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On Tax Day, Still 'No Evidence' Trump Tax Cuts Are Trickling Down to Workers


You sure took the republican lies. My taxes aren’t lower.
Promise NOT kept… Not that you can trust a real estate mogul from New York City to make promises that will be kept.



Actually, we invested most of our tax savings in my wife’s business, including pay raises for her two part-time employees. We also increased our contributions to charity (to 15% of income) and to our grandchildren’s college fund (5%).



Hey, I didn’t write the article! The NYT wrote the article. I only see my own W2, but I can tell you from looking at paychecks and filing my taxes that not only did my withholding go down during 2018, so did the taxes I owed. So I got to keep more of my paycheck AND I still got a bit of a refund.



Oh now you’re backtracking your statement.

That’s what you said above and the second quote of yours you were definitely not referring some NYT article. Just admit rump lied and you are believing the fake news that tried to glorify rump. If I got a $3000 cut the taxes I paid, I wouldn’t have paid any taxes because that’s how much my taxes has been for over ten years now. Yes I keep my tax files back that far and further.



And we are just seeing tax returns filed for year 1.