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On Top of Emails, Leaked DNC Voicemails Show Money Buying Access


On Top of Emails, Leaked DNC Voicemails Show Money Buying Access

Jon Queally, staff writer

Just before President Barack Obama delivered his speech to the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday night, new reporting on the so-called "DNC Leak" by WikiLeaks unearthed a large batch of voicemails contained in the files which give additional texture to a scandal that has loomed large at this week's event in Philadelphia.


More details on or examples of "money buying access" please.


As I have mentioned many times, the DNC needs the Clintons more than the Clintons need the DNC. The DNC is addicted to corporate money and even though the Obamas come close, nobody attracts corporate money better than the Clintons.

There are no 12 step programs and no known cures for corporate money addiction. Consigning the Democratic Party to the same dustbin of history where the Federalist and Whig Parties reside is the only solution.


Completely agree.


I'm shocked! Shocked I tell you. Who would have thought it? Money buying influence. Oh my goodness. What's next? Realizing we don't live in a free society. That the national press is an propaganda arm of big business . Why would anyone give money not expecting anything in return?


And again, this makes the DC moneygrubbers the best whores money can buy!

I think the dump trump should be asking Russia to drop a couple of bombs on Capitol Hill -- after summer recess -- so that the demreptoxicon party is immediately consigned to raydelcamino's "dustbin of history!"


"Bernie delegate: I am appalled by what Debbie has done. Not surprised but appalled. I think she, her actions and the actions of the D.N.C., I guess with complicity of the Hillary campaign, now is putting our party in jeopardy and giving Trump more ammunition.” He added, “Thank God for WikiLeaks, the truth comes out.”

Debbie Wasserman Schwartz

"I thank President Obama for the honor of serving as chair of the Democratic National Committee,” she said, adding, with a note of defiance, that Mrs. Clinton had asked her for her help."

Obama's heir and legacy?

from NYT July 25 Debbie Wasserman Schultz Is Met With Jeers at Pre-Convention Breakfast

By Jason Horowicz

Jill Stein 2016


Speaking of access:

“We live in a Democracy. Here we don't have HEIRS. The moment heirs are anointed, our democracy is compromised, like it has happened during these primaries. Our country doesn't need any more Bushes or Clintons. Period.

“We don't need ex-presidents come back to power as first lads with any kind of restoration schemes.

“We don't need ex presidents to collect favors from all the people they'd put in office during their old terms to push their wives to the throne.

“We don't need sitting presidents to anoint heirs to preserve their legacy and while doing rig the system against outsiders who hold different views.

(copied from a comment in NYT under an article about Obama’s speech at the DNC)

Jill Stein 2016


Sane Progressive | Facebook


Ah yes. Money and the wondrous Paper Carpet Ride in their world of Creative Destruction. A One Party Political System designed to beat us all into square holes of conformity as a banal mass of flesh to be unheard, unseen and relegated to toil away as good little cogs in Their Gawd Almighty Dollar Money Machine. This time we can actually say: Move On. Nothing New here to see or hear. If there is some sort of god may it bless the rest of us. Because the priests, priestesses and hand servants of The Gawd Almighty Dollar float in the luxury of their greed, lust and power.

Unfortunately the joke's on us as the most corrupt couple in American political history is poised for another bite at the Big Money No Whammy Machine Oval Office. In the end we were relegated to the status of poor misled schmucks who gave money to fuel Bernie Sanders campaign as marionettes in Their Outhouse Theatre. What we want in the end is a altruistic government and society that belongs to We, The Rabble. And what did we get in the end? A robotic suit of armor asking us to tilt at windmills with him. No political revolution. Just enough hot air to resurrect the Hindenberg!

We, The Rabble,
Our Political Revolution Continues,
Jill Stein 2016!

Never Hillary! Never Trump!


Agreed. As long as those "bombs" are Hillary's emails that further reveal more of her criminal acts in furtherance of her quest for power and self-aggrandizement and her total disregard and disrespect of The Rule Of Law and the welfare of our nation.


Ray, growing a new, or 'near' new party such as the Greens, doesn't in itself give it immunity from repeating the corruption that the Democratic Party is infected with. Only participation creates the vigilance to keep those small minorities of coup makers, small but ongoing generations of wealthy and thus powerful coup perpetrators and their well remunerated apparatchiks, from grabbing control.

The vast majority of the Democratic Party, the registered voters, who are real people and not self serving exploiters, have to reorganize from scratch under a different name. Fortunately, having a now established name and philosophy in the Green Party facilitates that reorganizing. What steams me is that the real people have to do the reorganizing exercise while the vile perpetrators get to keep the party, deteriorating to history's dustbin thought it is. One thing the Sanders movement has shown is to use our energies to fight the basters and beat then in the original party. And it's not an 'either', 'or' situation. Using both a 3rd party route (or as Nader has called it a true 2nd party route) as well as eradicating the cancer in the Democratic Party. Why should the coup makers have their way at all?!!

In any case it presupposes an unbiased and new examination of our societal realities. The removal of the false images, the false histories with their false realities that propaganda has imbued us with. The younger generations are a break from that long line of Cold War propaganda and not surprisingly are the core of the Sanders movement. They don't get their information from that bastion of propaganda, the msm. Normality now has a real chance. To the dismay of the exploiters.

It no doubt varies from person to person just how some things hit home. For myself, hearing Hillary Clinton stand in front of the Convention and actually say: "What an incredible honor that you have given me!" Phinochet standing in front of the Chilean people with their blood staining the ground and saying what an honor the people of Chile have bestowed on him. Oh yea, Judgement Day is going to be one helluva reality show.


More like "What an incredible job I did cheating my way into the nomination!"


Do you think these leaks are actually going to keep 'that' from cheating her way into power? I really want to see the peons rise up and do whatever is necessary to keep that Habitually Reprehensible Criminal from getting into the WH.


Well, one of the two is going to win. That's a given. The question is which side will you choose? The difference between the two couldn't be more different. I'm not a Hillary fan. I believe that to stand still is to abdicate any future say in how things turn out. We can't have Bernie so I'm taking my ball and going home. Yeah I know it's a shitty deal but it because we care. We cannot stop fighting and standling by our principles. Would you be an more effective advocate if Trump was president. Or the other? Me personally I will hold Hillary accountable. But along the way I will continue to vote in every election. Making sure I'm honoring Berni Sanders, Martin Luther King, JFK, and countless other. Not voting or throwing you vote away is like waving a white flag.


This comes as no surprise as complaints about this started at the very beginning when Sanders began to give HRC a run for her money (along with blatant favoritism to HRC). This is a reminder HRC in the Oval Office is going to be a family affair with Bill running some finance dept. (HRC has already made that statement). An article out todays by Chelsea states she will help "mommy" if she needs/requests it. It was a given a place would be found her the daughter. As for hedge fund hubby, they'll find a spot for him (he seems to have a real skill for losing millions as investments) as well as DWS, etc. HRC has not stated she will no longer be involved with the foundation, as if that would mean anything anyway. I can't wait to see what kind of military uniform HRC comes up. Some sort of Mao or North Korean look I'm sure.


Given her track record for ineptness, she can't help but f*** this up and pay the piper for all her (both) misdeeds,crimes, lies, etc. She is going to take down Bill and Chelsea with her when it really become clear what a monster she the DP has put into the White House.


The Little Black Book that Bill Clinton has been keeping is not a list of his paramours but instead is his and Hillary's well known Enemies List which they are allegedly known to use. An Enemies List that contains enough information to sink most of the powerful political animals upon the national stage and Others who crossed them or of whom they are fearful. Those whom could get in their way.

If in fact Guccifer, who mysteriously died in FBI custody on the day Director Comey laid out his Indictment Without Essential Consequences, said Hillary's unprotected and unauthorized email service was so easy to hack and his hack was at a time where he could have recovered a significant number of the emails Director Comey claimed were destroyed. Destroyed emails alone are sufficient evidence of intent and such actions taken by Hillary warrant several counts of obstruction of justice. Trump in his usual and deliberately inartful way was trying to call out Putin and others to publish all of the emails collected by his government hackers. Now Democrats are screaming Bloody Murder about Trump's remarks not because he is entirely wrong but because he is very much right about publishing those emails. My understanding from what I have read is that there is a high probability they may reveal the corruption of the Clinton Foundation and Hillary's criminal shenanigans in the use of the Secretary of State's position in The their alleged scheme of quid pro quo actions as SOS in exchange for donations to their Foundation. The public records of donations and SOS actions must be viewed as suspicious in nature.

Release of those emails be they by Wikileaks, Putin, the Chinese, Guccifer, Guccifer 2.0, et al or more than one entity who has custody of copies of such emails, if published in time, will end The Clintons reign of terror through the ballot box. I also suspect that it will cause a great number of the elected federal officials that now bow and scrape before them to jump the fences for much safer pastures. Only their die hard supporters would vote for them while the rest of Us kicks them to the curb.

The FBI will probably not take them down through their corruption probe until it is apparent The Clintons are on the run. It has already been demonstrated that there are two sets laws and the set that trumps all accountability for criminal acts of the rich and powerful is very much in play here. We have only one thing we can do to stop The Clintons and that is to not vote for her in November. And yes those sequestered emails will infuriate enough Americans when served as icing on the body of crimes she has already been given a free pass for. However, it will take all of us publicizing the emails and their content while slapping the Market$treamMedia across the face until it is the most talked about topic in America. Bernie The Valiant failed to deliver as the leader of Our Political Revolution but there are many others who can fill the role as the kinds of leaders we need. Revelation of those deliberately deleted emails in violation of Federal law should be the final straw. The servers became property of the Federal Government the moment she put the first classified document on it. If enough of The Electorate is angry the only stealing going on will be Bill and Hillary hot wiring a getaway car to take them to a private jet to fly away to somewhere without an extradition treaty.


Wow! Thank you -- I know about some of the things you mentioned in your comment, but certainly not the depth and breadth of what is really going on! The fact that Wikileaks is meting this info out in pieces is brilliant to my way of thinking, as we find out something new as soon as we have absorbed his previous link -- it gives us time to process all their crimes and then show us how much worse they really are while concomitantly keeping the anger fresh!


Agreed. Apparently The Clintons believe that State Actors were in their email server and are in possession of both classified materials and the supposedly unclassified yoga emails perhaps all 30,000, more or less. In my opinion that is why the allegations that Russian State Hackers are responsible for the DNC hack is political hooey. This is a pro forma meme of The Clintons known as a Lie Of Deflection. Throughout their career The Clintons have used these lies to attempt to divert our attention to someone else or some other event to take the heat off of them. I am about their age and watched them in dismay throughout their _ 2 Fer Co-Presidency_ as they destroyed our social safety net that so many were dependent upon to help them through the rough patches of life. I was on AFDC and Food Stamps at the time as a permanently and totally disabled single father raising my child. While the Clintons are big on talking up feminism many of their actions in fact were anti-woman with a side dish of harming children. I was a small business owner when my time in the military started catching up with me. I sat in our State Department of Human Services waiting rooms before, during and after the Welform Reform Act of 1996 was implemented. Contrary to the propaganda of then and even now Welfare Queens were not running roughshod and defrauding the government. Yes there were a few individuals who did. However the vast majority of recipients were there because they were in a temporary situation. What the 1996 Act did was to create a permanent underclass of women and children that continues to this day. I was raised by a strong feminist who believed in equality for all. I already believed in equality but My time in those waiting rooms solidified my belief that women were not equal and that inequality was the product of those at the top of the Free Market Capitalist Food Chain. My time in those rooms was not only a catalyst to incorporate Feminism as a pillar in my intellectual, political and emotional world view but it also illustrated the Racism inherent in our economic, social and political lives. Unfortunately Anti-Woman is also a key component of Racism. We need to spend our money wisely but singling out primarily women and their children who are a tiny part of the budget and not reining in the corporate actors who walk off with huge profits through through under performance of contracts and/or cost overruns is both reprehensible and unconscionable. The Clintons helped one of the Republicans' wet dreams come true. Most people believe that the folks who were on welfare were women of color. Women of color were disproportionately represented there - however the majority of the women and a few men were caucasian. Hillary still defends this program today. The Clintons, primarily through the repeal of Glass-Stegalhave been rewarded with an unearned fortune by Wall Street for what they have done and in anticipation of what they will do in service if The Clintons takes the Oval once again. I most certainly have nothing against money I just believe that it should be had the old fashioned way - by earning it. Of course this is prima facie evidence of the graft and corruption that exists at the highest echelon of government and corporate America as we become the true definition of a fascist state. The melding of the State and Corporations.

And more than anything that is what the Election Of 2016 should have been about. I think it was wonderful that Bernie denounced The Banksters and our Rigged Economy. However he should have drawn our attention to the fact that the United States will become a full blown fascist state in January 2016! Instead we probably have two of the worst candidates in American history jockeying to grab hold of the Presidential Money Machine. Clinton has no qualms about lying to us as illustrated by James Comey - we knew that all along. Trump is a know liar as well as illustrated through his campaign speeches. He is a quintessential flim flam man who has left a wake of financial destruction that has been paid for by the lesser mortals who had the misfortune to deal with him. I do not know which one will be worse for this country. I personally think that Hillbilly will be the worst given their public record. Most of the rhetoric about Trump from both Wings is nothing more than political gruel meant to stampede us into voting for Hillbilly. If Trump does become president the next four years will be very unpleasant and every other un thing one can imagine. With either of them We, The Rabble will never have a chance to participate in a rigged economy and prosper.

So it is Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum - that's the choice Corporate America wants us to choose from.

Never Hillary. Never Trump.

On the other hand:

Our Political Revolution Continues,
Jill Stein 2016.