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On the Most Moral Army In the World Washing Itself Clean of Dead Children, Again


On the Most Moral Army In the World Washing Itself Clean of Dead Children, Again

No one should be surprised the IDF, "the pride of the people," has declared itself innocent of wrongdoing - finding "the professional discretion exercised (by) commanders...not unreasonable" - in the July killing on a Gaza beach of four boys aged 9-11, "four skinny children of fishermen, wearing shorts." For those disingenuous media who are, listen up: Israel kills, with impunity, including children, and will continue to do so until the world, the International Criminal Court and we insist they stop.


“The Military Advocate General found that the professional discretion
exercised by all the commanders involved in the incident had not been
unreasonable under the circumstances.”

Was the Military Advocate GeneraL talking about putting down the rebellious Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto, by any chance?


I defy all the readers of this–and anyone else, for that matter–to find another active army in the circumference of the globe that would even trouble itself over dead children AT ALL! We, or any other English-speaking army, might but it ain’t necessarily the case. Not even the French or Dutch, let alone any Arab army or other armed banditti who will slaughter EVERYTHING in their path when they can and wail and whimper for mercy when they can’t!
Go on! Tell me how much more ‘moral’ they are and I’ll try not to wet myself as I howl with laughter!


The " People of the Book " indeed. The …Do unto others …mantra is something the Zionists will never practice. 60 years of this murderous behavior and nothing is done because America with its propaganda machines, NYT, Wash Post have carefully edited the truth about the apartheid state of Israel. War and killing and false flags here and abroad is what the Mossad and the deep state in America have embraced. Militarism is a disease and Israel and America have a terminal condition.


The state of Israel is the largest advanced outpost in the world for the U.S. military which just happens to be located in the MENA. How many billions, or is it now into the trillions, have U.S. taxpayers poured into this oversized Arab death camp? Whatever the amount it is way too much for a country whitewashing it’s crimes and aligned with the likes of S. Arabia or is backchannel funding the butchers of ISIL. Israel dances to the tune of the U.S. and wouldn’t have such a cavalier attitude towards, and disreputable relationship with, the U.N. and around the globe without the tacit orchestration by our deceitful gov’t. They both deserve each other and the rest of us deserve much better and relief from this quagmire. An ancient hand washing ritual seems ironic, but so necessary, as " they will know us by the least of our brethren. " To paraphrase Sen. Sanders, " I’m not too crazy about Netanyahu and his policies. " What sane person would be?


Neither am I. But what are the REAL alternatives, as opposed to all the nonsense safe windbags like us ‘discuss’?


Militarism IS a disease. Defending oneself and one’s people against enemies who wish to finish exterminating all of you and sowing your land with salt is not. At least I wouldn’t call it that. Btw, neither of you comfortable galoots answered any question I asked. How come?


Hiding in a mass of civilians, cowardly. Shooting into a mass of civilians, unforgivable. Show me a single time where IDF fired into a mass of Israeli citizens to get a single terrorist. I feel to vomit that my tax dollars fund this horrific racism, genocide.


Ishmailav. BULLSHIP. If Israel were half as accepting as they ask the world to be, none of this genocide would have started, would not have continued, and no Israeli could have been inducted into a army who’s only purpose is to protect raciest people, along racial profiles, resulting in racial genocide.

And please, do not suggest that because Israel found racism someplace else it is OK for them to be as a defense. If you climb into the gutter occupied by your adversary or not, it is impossible to claim the moral high ground.