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On Trump's "Criminals"


On Trump's "Criminals"

The kids are still languishing, the lies are still flying. They're abetted by last week's tacky event wherein Trump giddily paraded out 11 "Angel Parents" of those killed by "criminal illegal aliens," mostly in car crashes, to exploit their grief, autograph their photographs of dead relatives - yes, really - and repeat entirely bogus statistics proving that immigrants = crime. Sarah "Still Hungry" Sanders said it again today. One more time: They're lying.


Immigrants = criminals?
wow, i had no idea. Well, then maybe criminals are immigrants?
Gosh, I thought Bush was born in America… how about Cheney…ok—yeah a criminal Kissinger, yeah he’s definitely a criminal and an immigrant. Scooter Libby—that name is criminal.
Thank you Trump people for alerting us------ immigrants are criminals and criminals conversely must be immigrants------where was Bolton born?-


Must reread “Catch-22.” Like “1984,” it’s more relevant to our current malaise than seems possible.


“He did so by autographing each of their large photographs of loved ones”

…and the unrelenting nightmare of my societies utter fall into darkness continues unabated…


For a more developed look at all this:



I think “kiddie prisons” says it all.
Where am I, on the moon or something??


The moon would be far more peaceful. There’d be the occasional meteor strike, but nothing like the constant 24/7/365 battering we get here in the U.S.


The Man/Boy is a fucking moron. Invoke The 25th Amendment…
The longer he stays, the harder to remove.