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On the "Something" of Slavery: It Was 150 Years Ago and It Was Right Now

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/06/19/something-slavery-it-was-150-years-ago-and-it-was-right-now

“In fact, we know that black Americans built it for free”
I do wish Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee would reconsider this quote. I’m sure she knows the severe price African American slaves paid to build this country, it certainly wasn’t “free”. I feel like she just didn’t think carefully enough, in choosing her words.


How about we set the Native Americans FREE FIRST. The worse place for life expectancy in the America’s is the Pine Ridge Reservation. Yep, blacks got is bad and still do, no doubt. But does anyone stop to consider what about the Native’s?, HUH. Watch the video’s of Russell Means, learn what it is to be a Native in amurika. Land of the free, home of the brave, my ass.


Currently America’s death squads are murdering more black people than apartheid South Africa did in its worst years. Clearly the ptbs have other ideas on how to make America “whole”.
If you think there is some other explanation aside from them acting on orders which could explain how this happens in every single state without any of the murderers even loosing their job, i would love to hear it.


I want a lot of changes that will positively affect Native Americans, African Americans, and poor people who don’t fit in these categories. Some issues are going to be specific to one of the groups such as the very obvious bias of too many police officers or entire departments against a black person. But I cannot support the idea of reparations or affimative action for that matter. It would certainly not prevent me from voting for a progressive candidate I otherwise agree with, but I know other people for which the concept is a deal breaker. I think Sanders is taking the best possible stance on this which is to push back on any benefits one gets by producing documents to verify a given heritage but strongly push for everything else that will help everbody but especially those more disadvantaged.

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Marianne Williamson, president candidate and author, made the case for reparations decades ago in her “Healing the Soul of America.” This is one reason she has my support for president.

There exists NO PROOF today that Thomas Jefferson raped or had consensual sex with a 13 year old black girl named Sally Hemings. NONE. There are DNA test results taken from a direct male line of Thomas Jefferson’s paternal uncle, who had two sons. I believe Jefferson had a brother who had FIVE TEENAGE and EARLY 20s SONS who were in the vicinity of Sally Hemings when she became pregnant.
There DOES EXIST EVIDENCE that Sally Hemings had sex with someone other than a Jefferson, if you believe the Woodson family oral history, when/if she became pregnant with Thomas Woodson, whose direct male line descendants had NO JEFFERSON DNA in their blood.

In fact a group of expert highly credentialed historians and academics investigated this and their results outlined in the Scholar’s Commission on the Jefferson Hemings Matter are available here. They unanimously determined that NO PROOF exists Jefferson had children by Sally Hemings with ONE scholar asserting her descendant, Eston Hemings, MIGHT have been sired by Jefferson.

H Ditton:
And the irony is---- that without the Indigenous People in the land, the pilgrims would have died off and never survived to have that first Thanksgiving. Squanto was said to have died from disease—which the Pilgrims brought with them. : (.

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My Irish ancestor, Hugh O’Barr came here in 1770 and served in the Continental Army at the Battle of Guilford Courthouse in 1781. He herded cattle in the food supply chain. He and his family built this country too, and they sweated blood and tears. His family received a land grant from Andrew Jackson to build Vermillion County, Indiana.
Why is it only “blacks built this country”? Seems kind of BS to put it that way.
BTW, the land was seized by the Roosevelt Administration during World War 2 to build a munitions manufacturing plant and depot, leaving my family more or less broken.

And the natives sent syphilis back to Europe so it was a fair trade.
(The claims that syphilis existed in Europe a few years before Columbus arrived in the New World have been debunked. Turns out the evidence for the ‘pro-Columbus et al had Syphillis Already’ claims were not peer reviewed science but a made-for-TV documentary.)

Hi EdBenti: are you sure as you know----- Europe had all those plagues! : )

Actually that is not true in the case of syphillis. There was a researcher who claimed to have proof that European dead showed evidence of syphillis prior to Columbus’ visit to the New World, they even made a documentary out of his work. Problem was his research was not peer reviewed. It became a case of trial and conviction by television. I read the peer reviewed research contradicting those claims. The carbon dating used was wildly off and re-evaluation placed the European syphillitic case well after Columbus’ return from the New World.
There seems to be an effort to blaim all the ills of the world on white, Gentile people of European ancestry. I’m sorry to disturb that peculiar mysanthropy, but New World people had serious disease, little technology and human sacrificewell into the Renaissance.

Hi 1EdBenti ,
Being a white gentile with genes from somewhere in Europe, I just figure that negative human nature— the good, the bad------ and the ugly probably infects all races and times
I don’t know what disease Squanto died from, but it could have been the measles for all we know, as I didn’t speak of syphillis , so it could have been anything. When some in the US military wanted to kill the indigenous people, the military supposedly gave contaminated blankets , so I’m not sure what that disease was, but it killed a lot of indigenous people.
I think a lot of things are like the Pandemic of 1918—it showed up first in a U.S. military base and then decimated people quickly—and then it seemed to disappear—maybe it’s out here somewhere still waiting for the right combination of weather heat and humidity. it’s truly amazing how easy it is to get the measles, and amazing too, that so few can put so many in danger.
As for the Old World people who came to America, they were pretty freaky too with their weighing of guilt or innocence by either floating ( guilt ) or sinking ( innocence) which is really perverse. Of course the Spanish had some real cruelty with the Iron Maidens and torture devices like that, I think that just about any people, under the right circumstances, can be evil. : (

People are capable of breathtaking inhumanity. Agreed. Just FYI, the Spanish Flu of 1918 has already been reconstructed by a medical research team ostensibly for the purpose of creating vaccines. They found usable DNA from the virus from tissue samples of an exhumed WW1 American Doughboy’s lungs. Humans alive today are still susceptible to the Spanish Flu.

Hi 1EdBenrti:
OH yes, and I just read a book about that! My local library has book sales where it sells books that haven’t moved much. It is shocking how many great hardbacks I have from this library for a dollar of 2 for a hardback!

Maybe we read the same book! This one is by a lady named Gina Kolata and the title is–
“FLU. The story of the Great Influenza Pandemic of 1918 and the search for the virus
that cause it.” A long title but I did read about the doughboys in Kansas who first died from it-----the ending of this book is that years after they were able to go to an Alaskan town way out there -----and because the bodies were frozen for so long, even years later, science was able to get parts of the virus----------and then that virus disappeared-- from earth —spooky. Will all this world bombing bring it back, because the first people it attacked died quickly, later ones–not so much.
i always wondered if all the bombing of Europe and Asia in WW I, I always wondered if that ancient awfulness buried in ancient time----if all that war bombing loosed the horror of an ancient time-----and I wonder where it might be lurking now. It is astounding to learn, that as mighty as humans can be-------------the virus seems to be the real king of history’s mountain! And the book ends with this frustrating thought —that science has captured this mass murderer—but they still don’t know its murder weapon. ( but then the book’s copyright was 1999 ------ so “stay tuned,” as Raplh Nader would say and maybe they have by now----or wow, we don’t need a repeat if that! : )

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Actually blacks contributed very little in building America. The Irish, Scottish and Chinese built the large portion of the infrastructure in America.
The blacks and White DemonKKKrats who owned slaves had them picking cotton or attending to house chores.


WHAT??? Black slaves had a lot to do with building America—Cotton became king and who was doing the work…for free??? Yes the slaves. Commerce of the big farms and plantations built a booming agrarian economy, but then every part of America seemed to specialize due to the natural resources. Like this wooden ships and the fishermen of the East Coast. In later history the Irish, Scottish and Chinese built the railroads----but the invention of the cotton gin made the South very rich too.
Remember all the Polish people and Eastern Europeans who built the steel mills of the East and the food processing factories of Chicago. IMMIGRANTS built America-----in different times and places too.
Ironically now America seems to have outsourced so much, and many companies also take in immigrants from India and nations in the e commerce areas and computer designs --------so America’s gene pool of workers has changed over time and sometimes due to race or location or both-----but a while lot of nationalities built America ----they didn’t profit as much as the corporations . : )