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On White House Lawn, Trump Again Floats Stripping Birthright Citizenship From Undocumented Immigrants

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/21/white-house-lawn-trump-again-floats-stripping-birthright-citizenship-undocumented

Trumpenstein revels in having most anybody hating him. He knows it doesn’t bother him in the slightest, he has the power to get away with it, and nobody is truly giving him a hard time about his many disgusting attributes.

PS Mr. Frump, where is my post card sized tax form. Oh, another lie? Well I’m not surprised.

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This actually surprises me, since Trump benefits financially from the Russian Birth Tourism industry, and many of the wealthy Russians stay in Trump’s Florida properties while waiting to give birth to their little “americantsy”.


If it is unconstitutional it’s right up trumpenstein’s alley to pursue.

A box of rocks has a higher IQ than Dumpster. Also, no worry that the box of rocks will come up with stupid ideas every day.

“On the White House Lawn”. Whatever the hell happened to presidential press conferences in the White House itself? You know, when the president stood in a room and answered questions without noise and helicopter blades, etc, etc.and when there was a real chance for a follow up question? The MSM should insist on that but, once again, they fail us and operate under Trump’s rules and listening to his off the cuff bullshit which he usually contradicts soon after. There is a phrase for this - it’s called being “stenographers to power”. It is shameful and a disservice to the people of this country. There was a writer named Mark Hertsgaard who wrote a book about the decline of the White House Press Corps in the 1980s under Reagan. It had the perfect name - “On Bended Knee”.


This is all part of the Trump Show -------and don’t be fooled MSNBC is salivating over a Trump win in 2020-----The Trump Show will be bigger than ever.

Trump is a Tory----he is a rich ahole who uses and laughs at the COMMON people. Trump is against everything about the AMERICAN REVOLUTION-----INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM.

So if you’re white and republican, you can be a citizen, everyone else…sorry.

CA hotels host Chinese women flying in at 8 1/2 months pregnant and make big bucks…South American women yes walking across the border soon giving birth… Russian women same thing…not ok with many Americans.
We not only pay the hospital bills initially but for the next 18 years…food, housing, medical bills and schooling. Add to that free or subsidized college tuition while many American middle income families cannot afford to send their children to school or end up owing $150k and make payments for the next 30 years if they can find a job.
Am a liberal Dem but this birthright citizenship must stop. One parent ‘by law’ should be an American citizen via DNA testing or whatever it takes.

Sure, now that you’ve personally benefitted from it. If capital can cross national borders freely, why not labor?

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Cost of birth at hospital is $9-25k. School k-12 $150k. SNAP 18 years $36k. Housing $150k. Free college $150-500k. Medical bills…many possibilities. Add inflation…$1 million or more per child over 18 years. And people from South America do not have one child…try 4-6.
Benefits?..try $1200 a month in NYS house taxes to pay for k-12 school. Rest is picked up via Federal taxpayers.

The estimated cost for procuring the Pentagon’s major weapon systems increased 10 percent in 2017, growing from $1.74 trillion to $1.92 trillion in projected costs.
–source: https://www.defensenews.com/pentagon/2018/04/03/pricetag-for-pentagons-major-weapon-systems-grows-by-10-percent/