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On-the-Ground Reports Destroy Trump's Sunny Portrayal of Puerto Rico Recovery


On-the-Ground Reports Destroy Trump's Sunny Portrayal of Puerto Rico Recovery

Julia Conley, staff writer

Relief volunteers say they are witnessing the "harsh reality of a woefully inadequate government response"


It seems what is in shortest supply in the Puerto Rico portion of the USA is GUILLOTINES! If ANYBODY, from that Orange Puke in Washington down to local hack politicians gets in the way of meeting these desperate peoples’ needs for the basics, feed that person to a hungry guillotine, and feed the fish any remains. If there is a conspiracy, say a whole political party, involved in this attempt at genocide, MULTIPLE GUILLOTINES running day and night until Liberty And Justice For ALL is restored. I am DAMN TIRED of domestic enemies of the American Dream tearing down what WE, THE PEOPLE, have worked for generations to create. Some of those enemies are in very high places, but NONE are above the law. A society full of nuclear weapons, but lacking common empathy, is a disease which must be eradicated.


The racist POS in the WH enjoys gold faucets and hideously garish no-taste “splendor”…a vapid, shallow mindset that matches his utter lack of taste…he has ZERO empathy, compassion or understanding of anything outside his tiny malignant mind!

It is astonishing how many ordinary people trump would betray at the drop of a hat, still buy his pathological world-view, contempt for truth and all other people - who lies or fabricates “truth” on damn near everything he says and de-regulates!

A POS by any other name would still be a vile stench that must be excised!


Trump is childish enough to think that everyone will believe it if he says it. The facts tell otherwise. To help him mature in his thinking he must be sent back to Puerto Rico and forced to stay for one month in one of the severely damaged houses with his food and water rationed in the manner it is rationed to everyone else. In the meantime, the grownups in Puerto Rico must fend for themselves and I’m sure they are doing everything they possibly can to recover.


This is shameful, disgraceful, and cruel almost beyond belief! The U.S. no longer has the right to criticize any other country in the world concerning treatment of its citizens.




Echoing my thoughts in the immediate post-Katrina period I ponder just where in the hell is the military. They have the supplies, the logistical training, etc. to effect meaningful response. A well-known adage in the military is “it is easier to beg forgiveness than to ask permission.” Some officer(s) need to step up and just respond “damn the paperwork, full speed ahead”. Is there command guidance to not respond? Have all original thoughts been drilled out of their heads? (That would be congruent with Gen. Smedley Butler’s famous observations.) A fish rots from the head, and our country is smelling pretty fishy right now. It wasn’t amusing to watch W’s response in 2005 and 45’s response is no less tragic. What a fucking embarrassment to have it as president.


Thank you to all the people who are in Puerto on the ground actually helping. Trump has no heart at all. Also, this is my first post. It really helps me to read everyone’s comments and feelings here that are what I feel, too. The video that the veterans posted is heart breaking. One person holding the little girl. I’m a diabetic on an insulin pump. I worry about people not having insulin. This would be a death sentence. You’re a travesty your majesty, and a huge deadly joke.