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On the Altar of Civility


On the Altar of Civility

A few words on the blinding hypocrisy of that phantasm of civility suddenly being summoned by a regime run by sociopaths. Civility got us them, Gorsuch, white supremacy and state-sponsored child abuse; with it all, they long ago forfeited the right to expect politesse, or consent, or anything but fierce resistance. In the 1930s, Quaker Henry Cadbury famously urged Jews to be more “civil” toward the Nazis. It did not turn out well.


Thank you so much.
Most Americans have become human sheep.
Maxine Waters is a hero.
Those who slag her are DINOs.
Resist Fuhrer Trump and his gang of criminals.


Thanks for telling it like it is. I hope that “fierce resistance” materializes. What I hear on the street quite often is, “Well, the economy is getting better.” Oh…MY…G…In America, money talks. Sad.


The photo and quote will be post on the home page of my website, Thanks.


Unfortunately, civility is often a cover for conformity, for playing along with the corrupted reign that is historically well documented.
Civility also hugs feverishly with superficiality, where sound bites and erratic pieces of rhetoric become the bulwark of political obfuscation and domination. Free from examination and evidence, this ignorant, aggressive power rules.
We can civilly resist coercive domination knowing that civility is not prevented from vigorous and strong resistance to the undemocratic power that causes so many to suffer and die unnecessarily. Is it not our civic duty to establish democracy that truly represents the majority’s wishes?


Exactly. Precisely. Well-said.


On Every Front, on Every Encounter, Every Time

Oppose and Change


As Lou Reed sang,
"This is no time to swallow anger
This is no time to ignore hate…
This is a time for action
Because the future’s within reach…"
We owe the right nothing. they have brought the fight here and we either stand up and push back or we will imperil the world no t just our country.
But as Nietzsche warned,“Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster.”


Is there a typo on the last word? Shouldn’t it be “… civil disobedience?”


“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they don’t want to hear.” -George Orwell.


I’m also reminded of an old Quaker conversation about an elder who taught patience and circumspect comportment. He also tended to sidewalk repairs in front of his house. In final stages of leveling and smoothing, some friends drove up. While they were conversing a youngster sped down the sidewalk and right through the freshly smoothed and setting concrete. The elder yelled and called to the youngster and muttered a curse under his breath. The visitors, taken aback, wondered about the patience expected. Turning to them, exasperated, he said with wry humor, ‘Oh yes, I call for circumspection in the abstract, BUT NOT IN THE CONCRETE!’


? Re-read the quote.


What Zinn said:

“Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience.”

The article omits the prefix “dis-” and is thus in need of an edit for clarity and accuracy.


You mean, like, “It’s a baby and not a blob of tissue.”

You mean like “Homosexuality is not normal and violates the obvious construction of the human body.”

You mean like 'It’s impossible for two men or two women to get married."

You mean like " Homosexual behavior is the gateway to serious and fatal diseases"

That kind of reality???


Maxine Waters shows us quite clearly that the Left already are monsters.

But when you started defending the slicing up of children and selling their organs on the open market, we already knew that. What kind of people would defend such a thing except monsters?


It means mind your own business and read something besides a buy-bull!


What type of person makes wild assertions, with no references to back their wild claims ?
More outrageous BS, do you’re self a favor, turn off FOX news Ed.


How many times you been pregnant, Ed? Does the thought of all that disgusting man on man action make your boy parts wiggle and you don’t like it?




Earth to Ed…

Return to Earth …You are not Certified to Fly at this Altitude

Or maybe You Are Certifiable