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On Thanksgiving, A Day Which Purports to Celebrate Struggling Refugees, Trump Vows to Build a Wall


On Thanksgiving, A Day Which Purports to Celebrate Struggling Refugees, Trump Vows to Build a Wall

Common Dreams staff

"Trump using Thanksgiving to call for his 'WALL,' apparently without irony. Missed the part of the Pilgrims' story where they scale one."


Dump Trump!!!11

And Happy Thanksgiving to all.


History shows that walls can be just as easily used to keep people in, not just out. If you’re thinking about slipping over the line into Mexico or Canada to escape this country’s ever growing police and surveillance state, now might be the time. Papers, please!


How does such a shallow pond hold so much shit?


So, what is it we celebrate Thanksgiving for, is it to give thanks to the Indians that saved the lives of the settlers that first winter, the ones we inevitable ended up slaughtering and what was left stuck them on reservations ( open air prisons), to starve.

Keep lying to yourselves America, about how exceptional you are, you are just like the rest of land the stealer s and exploiters of the poor, perhaps the best there ever was and will be.


Happy Indigenous People’s Day! Death to the party of white trash Conservatives.



Thank you for posting this, these are people we should be celebrating not the ones that survived that first winter with their help, I am not sure but I do not think there will be one float celebrating them in the parade in NYC.
If there is, it will depicting the lie, not the truth.


My family has been here 360 years this year. It is my duty to inform all immigrants we are guests. This is their land, Turtle Island. Please visit this page and thank-you.


Even on Thanksgiving leave it to Trump to try to gain support of the haters and bigots out there across the land in America. Keep resisting!


Once an ignorant shallow AH, always an AH! THE MOST depraved, despicable and criminal president and regime/admn in American history!!

We need less phony flag worship and more respect for our Constitution and bill of Rights!

And by the way the VA is NOT taking care of our vets they are denying the plight and disease of many contracted in Vietnam caused by liver flukes. the VA denies care and coverage to the vets still left and dying because they must pay for the gift from trump regime to the 1%!

For EVERY dollar the trump/R’Con regime gives to the super-rich, corporate pirates, and war-machine, a dollar WILL be taken/stolen - from the average American guy & gal and family - those LEAST able to afford the theft!! Mark my words, the plan is to take from the poor and middle classes to give to the wealthiest - America has been sold to the highest bidder and obscene greed under trump!


Thank you! Today I will not be watching the militarization of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Putting on Miracle on 34th Street and also watching documentaries of past Thanksgivings. Thank you to the Native Americans for teaching America how NOT to starve to death.

Putting the children of American TERRORISTS soldiers who are going around the world killing other families own children, in our Thanksgiving Day Parade is NOT RIGHT! America the Pitiful. God will let you burn in hell for your own terrorism.


Sadly, the truth speaks :frowning:


Thank you for posting this. And my spouse who is Native American but doesn’t post on CD but on face book… thanks you too.


" This is their land."

Amerika: home of the free to steal the indigenous peoples lands by calling them “SAVAGES” and “HEATHENS” and many other pejoratives like: " THE ONLY GOOD INDIAN IS A DEAD INDIAN".

Amerika: home of the cowards that have slaughtered so many of these brave people for trying to protect their lands from being stolen from them.


Yes, history shows that walls can be used to keep people out as well as in. One wonders if in the future this wall could become the American, Iron Curtain!


Well here again, the irony of what Thanksgiving means is not only destroyed by Trump. While Obama was pardoning turkeys last year, Indians were still being persecuted for trying to protect their land and water. In fact the land and water of all of us.


Ah yes, I was just going to say, “Remember the Berlin Wall.”
*I don’t know why, with so many lessons of history, we have to keep making the same mistakes.


Lest we forget.