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On Ukraine, Will Obama Heeding Call for Caution?


On Ukraine, Will Obama Heeding Call for Caution?

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Despite mounting pressure from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, sources close to the president say that he appears to be—for the time being—standing by his decision to not send arms Ukraine.

President Obama is concerned that by arming the Ukrainians he would be "playing to Russia's strength," an argument recently made by Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken.


Only if the EU “allies” make it clear the US is on its own if it proceeds. That way if the US gets its wish for WW3, the war will be against the US mainland, not Europe.

Good luck beating BOTH Russia and China, while the EU stays neutral. Two WW’s is more than enough, let the US public bear the brunt of WW3 alone.

Update: It seems VP Biden and EU Lagarde are marching towards WW#. Idiots!
via Associated Press-
“A few hours ago, the US returned to its strategy of escalating Russian “costs” when it placed sanctions on eight Ukrainian separatists and a Russian bank…”

"R. Hunter Biden ( VP Biden’s SON, ed) will be in charge of the Burisma Holdings’ legal unit and will provide support for the Company among international organizations. On his new appointment: “Burisma’s track record of innovations and industry leadership in the field of natural gas means that it can be a strong driver of a strong economy in Ukraine. As a new member of the Board, I believe that my assistance in consulting the Company on matters of transparency, corporate governance and responsibility, international expansion and other priorities will contribute to the economy and benefit the people of Ukraine.”


But that’s ok because:


Oddly enough, that is not what the US said yesterday and today, when it used the breakdown in the ceasefire as the pretext to send tanks and armors to Latvia and Humvees and drones to Ukraine.


Putin has made it very clear, if the U.S. attacks the Ukraine to support the coup and illegitimate right wing government that were installed as puppet thugs of the Amerikan Empire, that he will not allow this to happen even of it means a third world war. I would hope Obama and his plantation masters would heed this warning. I do not believe Putin is bluffing or merely sabre rattling!


Putin, the former KGB agent, is no angel, but in terms of nutcases, Putin, is not even close to Obama! Fighting on the side of an illegal coup D’ 'etat? Please check your facts before making such sophomoric statements.


You really need to enlist and request to be sent as close to Russia as you can. But don’t take any electronic device with internet capabilities. I beg you.


Putin does not want to take on the Baltic economic basket cases created by the US/NATO/EU/IMF.

Putin accepted the post-coup elections as valid IN THE WESTERN UKRAINE AREAS, where Porkyshenko and the neo-nazis could stuff the ballot boxes. But the eastern oblasts voted firmly against Porky-chocolate and Nuland’s “our man Yats”. Putin probably hoped that by recognizing the Porky puppetry, the neo-nazis might be held in check.

NOPE, Porky and Yats took their pseudo-Maidan show on the road, and went full-stupid trying to get to the Russian border. That went well.

Putin also accepted the Crimean referendum, as verified by polls conducted by Gallop AND a Canadian gov’t-funded group. Which incidentally was in line with the results of the poll Putin had done BEFORE the Crimean referendum. FOUR POLLS, all agree the Crimeans wanted out of Ukraine and to join Russia.

Donetsk and Lugansk also voted to secede, but Putin was not prepared to be called responsible for a civil war. Crimea was only illegally transferred to Ukraine in 1954, the rest of Ukraine left Russia centuries before.

NOPE, Putin will not commit the Russian military outside Russia’s borders until US military transgresses Russian territory. NATO/EU combat military without US direct involvement is not happening, even in Ukraine. The EU might send cash and a few token “advisers”/hardware, but the EU politicos want nothing to do with US military escalations.

The EU’s Lagarde is sending the $17Billion as much to pay Ukraine’s gas bill to Putin as anything.

The US and maybe UK will face Russia and China essentially alone. If Obomber doesn’t declare open war on Russia before Oct 20, even Canada will not send troops. Court Jester to US Presidents Harper will be “Hudaked” by then.


Why don’t you move to Washington so when the Russian and Chinese nukes hit, we’ll be rid of your trollery.


Reading straight off the US neoCon script. Any reader can find ample information that Putin is a highly intelligent, rational and pragmatic strategist.

But as such, Putin is also not fooled by such lame actions as the US/NATO engages in. On Monday, he ratified Russia’s participation in the BRICS Bank. RuSwift is already functional within Russia, and China will be launching their cooperating “swift” replacement internationally by Sept at the latest (these alternative-to-US$ systems seem to be coming online ahead of schedule as the US gets more desperate and irrational). China already has reminbi exchanges set up in most major international banking hubs.

Parry is still only a half-a-loaf writer, not daring to cross the US-media “permissible dissent” line, for fear of getting persecuted in the US courts.

As for nukes in Crimea: GIVE THE WHOLE QUOTE. A lie of omission is still a lie! Try, "an official from Russia’s Foreign Ministry said the nation has the right to deploy nuclear arms in the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea, however he added “he knew of no plans to do so.” "

REPEAT “NO PLANS TO DO SO”. What a liar you are.


“Obama and his plantation masters” World empire is their goal. No BRIC. No socialism(Cuba, Venezuela) No opposition anywhere. Just bootjack fascist Capitalism everywhere.


You do have your facts straight. Excellent and sagacious answer!


Why gawrsh, I’m blushing… LOL! Thanks…


A bit of background here. Way back in the early 90’s when the Soviet Union had collapsed there was an agreement between Russia and the West, that if Russia let go of East Germany then Russia would not be surrounded by NATO. But, that is precisely what has happened. Just imagine how we would feel if the Russians set up camp in Mexico. Secondly, we are now backing a government in the Ukraine that overthrew a duly elected one, not very democratic I would think!

Battle On the Ice:  An Open Poem to the President

And we are met as on a darkling plane, where ignorant armies clash by night.
From “Dover Beach” by Matthew Arnold

Please, before we send anything
to Holy Kiev, or flaming Donetsk,
defensive killing machines,
or Adam and Eva’s boots on the ground,
before we smite the Russ,
before we try that again—
owning the world, I mean,
remember our battles on the ice,
of the Great War,
when Russ came out of the fog,
and buried our boys from Detroit.
Cossacks, Kulaks, murdering monarchs,
White and Red, hating us
over that grim fight in the snow.
Archangel looked down,
a half-remembered nightmare,
with tears that turned to steel and ice.

Long before that,
Alexander marched north, and wisely stopped.
Bonaparte east, to Moscow, to destruction,
Tatars and Teutons, had faced off,
ghosts, not just rattling sabers.
Allemagne had three tries, and millions died.
Hearts heavy for the dead, again, again,

Our mutual fire balls can reach the sky,
Can sweep around the world—
Immediate global warming,
Duck-and-cover-time again.
The Bear will only come out of the North
if taunted by the imperial eagle,
clawed by the eagle, ripped and bleeding.
If you taunt her she will fight.
She wants her land even more
than we want her gold.

And this fight will leave no
ballets, Tchaikovsky.
Prokofiev’s music will be dead.
Mussorgsky’s Pictures
Will not be heard again.
Nor is there likely to be a
story, this time,
or anyone to read it.

By Jack Burgess


The “Baltic Economic Basket Cases”? You mean, for example, Estonia, which has displayed remarkable resiliency in the face of economic challenges in Europe? Estonia, which scores very highly on economic freedom indices, regulatory efficiency, stable and transparent taxation system, independent judiciary, very low corruption, very low debt, strong foreign investment, vibrant and creative high-tech and telecommunications sectors, strong trade relations with Finland, Sweden and Norway… the list is long. This from a tiny country without any of the natural resources of a country like - say - Russia. And all achieved in the relatively short time since independence from the USSR in 1991.


I’m not going to dredge up the actual source of your “quote”, to verify its completeness and context. Your past record of half-truths and outright lies are sufficient to discount anything you say.

Putin is a far more rational and astute strategist than, say Breedlove. Obama is simply outclassed by Putin on all levels, Putin actually facilitating a strengthening nation with growing international ties on all fronts (except with US/NATO, by US/NATO’s choice/actions).

Obama, on the other hand has overseen the final bankrupting of the US, and has not fulfilled any major campaign promise. Guantanamo is still open, torturing still persists, the Iraq and Afghan wars continue and new wars are started at the whim of the Pentagon/State Dep’t lunatics.

You are a seriously deluded and radicalized individual, believing in and spreading Big Brother’s mantras. Deluded into thinking there will be special place for you in the US World Empire. Silly boy, if you’re not one of the 0.01%, Neimoller’s “first they came for” will eventually apply to you and yours. The very fact you post on a newssite comment section signals your station in life. Bitter truth for a disposable apparachik like yourself.


No the Baltics are now “troubled” in the same way Greece, Portugal, Spain and Ireland are… by IMF manipulation and imposed austerity. If the Baltics are also harmed by Russia’s RETALIATORY sanctions against the EU due to the US/NATO/EU imposing sanctions FIRST, than maybe the Baltics need to figure out who is really their friend.

Modern Russia is not the USSR nor the Russian Empire, despite US/NATO propaganda.


Henry Kissinger also recently said starting a war with Russia is a very bad idea. And war criminal Kissinger, of anyone on the planet, knows what an ill-advised and potentially catastrophic war looks like in the planning and initial stages. He did it repeatedly all over the world, so when he says DON’T, the US should listen.


AH, the “honeymoon” stage, where the IMF loan largesse creates a bubble of some sort which cannot be sustained. Ask Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland and Italy how that story ends.


His actions speak with great clarity.

I have no love of dictators, far from it. But to cast the leaders of US/NATO countries as “more democratic” than Putin is to intentionally not see through the propaganda.

And as for your “poll”, International Business Times is hardly an independent source. How about you mention that this "poll’ was taken BEFORE the Maidan, in May 2013. Crimeans saw what happened after the Kiev junta coup, and senibly wanted no part of it. ALL other surveys were taken AFTER the maidan, when the neo-nazi thugs were already attacking innocent Ukrainians in places like Mariupol.

So more lies of omission… good job destroying your own credibility with readers. You’re about done here. Troll.


“Polite men in green” Men that ensured the neo-nazi goon squad cowardly billies could not intimidate Crimean voters.

How “polite” were the neo-nazis in Mariupol?