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On the Road With Our American Selves


On the Road With Our American Selves

Mattea Kramer

The fluorescent circus of Election 2016 -- that spectacle of yellow comb-overs, and orange skin, and predatory pussy-grabbing, and last-minute FBI interventions, and blinking memes hewn by an underground army of self-important Internet trolls -- has finally come to its unnatural end. I had looked forward to this moment, only to find us all instantly embroiled in a new crisis. A


Thank you Mattea. An America that values all human life. Many Americans will never be able to venture into foreign lands, but Americans can venture into their own communities and build communal communities of sharing, and caring with events such as communal potlucks in the town halls, and parks, or even free movie night at the ole town hall. This thanksgiving will be a good time to begin to understand the values of all human life, and to share, and care for each other here in America, and around the world.


It is amazing to think that the REAL frontier really does start with the heart informing mind. It makes all the difference in the world. Even the language presumably shared represents a depth and breadth of ideas and legacies of stunning proportion to learn from - if we really listen.