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On the Quality of Mercy


On the Quality of Mercy

Kathy Kelly

Look around and realize how the young people's question should persist: "Who are the criminals?"


With the “average” American virtually disconnected from the world via distraction, economic hardship, etc., intrinsic human compassion is lost. The founders wanted no foreign entanglements for a reason. The isolationism desired by the masses prior to WWI (and WWII) reflected their knowledge of the horrors of war through the experiential memory of the “civil” war. Tending one’s own garden is often the most merciful thing one may do, as it keeps one from coveting the bounty of one’s neighbor. The MIC of which Eisenhower spoke has indeed corrupted this country (let’s remember the founders abhorred standing armies). Emerson was one of our most pure Americans–not a revolutionary like the founders, but the fruit of their effort. The subjugation of another race–America’s original sin–and the “exceptional” attitude that accompanied has yet to expunged. The neocons and neolibs make their hay by keeping this alive and are not through planting seeds. Mercy and contemporary (and past) America are at odds. To (then) sixteen-year old Layla in Iraq I say, “you may not be able to feel, but the ‘average’ American is not able to see.” What time is the game on?


Unfortunately The "game " is on 24-7


" What time is the game on."

Sooooo true!


Those in power who authorize the worst these atrocities are evil. Cowardice and conformity is no excuse. Children in Palestine and Syria can ask the same question, “who are the criminals?”.

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good people to remain silent”.


Good post, WiseOwl.


And that fear has been taught and magnified methodically, relentlessly, to the point where it has been accepted, normalized and internalized for over a generation now. Most don’t even question it or think about it much at all. It has, and is, inevitably even metastasizing into our internal relations.

Let us remember one of the best things ever spoken by a President: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” —FDR. It is an appropriate quote for all seasons!