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On Toddler Torturers: There Are Some Lines That Simply Can't Be Crossed


On Toddler Torturers: There Are Some Lines That Simply Can't Be Crossed

Secretary of Cruelty Nielsen is out, also the Secret Service chief and others deemed not Nazi enough in a Miller-staged purge at a catastrophic, increasingly depraved Homeland Security obsessed with keeping out poor brown people. The civilized consensus: Nielsen should get locked in one of her frigid hieleras, or at least get locked out of think tanks and Fortune 500 firms, because people who put kids in cages and commit crimes against humanity "should be shunned and excluded from polite society."


now donnie gets his nazis in his admin. i have no words to describe my hatred for these foul scum. i was hoping to see donnie do the jerk at the end of a rope. oh well, maybe a stroke will do.


In reading up on LBJ…in history, there was a chant: “Hey , hey LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?”
And so, America, how many did we kill today? We could read past history about My Lai , or more current history of Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and reading about Dresden in WW 2 was truly "sucking oxygen out of the air. But then how—what—does a person say about Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
As soulless as the person Ms Nielsen is -----how many more terrorists in waiting are in line for the job, or have been hallowed for their brilliance in killing so many civilians------sadly, I think that America has an endless supply of government civilian murderers , as do so may other nations. : (