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On Tax Scam Anniversary, Paul Ryan Promotes Documentary Hailing His Crowning Achievement: 'Handing Rich People Truckloads of Money'


On Tax Scam Anniversary, Paul Ryan Promotes Documentary Hailing His Crowning Achievement: 'Handing Rich People Truckloads of Money'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

On his way out of Congress after a long career of trying—and ultimately failing—to reach his life-long goal of gutting Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Monday used the one-year anniversary of the passage of the GOP's tax scam to promote a documentary centered on something he actually did achieve during his ten terms in the House: enormous tax cuts


I have read that when Paul Ryan’s father died, Ryan received Social Security money as a survivor benefit. With this Social Security money, Paul Ryan was able to go to college and get a college degree. But even as he was going to college with his Social Security money, reportedly Paul Ryan was already saying in college that he was strongly opposed to safety-net programs like Social Security – that he was benefiting from!

“What kind of childhood” (as this article says) must Paul Ryan have had to make him hate the very program that enabled him to go to college and get a college degree?

Without Social Security money (and thus without a college education and a college degree), it seems very unlikely that Paul Ryan would have become a Congressman, a Vice Presidential candidate, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

In other words, it seems that Paul Ryan owes most of the good things in his professional adult life to Social Security money he received!

What kind of person tries to destroy this benefit and life opportunities for millions of his “fellow” Americans?


If Paul Ryan has children; they or his grand children will know he does not care what happens to them.


I didn’t know Eddie Munster would grow up to be such an asshat.


C’mon. He was trying to get by… The best that he could.


Contrast this small, shriveled soul and capitalists in general with E.F. Schumacher:



Don’t you know— Ryan was entitled to his SS benefits, but all other Americans are just moochers.
I did not notice Ryan turning down all the unearned benefits he received as a Representative in Congress.


I remember reading about Paul Ryan on Wikipedia , but lots of stuff about him is gone now.
Oh hysterically funny thing was that he once drove the Oscar Meyer wiener mobile----that suits him. And this is even better------ that he also worked atOscar Meyer in “COLD CUTS.” : )
And he still does that cold cutting! : (


Do you mean there are republican hypocrites? Who knew? Everyone!


Best thing to do with a bum that looks likes a Hot Dog is to smother him in Mustard, Onions and Kraut. Then wrap him up in a Bun. Cannibalism at its finest!


To the best of my knowledge no human being IS evil, much less born that way. As Oscar Hammerstein wrote almost 70 years ago, “You have to be taught before it’s too late, to hate all the people your relatives hate. You have to be carefully taught.”

But it is breathtakingly easy for any of us to slip a little at a time into the state that M. Scott Peck called “people of the lie” (which he identified with demonic possession), that George Lucas called “The Dark Side,” and that Christopher Marlowe envisioned in Shakesepare’s time as selling one’s soul to the Prince of Darkness himself, one tiny bit at a time.


Better explain that one. Apparently few people are familiar with Fritz and his work, which is the modern archetype for what we seek.


You are correct about his scamming the system from a very early age. As far as I know he has never had a job where he had to actually work. It’s always been sucking off the Government in one way or another. He was born being a drain on society and still maintains his status.


Well whadaya expect? He is on to richer and less contentious pastures and he needs this puff piece to keep the 1% from forgetting, or worse dismissing, his efforts in their behalf. He has worked hard to get in the position that these political opportunists have as a goal, a corporate lobbyist. It will be interesting to see if he stays in Wisconsin with his family or drags them into the new and more feted swamp he was tasked to reform. I guess that he was successful there as it is now being used as a hot tub by this entire administration. Washington has become a toxic mud bath.


Ryan “FAILING to gut Medicare and Social Security” ?

These tax cuts were all it took to set the stage for Congress to claim poverty thereby gaining support for gutting. Notice that Ryan announced his retirement as soon as the tax cut was passed ?

Not to mention that the continued stacking of courts with young right wing judges assures the gutting will proceed.

Concerning the documentary, Josef Goebbels and Leni Riefenstahl would be green with envy if they could see how Murka has refined their pivotal advances in propaganda.


It’s unfortunate that if there is a future “opposition” majority in Congress and WH, the politicians in “leadership” positions will likely not roll-back ALL the rot and filth of this utterly evil and depraved trump & co regime…the reason? They too also serve big-money, exploitation, usury, vulture capitalism and greed over the Common Good!..unless WE root them out!

All the funding necessary for our republic to serve the people and protect and build, are available IF the trillions in tax give-away’s of the past few decades and the obscene military theft form civilian priorities, are reversed and fair taxation on those most able to pay, is restored…that isn’t “raising taxes” it is restoring taxes and revenue that any nation needs to serve its people, mass transit and other crumbling infrastructure, universal not-for-profit health-care, education thru college, strong environmental protections of habitat, air and water, elder and infant care, public housing, non-poison agriculture and the family farm, and all the rest of the things that makes any people and nation really “great”…dump the trump regime BS crimes and cronyism being peddled by agents and tools of the uber-wealthy and corporate pirate robber-barons who take from society and give little or nothing back!

The public must demand in no uncertain terms such bedrock changes, to try to assure what we are living thru now is never allowed to happen again! I will add that we saw a prez who said we “must move forward”…what he meant by that was no-one responsible for the crimes, usury, fraud, for-profit war and privatization of war, education, health-care and all the rest would NOT be held to account…he betrayed the people and future to give a free-pass to the perpetrators of unforgivable crimes, and THAT failure/complicity to the crimes , is part of the reason we are now facing the same crimes by the same people and forces that took so much before…if there is no accountability, there is no justice!


I agree, Giovanna-Lepore.

What I know about E. F. Schumacher, I like his values and beliefs. (I read a short book by him in college.)

He advocates “Buddhist economics.” (I also studied and practiced Buddhism for many years, and deeply like its profoundly humane values.)

One of the “Eightfold Noble Paths” of enacting Buddhist beliefs and values is called “Right Livelihood.”

“Right livelihood” requires earning your resources for living in ethical ways that do not harm anyone.

Thus, E. F. Schumacher was a highly ethical person and deserves much respect and admiration.

Paul Ryan has not been practicing “right livelihood” and does not deserve respect and admiration.

Paul Ryan has repeatedly tried to hurt sick, disabled, poor, and middle-class (working class) people by the millions!


Thank you for advocating “clawing back” trillions of dollars from the 1%, the giant corporations (“corpses”), and the military budget – for desperately and urgently needed uses to help the U.S. common people. (The 1% et al owe repayment for 40+ years of grossly unfair transfers of wealth to them!)

I strongly agree with you, and I have written to “my” Senator Feinstein repeatedly asking her to do this.

Senator Feinstein has repeatedly failed to reply to my requests. (This topic must be “Kryptonite” to her).

As you know, Feinstein and her capitalist husband are together worth over $1 billion!

Reportedly, Feinstein helped her husband’s group cheaply buy up U.S. Post Offices for the much higher real estate value! It seems “the deals” were “a steal”!

Also, I’d really like to read some good investigative reporting about how much money Feinstein and her husband have “made” over 30+ years using Senator Feinstein’s insider knowledge of (and possibly insider trading based on) military, national security “intelligence” information, and other government spending and corporate contract “deals” – that she may have known were coming, before the average investor knew.


Follow-up information:

Senator Feinstein and an official at the U.S. Postal Service say Diane Feinstein played no role in the USPS selling many of its offices and real estate properties to Feinstein’s husband’s capitalist group.

But also read this information:



HI Gultman-----I don’t usually eat hot dogs, but I love onions and mustard-----still---- I do dream , after the revolution : ) of tasting a marinated corporate banker—with some ,“Nice chianti,” as in that cannibal movie,"Silence of the Lambs, The brain straight from the cranium was shocking though--------but it sliced so nicely! : )