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On the First Day of Pride, Trans Woman Dies in ICE Custody

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/02/first-day-pride-trans-woman-dies-ice-custody

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Does anybody care?

Why are good faith seekers of assylum held in custody? Why can’t they be let in temporarily while their hearing is held?

Why can’t we open the borders like we had them from 1890 to 1920?


Well, there is the myth about the immigration history of this country. It has never been easy. There has always been quarantine and custody.

Because we’ve become an immoral, racist country, and the complicit news media hides the horror of our actions.


America’s Role in El Salvador’s Deterioration


Yes. I should say to everyone. We had no quotas for Europeans from 1890 to 1920 I beleive, just others. I’d like us to get rid of the quoats and the extended wating periods and have as open borders as we can as far as welcoming immigrants.

But those seeking assylum are different. We have an obligation to treat them well whatever we think of others who want to come in the nation. These are folk claiming they are victims of their countries who had to flee for safety. They deserve to be treated with respect and dignity while their claim is processed, not locked up.

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Well that is true, we didn’t have “official quotas” but we had a lot of group violence. The Irish use to have public hangings of another immigrant group. I think we have to recognize the strengths and weakness. It doesn’t surprise me that immigration has not changed as much as it could. It is definitely overwhelmed.

The de facto murder of Johana Medina by lack of medical care by the goons of ICE is an atrocity and crime by any standard! Her treatment by US police forces shows an increasing pattern!

" IT’S NOT UNCOMMON for residents of America’s most heavily policed neighborhoods to describe their local cops as “an occupying force.” Judging by where many U.S. police forces get their training, the description seems apt.
Thousands of American law enforcement officers frequently travel for training to one of the few countries where policing and militarism are even more deeply intertwined than they are here: Israel." !

More and more it seems that American police forces emulate the Israeli model of maltreatment of Palestinians - Israelis do, and have, after-all trained and infected our police with even more racism and contempt for the rights of individuals, the “us vs them” mindset of Israeli racism - a premeditated subversion by Israel providing “cover” for Israeli crimes against Palestinian civilians - men, women, and children - crimes against humanity and diversion from Israel being the prime mover of such atrocities against civilians!.

“Feeding into US imperialist policy, Israel has been an important partner and supporter of the militarization of the border and border agencies in a number of ways:”


The pattern of this “co-operation” is clear and amount to yet another subversion of America by Israeli extremism and racist abuse of Americans just as Israeli forces brutalize, incarcerate, and murder Palestinians!

ENOUGH! BDS! and end ALL such US contacts with the racist Zionist entity!


"… overcrowding is making it hard for people to breathe. " This sounds exactly like conditions I have read about in the past about prisons in third world dictatorships, particularly with political prisoners. I believe that El Duce(Trump) has stated he wants to make things bad for these people to discourage them from coming.

Oh, but we did have quotas. Just not for Europeans. But for Asians we sure did. I don’t know if we did for Latinos or Arabs, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

Your right, what was I thinking. There was a lot of immigration during the Civil War too.

I don’t mean to disrespect this persons death by any means, but this happens more than you think, across populations or more accurately, institutuionalized care and this is organized by HHS or Law enforcement. Not just immigration.

Remember the Chinese exclusion act of 1882.

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These are 3 seriously good questions. They should be asked at the candidate’s debates.

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This is criminal and someone in the trump Administration should pay dearly.

"At least 25 people have died in ICE custody over the past two years, including six children. Conditions in holding facilities, as Common Dreams reported Friday, are so bad that overcrowding is making it hard for people to breathe."
*And people wonder why I refer to this government as the Fourth Reich? Read German history of the 1930’s and '40’s. Only the language is different. The actions are the same, and the treatment of humans is becoming as bad, if not already so.
*After WW-II, we imported boxes and boxes of “paperclips” to teach us how to do it, and we learned their lessons well. Our SA, SS, and Gestapo are increasing in cruelty every day and, ever more humane actions by We the People are becoming illegal, with long prison sentences and heavy fine$. A man is facing a twenty year sentence for the “crime” of providing water and a little food to people dying of thirst and heat in the desert. ICE tracks people who are taking water and food to leave for people to find who are suffering and dying in the desert. They find the caches, cut holes in the water bottles and spoil or take the food and blankets.
*That sort of behavior is what my generation fought and died for, to defeat it and remove it from the world. And now, Nazis-R-US!
*Sadly, it is time for the World to wake up, and do it again.


the christian klan at work in law enforcement…