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On Wednesday, July 12, Everyone Can Stand Up for Net Neutrality


On Wednesday, July 12, Everyone Can Stand Up for Net Neutrality

Michael Winship

Just over two years after the Federal Communications Commission, under President Obama, approved rules protecting a free and open internet accessible to all, net neutrality is once again under fire. And once again, the public is being called upon to stand up and fight for freedom of speech.

Wednesday, July 12, is an internet-wide day of action to save net neutrality — and you can get involved.


Apparently the deal struck two years ago is now in danger of being “disappeared” by the new goon at the FCC. We all need to take a stand to ensure the giant ISP corporations don’t get to have their way with all of the little guys that rely on the internet for business or even survival. I’ll be looking at my inbox and sign everything that comes my way. I hope others will also get involved and try to keep the corporate friendly new head of the FCC from fattening his rich buddies wallets even more. Everybody, please get involved!!


This needs to be getting more attention. If this Net Neutrality issue would get half of the attention that this whole “Russiagate” scandal is getting maybe I would have hope of something good actually happening.


No doubt the republicans aren’t upset with Russiagate since it serves as a distraction from everything else they are trying to shove down our throats- rights. freedoms, and privileges they are trying to take from us.


Eh, the Republicans don’t like the buffoon in the White House at all. If this were Walker, Bush, or Rubio, they’d have passed healthcare by now and be in the midst of negotiating the tax cut bill. In some ways, we are lucky Trump is a self-interested fool.


I think you are correct and I don’t think they are going to stop trying anytime soon.


Make those calls and send those e-mails, let your voices be heard.


And they will have Pence to fall back on should Trump get impeached. I wouldn’t mind seeing Trump get impeached but I worry that there won’t be a momentum to follow up on to take down the rest of the horrible GOP now in power.


CORPORATIONS STOP IT! The Internet is for all of us! YOU KNUCKLEHEADS! We the People, demand a free and open Internet.

Attention! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! We gotta stop this! If, for any reason, We the People don’t stop these CORPORATIONS, it’s not because we can’t. It’s because we must have been drugged or something. What else? Consumerism? Too much beer? Too much cable? Too many gmo foods? What?


Well the U.S.being a system of government that treats corporations with more rights than people also count.


The “government”? We are experiencing what Brazil, Argentina, Greece and now the Brits are living through, a corporate coup is in motion. “They” want it all. And you and I and she and he, are in the way with our “silly” “progressive” - All in, no one out - Internet. “Austerity” is corporate weasel for “corporate violence.” And this violence is in no short order when it comes to limiting We the Prople’s “freedom of assembly” - which is what our telephone, internet and right of association in the streets gives to a free society that cannot be disturbed by any so-called personhoods!