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On the Brink of a Constitutional Crisis


On the Brink of a Constitutional Crisis

WASHINGTON - All but unnoticed by the public and press, balanced budget activists and an assortment of big money interests are close to triggering a political and governmental crisis in the form of a new constitutional convention, Common Cause argues in a report released today.



The standard GOP policy is to send trolls to every liberal, progressive website forum, and register false, misleading and incendiary comments.

In point of fact, a constitutional convention is the perfect vehicle for a right-wing, Koch-brothers-inspired coup de etat of the American political system.

In order to protect our system of government, the so-called Founding Fathers and authors of our constitution made the process of amendment very difficult.

And over 200 years later, they are completely vindicated when gathering momentum in GOP-dominated state legislatures for a convention to alter our constitution brings right-wingnuts out of the woodwork.

Like sharks sensing blood in the water, these wingers are on a mission-- to seize vast political power they have been unable to win through elections.

Again, do their tactics reflect a belief in democratic politics, in "one man-- one vote"-- or do they represent an opportunistic, end-run for power?

If change is desired, let it occur by electing a congress that makes that reform possible.