how much worse Trump’s must be.”

Vote Sane: Vote Green.


We have three choices; roll the dice with Trump, guarantee war with Clinton or vote for peace with Stein. The choices are crystal clear for those willing to look outside our corrupt two party system.


I agree. Trump is the buffoon that the oligarchs have selected to make sure Hillary is elected; therefor, she is the more effective evil!

The only vote for sanity, is to vote for Dr. Jill Stein but unfortunately, the inmates have taken control of the insane asylum so she has no chance.


Did you just say “Trump is better than Clinton”? Lrx just told me that you rarely hear that on CD but here it is again two days in a row. Of course, you have to extract it totally out of context, but it can be done.

I think the establishment of a no fly zone in Syria assumes the cooperation of Russia. I don’t see how it could be implemented otherwise. I don’t see why US ground troops would be needed for a no fly zone. If US ground troops are really needed then there will not be a no fly zone.

Couldn’t bring myself to actually watch, but I overheard it from the next room as my wife watched it and I tried to read (fittingly, The Age of Fear article by Neil Strauss in this month’s Rolling Stone.) From what I overheard Trump got it almost exactly correct concerning Syria, Russia, and Iran. Even he would not take that last step and state the obvious, that ISIS, etc. are US proxies, our boots on the ground, in the true purpose of US involvement in Syria - to take out Assad.

As for bringing Syria and Russia to the docket for war crimes in Aleppo, well sure, right after we settle that not-so-little matter of Fallujah.

I haven’t explicitly stated it here recently, but I too will be voting Stein/Green and decided that before it became obvious that Trump will solidly win here in Ohio. Not a protest vote, and with no illusions of winning, but to help the cause of an alternate party that is closest to my positions and beliefs.


you ever watch top gun?

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Trump is the new 9/11. Meaning that every awful thing the government has
done in the past 15 years, the excuse was always…‘9/11.’ As Gary
Trudeau called it, the Swiss Army Knife of excuses. For Hillary, for the
Dems, for US Liberals, for the NYT & the rest of the MSM, Trump is
now the Swiss Army Knife of excuses. Every awful fact of the impending
Hillary presidency is justified by Trump.


What makes you think “Trump will solidly win in Ohio?” Clinton is currently favored (ahead in the last three statewide polls for example). Trump did move up just before the first debate but that was quite temporary and awhile back. Clinton has been ahead in Ohio for nearly the whole summer.

dpearl So you still believe this poll shit, amazing

I do. Being a statistician and having lots of experience with them will do that to a guy.

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There are lies, damn lies and statistics.
That was the first thing the statistics professor told us on the first day of class.
You’ve heard that right?

Of course. I use lots of quotes, jokes, cartoons, songs, etc… in my teaching as well and that quote is pretty famous. If you like that kind of stuff - here’s a collection of those that I coordinate:

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Umm, I don’t know what polls you’ve been seeing, but that just doesn’t jibe with the polling I’ve been seeing. Last week I was driving all over my local community here in eastern Ohio helping a friend look for a house to buy. It was a perfect opportunity to do an un-scientific analysis. I saw hundreds of Trump posters distributed almost in every quarter, and to this day have only seen THREE for Clinton (not 300, but uno, dos, tres). Even in those yards that had signs supporting local and state Democratic candidates, no Clinton signs, and in some cases Trump signs instead. Not conclusive, and this area is a far cry from the metropolitan centers of this State, but would you care to place a wager on your claim? I made an open challenge before the invasion to bet a whole paycheck that no WMD’s would be found in Iraq, but had no takers. I sense another chance to make an easy buck from hubris.

Bill Clinton visited here last week and the president of the USW Local said in a TV interview that Willy had a lot of gall showing up here after his betrayal of the US steel industry while in the WH. Ouch.

At any rate, it does not change my vote. I can not endorse Hillary Clinton, period.

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The fivethirtyeight.com page on Ohio is at
A list of all of the statewide polls is at the bottom. Their polls only forecast currently has Clinton as about a 60-40 favorite in Ohio while their “plus plus” forecast that includes other factors besides polls has her at 55-45 (here they are talking about Clinton’s chances of winning Ohio - not the percentage she will get). So they have it pretty close.

I’m happy to take up your bet - but I certainly don’t want to make money off of it. I’ll donate $60 to the progressive non-profit of your choice if Trump carries Ohio and you donate $40 to the progressive non-profit of my choice (the Resist Foundation) if Clinton carries Ohio.


Instead of spreading incredible terror, death and destruction, we should do like the people “above US” (in every sense of those words) do and try to alleviate some of the harm we did, and maybe we will be given some thanks reminiscent of these in an article in The Province, a Vancouver, Canada daily, on occasion of today’s Thanksgiving up there:
Thankful immigrants: http://theprovince.com/feature/immigrants-say-thank-you-to-canada

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The only sane thing I recall Trump saying during this campaign is (paraphrased):
“Get out of Syria, let the Russians do it”