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On Syria Policy, Critics Warn, Both Trump and Clinton Get It Very Wrong

You’re on, but my favorite non-profit is m - sorry, just kidding; that would be Doctors Without Borders. I’m certain that this region will go for Trump, as has the entire Tri-State area of SW Pa., Northern W.Va., and East Central Ohio gone red in the last 4 presidential races. Not based on polling but on actual election results I have seen mapped in the County Bd. of Elections. The rural and farming demographic of the state has been solidly conservative and voted Republican all during my lifetime, but the metropolitan areas are harder to judge. I have lived long enough in each of them (Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland) to have a feel for them politically. Cincinnati is very conservative and Republican, Columbus is a toss-up, and Cleveland is a former Democratic stronghold that suffers from the same economic malaise from the flight of capital as this area. It is an open question which side the traditional Ohio conservative vote will fall on - whether Trump’s vulgarity will dislodge much of party line loyalty, or whether Hillary’s thinly disguised conservative bent becomes their logical choice.

I lived in Columbus for 32 years and you’re definitely right about the balances and that it will be close. I’d be happy to donate to Doctors without Borders if Trump takes the state.

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Yes, because the bigoted buffoon would be blocked by Congress, while every war and austerity measure Warmongress wanted would slide right on thru.

And his stated policy on Syria, unlike Clinton’s, is unlikely to bring us to war with Russia.


Interesting. When I was a grunt in the RA ('72-‘75 and later in the NG) our briefings about Warsaw Pact capabilities assured all us bullet stoppers that our foes’ capabilities were inferior due to their rigid top-down command and control structure. I was under no illusions; I knew their weapons matched our weapons, and that the modern battlefield is no place for grunts or any other living thing. Grunts = hamburger.

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I believe the current situation in Syria and the poking of Russia could easily end in disaster for the US and maybe mankind. Why do the imbeciles in Washington want to make perpetual war? Besides making boatloads of money for military contractors and weapons manufacturers, what’s really to be gained by all these regime changes that totally destroy people and destabilize the entire regions? The leaders and especially the Pentagon have lost their collective minds, a bunch of psychopaths not to dissimilar than all the psychos of the 20th century. Come on, I’m sick of all the wars we’ve been in almost all of my 62 years; a few years in the 90’s is the only time I can recall when this country wasn’t at war of some kind or another. It really is time to change course and start a real peace movement. Please!


Every time I reflect on it I am eternally thankful that this biggest mistake of my youth - enlisting - did not end up sending me there. I was trained, and trained well as only the Army can, but did not have to fight. I sometimes wonder what Eisenhower would have to say about today’s morass. Someone on whose shoulders the weight of thousands of soldiers lives had sat. It is telling that only upon retirement did he feel free and safe enough to fully delineate the cancer of militarism.


Walk away from Syria. Get out.
There is a humanitarian crisis in every civil war. In every war.
We cannot be at war everywhere.
End the madness of militarism.
Walk away from this one.


Is it possible that Trump is running just to make Clinton look good, or at least to scare enough of us into voting for her? They’ve aways had a lot of friends in common, after all. And it certainly isn’t any harder to swallow than a third tower with no outward signs of damage abruptly coming down in free fall …

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She is?
Enlighten us.


Totally untrue. Where do you get that from?


No Martha. Aleppo is not like the holocaust. Aleppo is part of a civil war supported and funded by the Saudis and other US allied ilk, who are in turn funded by the good old US of A. Aleppo is a pawn in the US of A’s quest for total control of the world’s natural resources.

Just what do you propose we do, Martha? Liberate Syria like we liberated Iraq and Libya and like our Saudi friends are liberating Yemen with weapons supplied by us?

Here’s a suggestion: We should do something. Pull ourselves out of Syria, quit doing Israel’s bidding to destroy Syria in its quest to isolate and destroy Iran, and quit funding and providing cover for the terrorist jihad Saudi Sunnis are perpetrating on the Shia government. Learn to get along with other sovereign nations and recognize that their resources DON’T BELONG TO US!,

But Martha, do you understand that we have slaughtered many more citizens of the Middle East than has Assad or the Russians. Do you understand that WE ARE THE PROBLEM.


Thanks RRS. They’re really coming out of the woodwork. I’d say I’m looking forward to their exit post-election, but considering the probable outcome, I’m not looking forward to anything post election.

But getting back to discussing actual issues instead of this slow motion train wreck of an election will be nice.


Thanks for the link. I find it both depressing and useful to know how closely the polls can predict the results. I engaged in wishful thinking (as a relative youngster) in the McGovern-Nixon race, hoping the the polls were wrong.

Do you have insights into whether polls are adjusted to account for electronic ballot tampering as some claim?

They are not adjusted in any way for that hypothetical situation (which is key evidence that it really hasn’t been an issue -since the polls line up pretty well with the actual election results give or take their associated random fluctuations and inaccuracies in their assumptions about the demographics of the turnout).

Back in the days of the McGovern-Nixon race, the polls were done completely differently (much higher response rates, live interviewers, often in-person interviews)

A good subject to research: US Uranium/Clinton Foundation /Russian donations
The moral to this is Russia was granted from within this Fed governance serious corporate ownership of Uranium from with in the U.S. So why all the Hillary bad mouthing towards Russia who with her approval gained serious Uranium profiteering from America?

“Russians Don’t Care About International Law And We Do” John Kerry. What alternative universe is Kerry living on anyway?


I just had a long debate on Facebook with two Clintonistas about this. Both seem to think that Hillary is a superb negotiator, a diplomat supreme, and that if there is a No-Fly Zone the Russians will ground their planes and sit down for real negotiations.

I don’t know whether they are David Brock shills or just deluded.


Yes, I did. He shares in there how he ended up with a Gay Man’s crush on Hillary in the late 90s and switched sides.

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Thanks for your reply. I would sincerely hope the people you quoted are correct, but I doubt it!

Well, the article informs us of what the writers, and the people they talked to, are upset about.

We are left to guess what they think the situation going forward should be.

On other thoughts,

The Code Pink “war is never good” point of view is very common on forums like this, and I won’t spend time now arguing against it…
But I do point out that North Vietnam in the 1970s considered fighting a few wars worthwhile, conquering South Vietnam in a military invasion, and then three years later invading the Khmer Republic (Cambodia) to overthrow the Khmer Rouge government in an action that Noam Chomsky later praised.
– And that China, Russia and North Korea think that rattling their military armament gains them something.