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On the Unravelling Of A Tiny, Tiny Little Fraction Of A Sorry Human Being


On the Unravelling Of A Tiny, Tiny Little Fraction Of A Sorry Human Being

Modest Silver Lining Dept: If we had to endure the deranged "episode" that was our rambling sad sack of a president melting down in his Fox debacle - best headline: "Old Man Yells At Country" - let's enjoy the fruits of his stunning incompetence. Two hours after Trump repeatedly incriminated himself, federal prosecutors were quoting him in court to dismiss Michael Cohen's claims to attorney-client privilege, thus rendering himself the most useful of idiots.


This is rump’s equivalent of talking to the portraits of presidents in the White House at night. He’s just too stupid to realize that this was seen on national tv. Or maybe he’s setting himself up for an excuse to exit the presidency? A bone spur in the brain!


Thank Gaia there’s somebody watching this crap and reporting back to us so I don’t have to.


Being force fed Stupidity SHOULD ween us of the Lie that this is Normal

I mean eventually…Right?


A brief taste of the exponential function - or the porky pig version of groundhog day till the $#!t hits the fan - sort of an analogy to the organized chrime consequences rolling downhill. Note that the example below takes only 1 minute and 39 seconds to complete. Think…


I liked the part where he talked about Obama’s bad decision-making on Iran and then talked up Obama’s endorsement of Ronny Jackson just 3 minutes later! WTF?

Man, Stormy Daniels’ case got a big-ass boost after that interview. Trump didn’t sign an agreement that he just admitted HIS OWN LAWYER ARRANGED!


You know he’s a goner when even fox-so-not-the-news reporters have nothing to say in support of the babbling [orangu]brat! Call it a day Mr. Prictator, there’s no way you can stop the train that’s barreling toward you!


I feel the same way. Thank you for putting it in writing. -:slight_smile:


How can America leave this man in charge a day longer? He’s completely insane.

There is something wrong with a country and a Congress that lets this imbecile sit in the White House for a single day longer. What the f**k is wrong with you people?


Well short of an armed revolution there isn’t much the people can do until 2020 and I think we all know what is wrong with Congress and we have been unwilling to fix it for years.


From this moment onward, ANY Congressperson who has seen and heard this latest Trump insane rant, and fails to bring Articles of Impeachment against him NOW, becomes a co-conspirator in Trump’s endeavor to demolish the Constitution of the USA.