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'On the Offensive' Over Pesticides, France Kicks Roundup Off the Shelves



Vive la France

Liberté, égalité, fraternité


This seems more like a "feel good" move than anything that will protect human or environmental health since only consumer sales are impacted and by far most Roundup is used agriculturally. And what about the off-brands of glyphosate-based herbicides? Does the law only apply to Roundup? I detest Monsanto and try to garden organically, but glyphosate-based herbicides are an incredible asset when it comes to the battle against japanese knotweed. I've worked at eradicating knotweed from a city lot for five years. And will probably be fighting it for another five. Every tool in the box is required in that war. Now, granted, Monsanto pushes (markets) Roundup as an herbicide to use liberally. Every plant is a nail for this hammer. And, no doubt most people use it that way. Perhaps educating people would be better than knee-jerk, feel good restrictions. In a way, I would liken Roundup to that "Great Stuff" foam filler. That stuff really should only be sold in a kit with gloves and a video instructing in the proper application. Getting it on your skin is hell.


Monsatan needs have a stake driven through its black heart. Along with capitalism and its apologists.


I guess this action would never create discussion or public interest in what is really going on with this poison. No education in this action.


Some years ago, my three year old was in the backyard by himself. When I went to check on him, he was standing by my neighbor, a doctor, who was spraying Roundup on some weeds three or four feet away opposite my son on the other side of our cyclone fence. I ran out and took my son away. The doctor uttered, "its harmless".

Yesterday I went to buy something at Home Depot. The lady in front of me at the counter was buying a gallon size jug of Roundup. I told her it was found to cause cancer. She looked at me like I was crazy and bought it anyway.


Doctors just PRACTICE medicene, right ?


A quick search under "Monsanto and Cannabis" reveals very disturbing news about the company's research efforts into controlling all Cannabis seed...and enforcing it by law.


Yes, Monsanto has murdered thousands, and is a major environmental destroyer, with its poisons!
They should be prosecuted for all to see; and jailed, fined, and shut down!