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On Truth, Shoes, and Upton Sinclair


On Truth, Shoes, and Upton Sinclair

Robert Shetterly


Upton Sinclair is one of the most powerful models of what one person dedicated to social/political/economic and environmental activism across the board can do. If thousands of us were to take Sinclair as our role model we
would fire the passions of the masses in ways no fox talking heads can do. Thank you, Rob, for bringing Sinclair back to life as another great American who told the truth.


My favorite Sinclair quote:
“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on him not understanding it”

from I, Candidate for Governor: and How I Got Licked

The entire book is available as a google ebook, for free, to read here:


You can also watch a 53 minute documentary on the campaign at:


Great essay, Mr. Shetterly. I hope you’ll follow Mr. Sinclair’s advice and turn your portraits and accompanying bibliographical material into a book. While Amazon is no friend to The Citizen in many ways, it has made self-publishing easy and like Sinclair, I speak as one who has directly experienced the controlling way that today’s corporate-literary world operates, i.e. as gatekeeper.

I’d love to have a complete copy of your compelling gallery of biographies of persons of note. You could always do a volume II if you feel that you’re still engrossed in adding to a truly remarkable collection. Your efforts keep these individuals’ efforts alive.

Thank you!


Would really like to buy a portrait, are there any discount coupons available?


“Sinclair’s point was that what passes for journalism is often little different than an exchange with a prostitute.”

US journalism is much worse.

If the current news, the news of yesteryear, or a piece of fiction, is capitalistic, mean, violent, degenerate, depressing, stupid, or a lie, you can be sure the MSM will beat us over the head with it unmercifully.

But if the current news, the news of yesteryear, or a piece of fiction, is socialistic, kind, non-violent, progressive, uplifting, intelligent, or the inconvenient truth, you can be sure it will fly beneath the radar of the MSM.

Much of Upton Sinclair’s work may be downloaded free, as ebooks or as plain text, from The Gutenberg Project