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On the Ambiguity of "Democracy" in America


On the Ambiguity of "Democracy" in America

John R. Wallach

In American public discourse – articulated by public officials, media outlets, and ordinary citizens of virtually all political stripes – the United States is called a democracy. However, this attribution is false and has been so since the foundation of the republic. Many know this, but many don’t. And the misuse of the term has become unusually, politically consequential since November, 2016.


We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all dollars are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.


Remember, to the Founders, raised on Aristotle, Democracy was a perversion, whereby the “tyranny of the majority” override the polity.

The problem is that as a citizenry we have forgotten the notion of the of the good of all, and therefore, regardless of whether we’re ruled by one, a few, or many, we’ll still fall on the “perverted” side of Aristotle’s scale.


In order to preserve our Republic, We the People must purge our government of those who would lie, cheat, and steal from all of us to enrich themselves.

There are many politicians and other government support people who would hinder us from doing so, as this would threaten their jobs and security. Their support of the corruption enables those with bad intent towards the masses, to continue their fleecing of America.

There may soon come a time in which we may be called upon to stand against the government and get bloody, not because we are violent, but because they are.

Prepare to stand your ground against those who only want to suppress your voices.


This seems like something for a political science class. But the ending was probably the most important part. “Now, democratic activity more than ever has become a political activity needed to save the American republic.” Democracy is not a spectator sport. It only exists through participation of the electorate. Whatever our democracy is it has served us pretty well but it appears that it may not survive social media. Trump mainly communicates on Twitter, which some say has sort of deteriorated into a sewer of communication. In any case it does seem to allow Trump to reach millions of people with his outlandish lies outside of the traditional means of communications. The Russians are going full blast trying to undermine US democracy through social media. And they are good and perfecting their craft. It appears they are mainly spreading fake news, trying to pit Americans against each other with real news stories or fake, and trying to undermine trust in the US government and the press through whatever means they can. Their goal is to get Americans to vote their rights away in favor of establishing an autocracy. They zeroed in on Trump as an excellent presidential candidate to carry out this mission. They still have some way to go and are working hard on ending liberal democracy here and in Western Europe. American citizens need to carry out political activity based on truth instead of conspiracy theories and do it at an increased level. Truth is the great enemy of Trump and also of the Russians. Autocrats need to suppress the truth to maintain power. Putin is said to have bought up the free press in Russia to accomplish this. Trump has labeled the press the enemy of the people. Americans must rally around the press and demand the truth.


We are a “republic” conceived and ordered under a “charter” by which our rights and responsibilities are defined - our Constitution and its Bill of Rights. these documents and the others that came before tried to build a society of justice and equality, but men of greed and ego and depraved indifference have perverted those meanings and twisted them to their own ends…the perversion via a fraudulent “democracy” that - “minority interests in civil society are able to manipulate the political process in their favor – mostly via the unequal distribution of money and power.” as the author writes.

When money equals “free speech” and “corporations are people” we have allowed the manipulation of the processes of our republic to be manipulated and perverted by the vast wealth accumulated by vulture capitalism and “representative governance” and the absolutely critical Fourth Estate, to be bought…politicians, political parties, elections, and thus legislation. Not for the Common Good but for individual ambition and personal wealth at the expense of what the Founders conceived and fought-for.

"Government is instituted for the common good; for the protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness of the people; and not for profit, honor, or private interest of any one man, family, or class of men; therefore, the people alone have an incontestable, unalienable, and indefeasible right to institute government; and to reform, alter, or totally change the same, when their protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness require it." - John Adams


The elephant (and donkey) in the room is the role of the 2 major parties in the USA.They have a stanglehold on US politics.

Virtually no one gets to congress without the blessing of the Dems or Republicans, and if the odd socialist ever does make it, then the Dems & Republicans can neutralize him by refusing to let him caucus. Unless he rolls over, like Bernie Sanders.

Neither the Dems or Republicans, will currently tolerate an anti-war plank in the party platform.

Considering the myriad of trillion-dollar wars currently waged costing millions of lives (American & non-American), this is staggering.

Average citizens have no means to vote against war.

Just let that thought sink in.


The US (not America) is a democracy??? Is this the joke of the day??? Paul Street a few days back had an excellent analysis on this.


The underlying truth is that as structured the Government of the newly born United States of America was merely a consolidation of power under the Tyranny of Money.

The Government they replaced had three competing centers of power, that being the Crown and the Nobility, The Power of the Church and then the power of the wealthy and the moneyed interests. These three groups would battle against one another in the old Empire.

The New Empire that grew out of that changed the paradigm. The power of the Church was removed. The power of the Nobility and the Crown was removed and all that remained was MONEY. Since that revolution it has always been a plutocracy.


Ar you suggesting that it’s better to have Birth and Superstition to have seats at the table?


I never said One was better. I said one type of Tyranny replaced another and that all that talks now is MONEY.

That said one of your Founding Fathers complaints was the Church Tax which was used by the Church ti provide food and shelter for the poor. Your Founders belived this lead to laziness and the proper way to treat the poor was with work houses and indentured servitude.


WHAT “Democracy”, when nearly ALL candidates are pre-selected by the DNC / RNC Duopoly, and the MSM treats elections as Horse ('s Asses) Races??


What do you get when you vote in a plutocracy?



Great article.
Let’s add the following: once the criminals are in power, as they have been since the country’s inception, they steadily created and empowered various tools to protect their hegemony and domination. America is not alone here.
Although the list is long, a couple are worth briefly noting. Confidentiality agreements (or nondisclosure agreements NDAs) and having to apply/be denied access to information, are two key foundational supports for undemocratic power. Being unable to find out accurate information, and, being unable to hold those accountable (bureaucrats included), due to intentionally created secrecy, are key targets that must be identified and corrected.

The corrupted rhetoric of national security and “the American way of life” must be swept aside for democracy to be born. The culture of corruption for money, with lip service to human virtue must be replaced by a culture of democracy and authentic human values that guarantee a living wage for all, health care for all, and jobs for all. Politicians who lie will immediately be removed from office; the legal system will be renovated to serve a modern authentic democracy, and corporations will return to their true and appropriate role in society - servants of the the people.
We have a long way to go. Remember, the progressive vote is a system change vote, because history documents that system change is the ONLY way we will resolve the problems created by a corrupted, coercive political/economic system.
Don’t buy the lies of our fraudulent ‘centrism’ awash in blood and deception.


When Hitler was quoted as: " make the lie big; keep saying it; and the masses will eventually believe it."

That is a perfect quote that America is a “DEMOCRACY.”