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On the Bootlicking Cowardice of Republicans

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/08/bootlicking-cowardice-republicans

Trump blocking Sundland from testifying today must be the final straw.

Impeach Him Now!


Republicans=Opportunistic Cowards… Suking trumpdick hoping to cash in later keeps them from burning the Trump train.


Robinson sez:
“… Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) … said that when Trump stood on the White House lawn and called on the despotic Chinese government, with its kangaroo-court justice system, to investigate a former U.S vice president and his family, he was [just kidding around to get a rise out of the media.”

Surprised Rubio found time for a statement between performances of his one-man puppet show: President Guaidó and the Salvation of Venezuela.


The GOP does NOT “fear Trump”. The GOP has been an organized crime syndicate disguised as a political party at least since the Newt’s contract on America a quarter century ago. Trump is just their current godfather and they consider him to be the best thing that ever happened to the GOP, despite their good cop / bad cop theatrics.

As Seth Meyers observed “Trump turned the GOP loose”. I have observed that Trump continues to make sure that the GOP’s license to steal (and worse) has no expiration date.


Paul Krugman wrote in NYT today that it is not Trump but the republican party-“republicans were sounding ever more authoritarian and violating more and more democratic norms”…….Trump is the" culmination of where his party has been going for decades".

Don’t let these Republicans get away with the lies-----How could ANYONE believe that Trump is fighting corruption-----just happens to be the guy he might face in re-election??? TRUMP HAS AND IS INVITING FORIEGN POWERS TO CORRUPT OUR REPUBLIC. TRUMP IS A TRAITOR! THOSE SUPPORTING TRUMP ARE TRAITORS TO THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION AND THE CONSTITUTION.


“The bootlicking cowardice of today’s Republican Party knows no bounds.”

What about democrats that wield sanctions against innocent Venezuelans and Iranians and destroy democracies like Honduras?

Oligarchs pick whatever path brings them the most money and they mock democracy with opposing political teams marketed by Hollywood.

Democratic and Republican party cowardice is expressed via fear of losing contracts to milk humanity and nature. The remedies they both choose are thus irrational.


Boot licking is foremost on the list of job descriptions republicans have for their employees.

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I see the Repubs stop bootlicking when Trump jeopardizes Israeli protection in Syria and the sweet gravy train called endless war, occupation, and regime change.

It’s 2016 all over again. Trump is grabbing the anti-war high ground as Repubs and Dems unite to whine. And again, the only ones to suffer for being warmongers will be the supposedly peace-loving Dems.

lol man, robinson’s clueless. they don’t fear trump. they fear his voters. imagine that: a party afraid of the wrath of its voters. that must seem the strangest thing to a party hack like eugene.

a shame Democrat voters don’t inspire the same fear int heir own wretched leaders. maybe we’d have a country worth living in.

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Yo! Repuglickins … grow a pair.

I got banned on Facebook for saying similar things, but there’s no other way to describe them and the rich white trailer trash occupying in the White House.

Thanks for that. However awful the Trump period is, it’s still part and parcel of the past 60-70 years of imperialist crimes and outrages, and a lot of those had little to do with just Republicans. The logic of the cold war throughout was on the level of a permanent war crime.