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'On the Level of Guantanamo': Oklahoma Jail Guards Accused of Torturing Inmates With 'Baby Shark' Song

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/06/level-guantanamo-oklahoma-jail-guards-accused-torturing-inmates-baby-shark-song

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Noise torture was even taught at Camp Rowe at Bragg as part of SERE and other courses of that nature. It’s legit torture. Baby Shark, delightful as it is when it’s only once a year, definitely ups the ante.

Most people that will see this story will find it funny, because they know the song and its notorious annoyance level. But they;ll forget that they can turn it off. Stops being funny when you don’t have access to the power switch.


Sadism has plagued humanity since time immemorial. It finds all sorts of corners in which to hide. General population won’t be kind to these guards. We should be such a better society and everyday I am grateful for the love I received to minimize my inner monster instincts.

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There’s an old saying about a goose and a gander.

It’s hard to give this story a heart, but definitely we need to know about these abuses. Thanks for letting us know.

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State terrorism against detained migrants has mounted to an impressive list of genocidal tortures, including deliberate exposure to COVID-19, unwilling showers in toxic disinfectants several times a day, and even forced sterilization. We have not yet harvested their body parts for souvenirs, to my knowledge.

USA has also leveraged the pandemic for genocide south of the border by knowingly deporting infected people down there, over and over, as policy. There have been rich rewards for Orangeman’s pet microbe, promoting the flesh of all Americans (North, South, and Carribbean) to the most sumptuous virus-banquet, Earth’s hemispheric hotspot – successfully depopulating as we speak.

These atrocities are far beyond the crimes of any USA president since Orangeman’s idol Andrew Jackson (who actually did use cured Indian flesh for the reins of his horse). Orangeman even outdoes Truman, as a great presidential mass-murderer.


This is TORTURE – and though there has been much worse TORTURE
by the US this shouldn’t be taken lightly because it’s a strong sign that
those like Trump are encouraging this -

and it’s basic pandering by Trump to the weak-minded -

And isn’t Alabama one of those Bible-thumping states where everyone proclaims
they are “Christians”?

Does anyone recall former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman – ?

  • Ex-Alabama Governor Siegelman Sentenced to 78 Months in Prison Bringing an official end to one of the most notable political careers in Alabama history, a federal judge resentenced former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman to six and a half years in prison on bribery and conspiracy charges. by Tribune News Service | August 6, 2012

and …

  1. [Former Gov. Don Siegelman: How to fix the court system that …]

Jun 24, 2020 · Former Alabama Gov . Don Siegelman , Alabama House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels and Huntsville City Council President Devyn Keith appear on a panel in Huntsville June 23, 2020

  1. [After Serving Prison Time, This Former Alabama Governor Makes …]

Jul 16, 2020 · Former Alabama Gov . Don Siegelman watches a screening of the documentary “Atticus v. The Architect” about his prosecution and imprisonment during the Netroots Nation conference in Atlanta …

  1. [Don Siegelman’s book released - Alabama Political Reporter]

Jun 17, 2020 · Published. 4 months ago. on. June 17, 2020. By. Brandon Moseley. Former Alabama Democratic Governor Don Siegelman ’s new book, “ Stealing our Democracy ,” is now in stores. Siegelman’s memoir alleges that his prosecution on corruption charges was based on prosecutorial misconduct by the George W. Bush ® Department of Justice.

  • Author: Brandon Moseley

Haven’t read all of this yet – but this is a man who the DP never tried to help – neither did Obama
though obvious case of framing – will look for his book – but he’s an amazing man and is now
speaking out about his years in prison for doing nothing – and having been in solitary, etc.

But it also gives you an idea of the cruelty which exists in our own states –
and the reality that there are people who get something from carrying out this cruelty, but can’t
imagine what it is. Many people you notice will regularly put down others – guess it makes them
feel better about themselves. But they rarely realize what they are doing.

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and they wonder why they are called pigs (in an insult to real pigs everywhere)


Sounds like those OK guards want to enhance their resumes so they can land a federal job.

Good to know that all those top level Dubya regime sadists were prosecuted…oh wait, no, that’s right the Dimcritters decided to “just look forward” instead…and then act surprised that Trump ascended the throne in 2017.


It would be much more constructive in the process of rehabilitating inmates so they might reenter society were they to be treated more like the human beings they are. Let us not do unto others what we prefer was not done unto us. Unity of humanity through love and brotherhood. Not division by condemnation of race, financial status, religion or sexual orientation is sorely needed in America now, lest we all perish.

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I can tell you about indifference-
Yes., prisoners are invisible…disappeared.,
My spouse is wrongfully incarcerated
I cannot get any help for him to get proper medical care
There is absolutely no accountability
I am sorry
Everyone who works in this system., including public defenders are complicit…
politicians., so-called prisoner advocacy groups., journalists
Politicians., of course
When are the families and other so- called human rights groups going to stop this
And demand
That prisoners be given basic human rights?
The only thing exceptional about America is its hypocrisy
Does Cable news “remember the life”
Of a prisoner who died
Alone…shackled…no family on the phone., even—
From COVD?
They can’t even get that…
Does anyone care about prisoner’s families-
That are being punished &
Yes., tortured in their own way
Seeing the daily suffering of their incarcerated loved one?
No., no one cares
You get a “that’s too bad”
-“no, I can’t help you…move along please”
We are being punished…guilt by association??
Think about it-
It is not right…the whole system-
& that goes for poor of ANY color-the lack of justice & mistreatment

By the way for those who think
“I have nothing to worry about- I will never be in the system”
Think again

Oh., & clergy: stop handing out Bibles & rosary beads and do something effective.
Like Christ would do!

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I agree. But it isn’t just the clergy. We all need an awakening to the plight of the less fortunate including the imprisoned. A little over two thousand years ago a man walked the Earth among us. He was amazing to those who knew him in that he could give sight to people who were blind or crippled from birth. He could cure those who had leprosy and bring back into their right minds those who were crazed by evil spirits. He also taught people about another world they might enter. A Kingdom they might live in free of pain and sorrow if they would abide by His sayings during their earthly lives. Among other things He said this: “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’ “Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’ “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

Let us then, remember and try to put into practice these teachings, for the good of all of us.

Think the last REFORM of our prisons – when “reform” actually meant doing
something positive and improving things – took place during the New Deal/FDR -
and think that Alger Hiss actually did it for FDR.

Meanwhile, it seems that we do release about 450,000 prisoners every year –
prisoners who tell us that they are being tortured.

Obviously jail guards need to be found suitable for their jobs. Some people have a volatile temperament or a mean streak while others are naturally humane. We’ve all met both of such personalities. To serve as a guard is it not better to be the sort who has a bit of understanding and the ability to control the beast that lurks within us all?

If we are releasing 450 000 prisoners a year have we provided some job training for them? That many people could easily form a car building company. How nice it would be to revive the Delorean. The former inmates would be proud of themselves and looking down from above, so would John Delorean.

Hi Garry –

First, the figure of releasing 450,000 prisoners a year is a really dated
number –

Haven’t had time to read the three reports below – but for perusal for anyone interested –

Let me be clear, this is a hugely important subject which I have only casual
knowledge of –

But you’ll see below that we seem to be at about 650,000 released every year –
200,000 more than the figure I gave you – likely from Clinton years.

Prisoners have been reporting that they are being TORTURED in our prisons.

Note the info that “high level of returnees” is considered to be a reflection on the
tremendous growth in our prison population over past 30 years –
(Not even sure of the date on that report – )
With two-thirds of prisoners released returning within three years, it’s a self-profiting
system for the now privatized prison industry –

USDOJ: FBCI: Prisoners and Prisoner Re-Entry
More than 650,000 ex-offenders are released from prison every year, and studies show that approximately two-thirds will likely be rearrested within three years of release. The high volume of returnees is a reflection on the tremendous growth in the U.S. prison population during the past 30 years.

I think most of us have also known that the prison population is also being increased
by jailing the sick and the poor. But I’m astonished at the figures – !!!

I can definitely say that there is no assistance for prisoners being released in regard to
helping them get jobs – or pretty much in any other way.

The US prisons were reformed in the FDR years – I haven’t researched that either –
but I do recall that Alger Hiss worked on it for FDR so when Hiss landed in jail, there
were libraries, more or less human civility – cleanliness – and some of the brutality
controlled. Think this was a time of chain gangs in the South and elsewhere.

There will always be prison guards who are corruptible – sometimes even for the
benefit of prisoners where compassion is shown. Too often to do harm to prisoners
with violence, beatings, threats, RAPES of both men and women –

It’s also said that PRISON LABOR is now a big item – that the white trucks you see
with no ID on them are carrying prison-made products –

These prisoners are people who aren’t going to get mentioned in our election debates.

IMO, the problem with hiring prison guard is that they are usually prisons in remote areas
where there is little or any economy existing at any rate – and little education or job
training in these areas – so from the outset the pool of available labor isn’t going to be
what we would hope it to be –

So much wrong with this – every state should have responsibility for the criminals they
create – Family influence on prisoners can be a very positive asset yet often they are
far removed. They have made it as difficult as possible for families to visit –

And I’d mention here that the press is still very reluctant to discuss male violence in
our societies – the men other men fear – and that males are our serial killers.
It was always obvious that females were much less criminally inclined – but during
one of the right wing administrations – Reagan? – they decided that they needed to
try to work against the idea that women are less violent and less devoted to crime -
and they had the Drug War which worked for them to ensnare women into prisons.
When men go to prison they don’t leave children behind without care – but when
women go to prison they do.

The FDR reforms were based in rehabilitation – but that has all been overturned –
especially in the South where they were very anxious to restore "punishments."
But there were objections to libraries because prisoners were educating themselves as
to their cases and legal strategies – and essentially now it seems that reading matter is
pornography. In other words the prisons systems we have now pretty much train people
in how to return to prison upon your release – and keep these private prison systems
profitable –

Where does this issue get placed on the US agenda when we consider what Trump has
been doing to our nation? We are on our way to GOP’s “Third Work America” where the
national life will be like being in a prison –

New report, Arrest, Release, Repeat, reveals how many people …(~https://www.prisonpolicy.org/blog/2019/08/26/arrests-report/)
Aug 26, 2019 · New report, Arrest, Release, Repeat, reveals how many people go to jail each year and how many times they go Our analysis reveals that at least 4.9 million people cycle through county jails each year - and most have serious medical and economic needs. August 26, 2019

Who’s helping the 1.9 million women released from prisons and …(~https://www.prisonpolicy.org/blog/2019/07/19/reentry/)
Jul 19, 2019 · A handful of programs have sprung up in communities around the country to meet the needs of women returning home: some founded by formerly incarcerated women themselves, some running on shoestring budgets for years, and all underscoring the need for greater capacity to meet the demand of
(two other reports below)

I always try to see our problems through the lens Jesus provides. He said the Prince of this world is the Devil. This obviously remains true to this day although it is over two thousand years later as most people remain self centered. I have concluded after over seventy years of life here on Earth that we are probably in Hell. A God that loves us would not send us to a worse place at the end of our hard lives.
But Jesus also provides the keys to escaping at life’s end into a better world, yea a perfect world.
His instructions are in those mere 250 or so pages in the New Testament; the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. We learn there of the importance of having mercy, of caring for our poor, of loving our enemies. And we learn of God’s love for those willing to take that leap of Faith, willing to follow those instructions. Not only will we find ourselves living in a better world here but we may get a very pleasant surprise at life’s end as our Angel escorts us to the kingdom Jesus has prepared for us. I should add that we all do have an Angel, a good Spirit ever ready to help us and to graduate from here through a simple occasional prayer.