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On the Current Status of Trump's Coup Attempt—and Its Future

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/20/current-status-trumps-coup-attempt-and-its-future


Great article. This is just messy; with a side of tacky, childish, and stupid. Democracy is being stolen by a bunch of spoiled man babies who didn’t get their. This needs to stop, now.


Absolutely splendid, comprehensive but terse brief from Marjorie Kohn. Very helpful overview, in very difficult times. Bottom line: All these electoral follies are serious as a heart-attack.


We The People need to plan, NOW, to stop this attempted coup. Make Trump et al so afraid of us they’ll piss themselves just thinking of what we could do. That’s what’s done in other countries with simulated democracies. People go to the streets, banging pans with spoons, surrounding the perps, making sure the world sees it all through social media.
If the US goes down, you can be damned sure that Putin is behind it. Notice how he’s the only strongman who hasn’t called Biden to congratulate him. He knows the fix is in. Then watch the 21st Century version of the domino theory come into play. Putin will invade the Baltic states and Ukraine, China will try to take over Taiwan and parts of India, while the other democracies in Europe are helpless to stop the mayhem.
On the plus side, it will probably take away the US dollar as petro dollars, replacing it with…yuans? Or even rubles.


From the Lawrence Lessig link in the article to petition mounted on the Equal Citizens website:
protect the will of the people

How far will Trump go? Will he end up being arrested for trespassing the afternoon of Jan 20?

Before Reagan these sort of antics, as well as Trump’s sexual aggressions, would never have been tolerated. Nixon’s domestic -I am not including Vietnam-crimes pale compared to Trump’s and look what happened to him. We now have the normalization of the outrageous. Or as Hannah Arendt stated, referring to Eichmann, “the banality of evil”.


My bet is that he overdoses the night of 19 January 2021.

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Fatally or just enough for an alibi for the 20th? If only for an alibi, why wouldn’t he just lie about doing it? Lying is what psychopaths do best.

I am betting fatally. He is truly afraid of what awaits him, starting with the shame of Biden’s inauguration.

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You may not have to wait that long, some Progressives claim that Trump will escape to Mar Lago over Christmas and never return. True or not, it is certainly a possibility.

May be of interest if not heard of:
‘America’s Only Successful Coup d’Etat’

Could the above be the high point of America’s ‘Greatness’ that the ‘MAGA know-nothings’ and reactionaries would be longing to return to - (if they knew about it)?

Lawyers representing the President of the United States stood in Republican Headquarters----The majority party of the United States-------and these leaders declared that the election was stolen by hundreds of thousands of votes—and this occured by foreign state powers.

And the media in this country wink, nod and laugh------even this article holds up Karl Rove-----MSNBC is cheering Tucker Carlson--------right now at this moment Fox “news” is pushing all this BULLSHIT???

TRUMP THINKS HE CAN DO THIS BECAUSE REPUBLICANS GOT AWAY WITH STEALING THE ELECTION OF 2000-----and then what happened 9/11 changing our world forever.

THIS IS DISTRACTION-----so nothing gets done------If the CORPORATE elite wanted this over it would be over------they are watching the reaction of the country and wondering if the can do a repeat of 2000.



Ok, I’m a little confused. The Dems and others attempted a Coup against Trump since day one of his Presidency; and now Trump is staging a Coup?

Who’s on first? What’s on second?

And people still participate and believe in this farcical charade? That’s the real sad part.

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The Dem’s attempted a Coup??? WTF? The orange yam has committed many more impeachable offenses than the ones he was tried for and is still doing them to this very day! 250,000 + dead Americans that he could have prevented is definately sad…


There’s a cute – also richly historical – article by Matthew Stevenson about USA’s tradition of vote-stealing, which contains a crisp catalog of classic quotations:

Is our children learning?
– GW Bush

Vote early and vote often
– Mayor Daley

Dear Jack: Don’t buy a single vote more than necessary. I’ll be damned if I’m going to pay for a landslide.
– JFK’s father


The very fact that this dangerous debacle is happening proves to me that the US is not the World’s foremost democracy, but in fact is not even close! What a nightmare! After 250 years you would think the US could finally manage to run a fair and non controversial election, wouldn’t you? Not going to happen, not this time and maybe never unless they drain the swamp.

You’re delusional…Stop watching MSM and get some real news.