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On Thin Ice: March Warming in Alaska Led to Eight Deaths, Disrupted Fishing

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/01/thin-ice-march-warming-alaska-led-eight-deaths-disrupted-fishing


Excellent article! Thank you Common Dreams. We need to financially support this website.


Will all of the Red States be under water because of On Thin Ice? I hope so. These are the people who have suffered most under their Boy, and will vote for him again.


They are already poor as dirt, and twice as dumb.
And they will vote for any republican, trump included. They resigned themselves generations ago to always being poor and stupid. Oh sure, they love their Medicaid, Medicare, social security, housing assistance, etc. But when alone in the voting booth they always cast theirs for republicans. Why? Because at the end of the day, while they are still poor and stupid, at least they’re white. They have convinced themselves that being poor and white is still better than being black.
Racism is as American as apple pie. Unfortunately. And it drives the decision making of way too many Americans.


They will vote republican until the water is up to their lower lips. And even then, they’ll stand on their tiptoes to buy a few more moments in their racist little construct.

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Just found this book (just out) - from a 1970 CBC (Canada) Massey Lecture.

What a gem - giving a 1970 view of the world from Big Bang onward, in the most delightful and insightful manner I have ever seen ! Slim, easy to read - profound.

This Massey Lecture was prior to the 1972 “Limits to Growth” manifesto by the systems group at MIT, and as the author of the book, Nobel Laureate George Wald, gave a lecture at MIT in 1969, I wonder if his lecture was not influential on those Club of Rome systems engineers ?

Highest recommendation - totally relevant here in The Anthropocene:

“Therefore Choose Life”


The Arctic is melting down.

The entire Arctic Ocean should be pure white. The Arctic Ocean should have a 14 foot thick layer of ice on top of it, reflecting the spring sun back into space. Instead the ocean all the way over the North Pole is turning somewhat blue as all the ice melts now. See blowup image 2 of 6 at https://nsidc.org/arcticseaicenews/

This means that the blue water Arctic Ocean is absorbing the heat of the summer sun during the prime solar heating months of June and July.

The consequence of an Arctic meltdown is the release of 1.7 Teratons of greenhouse gases, which should then naturally boost greenhouse gas levels from the current 415 ppm to about 1200 ppm. I read that. It was a bit of work calculating that out for myself with an Excel spreadsheet, but the number sounds ok to me.

1200 ppm isn’t good enough, not by a long shot. So, we need somebody to go first with the research and development of ecologically benign meltdown-inhibiting devices. I have a couple of designs if nobody else does.

In our society, the second mouse gets the cheese. Imagine that you’re on an island and a volcano is about to blow, eventually raining rocks down on your heads. 20% fatalities are likely. There’s a cave, but there may be a poisonous snake inside the cave and the odds of getting bitten are maybe 50% for the first person only. So, who goes first?

That’s the problem for the first local or state government to do the critical research that saves lives and creates many jobs. Nobody wants to go first, and so disaster is assured. If you ask me, I’ll suggest that a coalition of governments should set up a lower risk system of “somebody has to go first.”


Nah, they will immigrate to dryer climates and immediately begin to whine about being treated as 2nd class citizens. The irony of which will of course never register.

One of the critical problems to the oligarchy is people who think. That is why Betsy and company are working so hard to dumb down education via charter schools. It’s all about cranking out more stupid people to vote for crooks like trump. And when they’re riding their trailer door in the tornado, they’ll still believe climate change is a hoax.


Right voting for their worst enemy, how dumb is that. Corporations have no compassion, no nationality or patriotism, they’re focussed on next quarter stock prices that’s all.

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Obedient (law abiding) good little boys and girls who question not their abusers.


Wood’s Hole senior scientist Jennifer Francis has an excellent article on climate change in the June 2019 Scientific American (see link below).

She reports on p.52 that 75% of Arctic sea ice volume has been lost in the past 40 years, and goes on to explain how science is making inroads into understanding just how much of the extreme weather in recent years can be attributed to global warming.

Really an exceptional article:

“Rough Weather Ahead” (Jennifer Francis)


We are burning folks, but do not have the good sense to try to put the fire out. So, let’s just watch the ice melt and see how long we last without the ice cap. If it gets too hot just turn that air conditioner lower.

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That’s the (not) so funny part. You can now go to Texas, or Arizona or Florida and set your AC on 78 and have it feel very comfortable when you come inside to escape the 95plus temps and the oppressive dew points.
Of course, how do we suppose the poor and elderly people who don’t have AC feel aleady?


“Disrupted Fishing” is the least of it. Over population is part of the Human caused Climate Crisis

Around the year 2000, Earth’s spin axis took an abrupt turn toward the east and is now drifting almost twice as fast as before, at a rate of almost 7 inches (17 centimeters) a year. “It’s no longer moving toward Hudson Bay, but instead toward the British Isles,” said Adhikari. “That’s a massive swing.” Adhikari and Ivins set out to explain this unexpected change.

According to one report, if the eastward shift continues the equator will run through Chicago at some point and the ‘grain belt’ becomes a desert

Just had “Aqualung” cracked up on the old turntable yesterday (never bought the 8-track:)
I’m not sure Ian Anderson had global warming in mind when he wrote that line, but it sure sounds pretty prescient today, doesn’t it?

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We are long overdue due for the magnetic poles to shift (they have a few times before).
And most people don’t realize, it’s our moon that keeps the earths axis from wobbling all over the place. And as the moons orbit drifts further away from us our “tilt” keeps increasing. Most people never knew that the moon holding the earths axis in place all these eons has made life on this planet possible, as it helps stabilize our weather patterns.
Don’t fret however, as we will have caused the destruction of life on this planet long before the moon pulls away.

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Hey, thanks for talking me off the ledge, I was about to kill myself. I didn’t want to be around to see Chicago as a desert in 10,000 years. This one has nothing to do with the Moon or magnetic pole shift

The article is about Humans directly causing the balance of the Planet to change and therefore the rotational axis of the planet to change. Which is moving the equator. It was a surprise to Science. Rather than continuing it’s march to the west (as it’s historically done and predicted for the future ) it’s shifting back to the east, twice as fast as it moved before, and accelerating.

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Yes, thank you!