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On Trump and Science: Preparing for the Unknown


On Trump and Science: Preparing for the Unknown

Gretchen Goldman

I’m a little anxious. And I imagine you are too. Among other things, I’m worried about how President-elect Trump will treat science. We don’t know yet, for example, what he might do at science-based federal agencies. Will he cut public science funding? Will his administration interfere with science-based rulemaking? There have been some concerning developments on these fronts.


Science is based on facts and evidence. When voters have facts and evidence it requires that they take responsibility for their decisions and actions. US voters have proven, for at least the past half century that they prefer soundbites and hyperbole over facts and evidence so they can be irresponsible and blame others for their problems, many of which they create themselves.


Ms. Goldman, Dr. Goldman,

I am glad you wrote this history, and an outline of how scientists can push back on what may be coming.
("Here comes another one, just like the other one.") with the Trump people. Glad you have energy, expertise, youth and optimism. It will be needed.


Yes. Thank you. Here we are after 14 billion years. Cosmic powered biology manifest as humans surfing big still banging at life speed.

We surf across an overturning vertical wall inside the wells of silence. Will we make it?

Forget corporatist wimps afflicted with insatiable want. Cut back around them quickly and accelerate into a beautiful fun future the one percent cannot even imagine.

Have no doubts. A new story will soon be lived. Make it fun.


"We still don’t know how president-elect Trump will treat science and whether it will be similar to what we saw in the Bush era."


Good god! of course we know! Regarding science, Trump Adm. will make Bush look like JFK!

Why... WHY do these liberals (like the compromised UCS) engage in this "normalization" of Trump!

disclosure: I work in a science-based division of a federal agency dealing with occupational safety.


It is too late.
Government agencies are already heavily politicized and science has taken second fiddle to politics for a long time now.
Look at NIST. It used to be respected. Now it is a sick joke.
Look at the EPA. They told the people of NYC that the carcinogens in the air were just fine -- not because it was but because it was politically expedient.
Even the CDC which should be above politics tailors its findings to the whims of their political funders.
And NPR. Now fondly known as National Pentagon Radio because they don't dare risk a tightening of the purse strings.
The only science that is taken seriously in the USA these days is the Creation Science at a Kentucky Museum.


Murkins have been pushed so far away from facts, evidence and science that they just elected a POTUS who rarely includes facts in his edicts and wears his serial hyperbole as a badge of honor.


The right's fatally flawed views against government regulation require that science be undermined to gain support. The right has tried to undermine the science behind DDT toxicity, climate change, the ozone hole, nicotine addiction from smoking, harmful ozone levels, etc. The idea of unregulated capitalism is fatally flawed since it would lead to many serious problems. Trump will probably take the undermining of science to a new level as he has done with gutter rhetoric, etc. The lies about science will be believed by many people who root for the "right-wing team." Trump is a pathological liar but he is their pathological liar. Defeating the liberals/progressives is their goal. If the Trump gang lies about science that just helps the cause. Of course in the real world which we actually have to live in the consequences of all this lying about science can lead to disaster either for particular individuals or the entire world.


Bush-Cheney advanced America's first domestic coup d'état. Obama (missing in this article) excused the conspirators and stubbornly "looked forward - not the past" and took America to a level of government lawlessness like never before. Speculating on Trump? Look forward to policies that will seamlessly continue Bush-Obama.


Exactly. Where are all of the scientists that back Drumpf's idea that it's a Chinese conspiracy? (Who are not paid shills)

I answered my own question, because the only "scientists" that are on the "science is not real" side of the debate:

--are then not practicing true science
--all were/are paid shills


Hey, we live in a country where Kanye wants to run for prez in 2020-another reality TV star. Perhaps Americans are so hooked on entertainmnent and "character" that they would advance creationism, debunk global warming and the effects of pollution not to mention overpopulation. Remember if it's on TV it must be true.


Thank YOU Gretchen-
You have the stuff that keeps the world turning- Thank you for your youthful wisdom and concern- You're "can do" attitude will prevail!!!!


Obama is mentioned in this article-
"When the next president came in, scientific integrity was high on the agenda. In his inaugural speech, President Obama vowed to “restore science to its rightful place” and took several steps in his first hundred days to do so. There are now scientific integrity policies at more than 23 federal agencies. While they vary in quality, the policies are designed to guard against the kind of abuse we saw under the Bush administration. Many federal scientists now have more rights written into their agencies’ policies—rights to share their scientific work with the media and public, rights to review documents based on their science before their public release, and rights to share their work in the scientific community. Many policies also explicitly prohibit political appointees and public affairs staff from manipulating agency science, and some agencies have instated scientific integrity officials to oversee the new policies."


Canada could go wrong.


When AI and automation take over, what will we need money for? Bye oligarchy