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On the Malicious and Scientifically Illiterate Bullies Afraid of Greta Thunberg

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/02/malicious-and-scientifically-illiterate-bullies-afraid-greta-thunberg

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Thunberg] is the personification of the democratic impulse, not the antithesis of it.

She exemplifies the reason that no one over the age of 45 should hold elected office. Only people who will live long enough to see the effects of their decisions should be making those decisions.

I’m a 60 yo white guy and am sick of the damage my cohorts have done to the world’s people and the earth.


Andrew Bolt your disassociation from Reality is showing: You need a serious bolt of lightening and one is coming…September 20, be out in the streets everywhere.

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“Ms Thunberg believes that we should act, not argue,” Caldwell wrote in his missive, oozing with condescension about her lack of life experience, “crude language”, “unrealistic” world view, and “out of balance” priorities.

What too many of these assholes from a so-called Judeo-Christian culture miss repeatedly is that the Christ figure was only 12 when he spoke and awed the elders in the Temple.


Greta Thunberg is an extraordinary young person. She has my total admiration and respect. Yes, indeed, “Here’s looking at you, Kid!”

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When you can’t argue using facts, you must demonize the person. The same tactic the republicans have been using for decades.

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“bully” and “pulpit” have always been the two swinging edges of the linguistic sword of Damocles used to snidely bludgeon the majority of good people, by those deluded enough to believe political + economic power = hammering steel into a finely honed blade. Not! These are crude and catastrophically blunt - but if the operators have deluded themselves into thinking they are “stable geniuses”, it is our responsibility to make sure they $#!t in the stable and show them precisely what ‘genius’ actually means.

Only sheer numbers arising en mass can prove otherwise.

Dang, its rough to bark so hard in the morning.

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I half like that these rancid ( great word ) bullies are attacking the world’s new Joan of Arc because it exposes who they are to all of us. They got such a pass from that gelding Obama that everyday good hearted people thought these grotesque pundits were honest commentators. Greta, who has backbone and integrity, unlike Oblama, and may well take down the fetid NYT which also has neither.

Ms.Greta is a child being manipulated by bad adults. Climate Change is a fraud, BUT Environmental Damage is real .Sewage and pesticides and poisons are killing the planet and threaten all life on earth.CO2 is the molecule of life . IF you have any integrity then you must be open to evidence which can prove you beliefs flawed, but if you are fanatics then you won’t .read How Two Glasses of Water Disprove Global Warming Fraud : Pollution, Sewage and Emerging Diseases . https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-two-glasses-water-disprove-global-warming-fraud-ed-greenhalgh/ You must read the references to Dead Zones and raw sewage. Noam Chomsky has said my theories may be of phenomenal importance to mankind’s survival. Carbon taxes etc will do NOTHING to change these problems nor save lives.The more time and money you waste on propaganda/ not science can only mean terrible harm .The science is clearly laid out. It will not make you fell like a SJW but it IS the danger facing humanity . Either we deal with this or mankind will die. From terrible diseases for which there is no immunity.And there are terrible flaws in vaccine theory, so there will be no vaccines to save you. Greta is a little girl being manipulated by bad adults like pedophiles. This is very bad .

The notion that it is just ‘right-wing’ yahoos criticizing Thunberg is totally erroneous. There is a massive…I repeat…massive anti-Greta campaign being waged by, not just rank and file anti-imperialists, but by some well-known icons, i.e. authors, of the so-called ‘left’. At this point I will refrain from naming these fossil-fuel conspiring fools to protect the guilty from the embarrassment they so richly deserve. Greta is being pilloried from stem to stern by these ‘skeptics’ (because, at bottom that is what is animating them; I know because I have called them out and witnessed first hand how the majority have absorbed the fossil-fuel think tank propaganda memes of ‘doubt and uncertainty’ hook, line and sinker). The critiques range from , ‘she is being controlled from above’ all the way to ‘she is not addressing militarism and the war industry’ (as if these critiques could not - but are not - be level
ed at, say, Sir David Attenborough or a host of top climate scientists). And the attacks are relentless, not just one offs. I repeat: A vast corpus of anti-Greta hate mongering is coming from the so-called ‘liberal / left / anti-imperialist’ crowd (of which I am otherwise a proud member)…It is …pathetic.