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On The Perfect Sodomite Land Grab


On The Perfect Sodomite Land Grab

Oh sweet justice. So it is that Harlem's ATLAH Church, run by the hateful homophobic Rev. James "Jesus Would Stone Homos" Manning - who argues Starbucks puts sodomite semen in its latte and Obama is a Taliban-trained son of Satan who's unleashed sodomite demons on the world - is facing foreclosure for unpaid taxes. Hoping to buy it is the nearby Ali Forney Center, serving homeless LGBT youth. Because karma's a bitch.


Check out Mark 14:51. Who was that naked boy alone with jesus in the garden while the disciples kept watch and just what were they doing so scantily clad on a night where Peter was described as having to warm himself before a fire just a short time later? Who indeed?


forgive him for he knows not what he does, as the saying sorta goes. truly, people such as this must surely have some sort of profound disability, suffering from a serious mental/emotional imbalance.


Manning hates whites. Trump hates blacks. They both hate homosexuals of any race much more and Manning is endorsing Trump.


Please, get a life. Do not tell others how to live theirs. Different people believe different things; "faith is believing what you know ain't true". How people behave and who they love is only a problem if there is force and violence, which does not seem to worry the myriads of "Christian" and others trying to force their alleged values on others.


who--or what--invented "God," or the concept of god?


Why would I wait around for a god to be "loyal" that does not exist? Your post makes no sense. You overflow with bizarre assumptions. Amazing how an all powerful, all-knowing being can come up with such a flawed design. His "standards" are pretty vague. One can find some such blather in one part of the bible only to find its total contradiction in another place. Not very "perfect." (One spot says only good works are the ticket to heaven, another says only complete belief, another says good works and belief.)And why would "supernatural power" end with the death of the last apostle? Actually, Yeshua bar Yusef said his apocalypse would take place before the last apostle "passed away" which didn't happen. So... what...is this "supernatural power" limit another christian made-up story? And what would explain all the supposed miracles that have been alleged to occur since the apostles died? Was there a "supernatural" leak somewhere?
I don't know how rosemerry feels but I am quite happy for you to believe all the made up mumbo jumbo you want to and to pass it on to your kids. It only serves to give those of us who know better an edge up on you and yours.
Perhaps you could elucidate a little on the meaning of Mark 14:51? You go on about self-righteous "gays" and such but never address my question. What WAS the naked boy doing there? Must have been questionable as the other gospels ignore him completely. Why is that?