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'On this Day and Every Day Forward': Hundreds March to Remember Murdered and Missing Women



Perhaps CODE PINK or someone like Eve Ensler could expand a march of this nature so that it would also cover:

  1. All the Latina women murdered along Mexico's border "factory towns"
  2. All the Latina women murdered throughout Honduras and Central America
  3. All the women forced into sexual servitude in regions that span from the U.S. to the Ukraine with Turkey now a major "player"
  4. All of the women killed for Honor Crimes in the Arab world along with those forced into marriage before the age of 14, or bullied NOT to attend school
  5. All of the women in Congo and other African nations raped or intimidated by bands of armed soldiers, some of them child soldiers
  6. All of the women in India victimized by Dowry Murder along with baby girls murdered for being girls
  7. The Great Sin the Catholic Church has never come clean about: sponsoring the murder of so many women who dared to stand up to Patriarchy and its cruel creeds (that defiled all things pertaining to the Divine Feminine) centuries ago... in thousands of "witch" burnings.

And this is a PARTIAL list.

The attacks on women are global with only a few nations that have "flown over this cuckoo's nest." The remedy must also be global.

If women held co-equal status with men in ALL societies, the predominant role that war and violence play in too many nations and cultures would NOT be the case.

Of course, to closet misogynists arguing FOR the existing paradigm, they use the "evidence" of the handful of women allowed into MALE circles of power and based on the adaptation of these few... insist there is no difference.

Shallow minds indeed! They cannot conceptualize what a paradigm based on male dominance for centuries has meant in the way of CRIPPLING the whole and distorting all values as a result.

Rebuilding a different society means bringing ALL voices to the table starting with the Indigenous... for they know best how to take care of the land, the Great Mother Nature, and without Her there is no life... a fact the great military societies of the world are beginning to confront.


I am still of the opinion that a number of seats in Canada's House of Commons or in its Senate should be reserved for our First nations peoples. The number of said seats should be out of proportion (higher) than the Canada wide population of the same.. (Currently 10 of those elected are First nations. This not enough)

The marginalized need a voice and too often is not there because of their numbers.

I am also of the opinion that The House of Commons should in some manner be restructured so that at least half its sitting members are women. I am not sure yet how this can be done but it would be a clearer reflection of our demographics.

By no means would this be enough to address the issues of the balance of power in the patriarchy as the rest of society is still dominated by rich white men (the bankers the corporate execs and the like) but it a start towards breaking that system down. Here I think a GNI might help as a start wherein said income would help ensure women living in poverty do not feel the need to sell their bodies to earn an income. Far too many of the welfare programs set up today are structured to humiliate the person receiving the monies.

They should be receiving that money not because they are poor and see themselves as part of that marginalized and often ridiculed group , but because they are citizens of Canada just like every other citizen and part of ( what should be ) a caring and compassionate society. There should be no shame in that as might be felt when poor people sit across from a councilor who is to determine whether they entitled to welfare.


Thank you. You're one of a minority of posters (sadly, of both genders) who understands this issue and has the heart and soul to respond to it in a worthy, wise, and caring manner.