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'On the Verge of Global Vaccine Apartheid': Rich Countries Hoard Supplies as Poorest Left Out

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/15/verge-global-vaccine-apartheid-rich-countries-hoard-supplies-poorest-left-out

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This is the second story about this subject here on CD, someone explain it to me, why would countries like the US and Canada buy many more doses of the vaccine than are needed for their citizens? Are we just trying to cause pain around the world for no reason? And if so, do our leaders not get the point that people travel, because remember, this is not a vaccine in the usual sense, it doesn’t stop you from contracting the virus, just limits the severity of the symptoms. We still don’t know about long term health problems from this virus.


If you’re surprised, you’ve not read Sapiens by Dr. Yuval Noah Harari. Hoarding is as old as Homo Sapiens Sapiens, though not in every human culture. But it sure is endemic in our hyper-individualist hyper-capitalist global monoculture.
I heard a great quote this morning that truly sums it all up. No, it’s not Greed is Good. It’s “a banker will never stand behind a bus driver in a queue for something essential.” It was referring to the new concern the ultra rich in Canada will jump ahead in the queue for the Covid vax simply because they’re rich. Even ahead of health care workers.
And you can bet your last "dollar’(an imaginary concept represented by a piece of paper with a picture of an old dead white guy) that Trump and his family, the Wall Street grifters, and the billionaires will get their vax before even health care workers, not to mention the rest of us excess population.


I don’t think this has an easy solution; if the US government said - "We are only going to vaccinate our high risk people, and let the lower risk groups wait until all high-risk groups in other countries are vaccinated. " What group(s) would make up the ‘low risk group’? I have to assume children and young adults would among the non-vaccinated… If your child, or other non-vaccinated family members died during the interim because no vaccine was available, what would your response be?

There is no mention of accessing the Russian or Chinese vaccines. Why not. They could be better especially if they not the RNA type.

The upcoming J&J vaccine is the more standard type.

Is the Russian one not as well. Was it not as a result of ongoing research from previous infections?

As I said yesterday, we are going to continue staying home, distancing, wearing gloves and masks when appropriate, and waiting till the end of next year or so.
I’ll change my mind if the trump, in house, holy grail cure is offered to everyone.

I have not heard

Hope this opens up.
[Phase III trial reveals 91.4% efficacy for Russia’s Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine, with jab ‘100% effective’ against severe cases]ttps://subscribe.rt.com/go/KUlH38)