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On the Polyester Cockwomble


On the Polyester Cockwomble

With our political landscape in deranged tatters, the air waves full of bile from the dreaded Orange One, and him heading today to our own sweet little town, we're feeling overwhelmed. A quick run-down on why: Donald's nukes, lies, fraud, flameouts, "ideas," vicious crowds and - 'cause you gotta laugh or cry - what the world thinks of him. Samples: Leather-faced shit-tobogganist, incompressible zizztrumpet, tiny-fingered Cheeto-faced ferret-wearing shitgibbon. Feel better yet?


Since its 1985 debut, the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) pushed the Democratic Party so far to the right that the GOP was forced to keep moving rightward to stay ahead of the Democrats, creating the perfect storm to spawn candidate Trump.

This is also the first election in a half century where the GOP candidate is to the left of the Democrat on some issues.

Voting Stein in November is the only option for reversing the ever accelerating rightward advancement of the Democrats and GOP.


Q- Want to hear a racist joke? A- Donald Trump. I can never get enough ‘downfall’ parodies, one of these days, I’ll actually watch the movie; heard it’s good. With Trump there will be laughter with the crying. I’m afraid that with Clinton, it will be just crying. For another view: “Stop trump fundamentalists can bite me”


Take your meds, stay off the weed for awhile, and take a nap. Things will get better, really they will. By the way, all your bile is just galvanizing the support the Orange one is getting becasue mass media, all mass media, is as hated as Hillary.


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